Missouri Meerschaum - Lord Morgan 1.5oz
Heavy Bourbon
If you like heavy alcohol paired with deep, rich Latakia, this blend is for you. Soggy wet out of the tin, it will need ample drying time. Room note is very enjoyable and tastes are mostly charred wood and bourbon. Not a terrible blend but certainly something you have to be in the mood for.

Samuel Gawith - Squadron Leader Special Edition with Perique 50g
More Please
This blend is a wonderful remake and I wish it were a regular production tobacco. The balance of the tobacco is fantastic providing the smoker rich, woody, campfire notes accented with a spicy pepper undertone. One of my favorite tobaccos! Purchase with confidence, you won't go wrong here.

Cornell & Diehl - Good Morning 2oz
Not an EMP match blend
Being a self-proclaimed fanatic of the Dunhill's Early Morning Pipe, I do not find this to be 'reminiscent' as the description claims. Having smoked Dunhill EMP (I have not had the Peterson version as I stocked up before the transition occurred) everyday for the past 4.5 years, I do not find this to be even close to a match blend. Without a doubt, my highly subjective expectation has contributed to my dislike for C&D Good Morning, however, this blend is very forward on the Virginias and lacks the support from Latakia/Oriental tobaccos. In itself the blend is just ok, but I find it far from a true EMP match.

Books - Sherlock Holmes As A Pipe Smoker
Terrible Pictures
I enjoy reference pipe literature and was really looking forward to this text. Don’t waste your money. The pictures are terribly blurred and the layout of the book leaves a lot of white space on several pages. There are several other Sherlock pipe smoking books on the market. Skip on this one.

Chess Bishop 1.75oz

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Early Morning Pipe 50g

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