Eyal B.

Cornell & Diehl - Epiphany
This tobacco is blended well so that all components work in harmony. I have never tried the original revelation as this tobacco strives to emulate, however, epiphany in my opinion stands on it own. On the initial first few puffs when exhaling through the nose, you get that strong tinge I suppose comes from the burley. After that settles the tobacco consistently offers an earthy full bodied smoke in addition to a slight sweetness that make this tobacco unique so far. This is more of a fuller stronger smoke and I tried it at just the right time. I have been currently sampling Virginia's after moving from aromatics. Had I tried it any earlier, I may not have understood it nor appreciated it as much. Most certainly worth trying.

Dunhill - Flake 50g
Opening the tin, one is met with the smell and sight of pure tobacco goodness. There is just a faint smell of dried figs and fresh hay. I enjoy this tobacco fully rubbed out or folded, either way this flake has very good burn qualities. On first light one can detect a lemony taste with slight hints of sweetness. Once it gets going there is this smooth complex flavor that is simply delightful. Pull on the throttle a little harder and you will be hit with the fullness this tobacco offers but be sure to let go in time to savor the subtleties it is also capable of.

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