Cornell & Diehl - Folklore 16oz
3 weeks warning and a gaggle of mewling centers of the universe.
This didn't come out of nowhere, C&D announced this was coming out at the latest on January 9th. They even said the date, the amount and the blend components on almost every post. There were posts on every social media platform imaginable since then. Every site selling it sent out emails. Pre- and at release. Purchases were limited. Anyone interested already knows how these things go, anything beyond that is on you. I appreciate the more economical pricing on a pound. I know what I like and I'm not a once a week or once a month smoker so I'm not interested in just getting a tin or two. I'll revise this review when I get this in but the mewling and bombing a product because you missed out and think the world revolves around you and how you think it should work is churlish. It's just tobacco, missing out on a release isn't the end of the world, enlightenment wasn't going to come from smoking twenty bowls of this or that blend. It's all smoke and ash in the end, at any rate.

Cornell & Diehl - Eight State Burley 2oz
Great burley entry into the Small Batch series
Please stop reviewing pipe tobacco if you are inexperienced or can't taste. Eight State Burley is not egregiously topped, it has the taste of quality burleys mixed with top notch orientals, Virginia, and black cavendish. The burleys add a nutty, woody, and cocoa like sweetness. The orientals translate to a delightful buttery mustiness. That absolutely is not coming from a "Sun Bear" topping like so many misinformed reviewers have said here. I just don't want you to mislead others with your inexperience. This is pure, powerful blending of tobacco and not flavored with crap. If you're at all familiar with burley blends you know there's almost always a little something added to round out the smoke and make a more pleasant experience. Same is true of nearly all "natural" tobaccos. These are not added flavors but complimentary flavors and when well done they are usually barely noticeable, sometimes not at all. Or the addition can be done as with Haddo's Delight which has an obvious spirit addition that works fantastically with the tobacco blend. With Eight State Burley, the topping is apparent in the tin note but light and disappears behind the tobaccos. I pick up cocoa and a similar but greatly reduced note of whatever is used in Savinelli 145 (even in that blend, the topping was readily apparent but not heavy in tin note but took a far back seat during the smoke). Oriental forward with a solid foundation of burleys first half of the bowl which come into balance as they're smoked down. Pleasant, repeatable smoke that has nuance but isn't complex. Really looking forward to what just a year or two does for this blend.

Outlaw Grey (140) (9mm)

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