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Astley's - No. 44 Dark Virginia Flake 50g
I was excited to get my hands on a few tins after not having any for 4 + years. soon as I opened the tin my heart sank. where there were once a semi homogeneous block of small dark sweet smelling flakes there is now 2 neat rows of normal flakes. Still smelled promising, upon lighting I was assaulted by a horrendous burning sensation. No Nice malty brown sugar taste just a ham fisted attempt at what used to be the BEST dark flake is ever tried. BUYER BEWARE

Cornell & Diehl - Rajah's Court 2oz
Great stuff
So tin note is full of nice VA followed by a bit of lat. All in all a great smoke. Sweet a tad Smokey and the Turkish pop up now and again. &%6

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Grasmere Flake
Great stuff
So if u check the review you will see that folks gave it 4 to 5 stars or 1. No in between. I can see why. Stuff smells and just like rose water, and grandma's perfume/soap. Which may seem like it has no place in pipe tobacco. If u think that then you don't know Lakeland style baccy. This stuff taste just like roses and it says germanium bit I'm not sure what that smells like. Well after one bowl, rubbed out, smoked in a large deap bowl I fell in love. I had only got an ounce as a tester and now 2 days later I'm going to buy 8 oz. I only give a 5 star rating to smoke that blows me away in a sense that I'm already thinking about smoking my next bowl before I'm done with the current one.

Cornell & Diehl - Pirate Kake 2oz
Good'n simple
So all in all its a decent no frills smoke. Its an all dayer imho. But i mixed about 60% of this w 40% of comoys #4 and majic happened. So ill be blending the reat of this kake w either the comoys or LNF as the blend was so good i was thinking about my next bowl before i was even halfway done w the first. And that is how i know i have a 5 star smome on my hands

Lane Limited - Ready Rubbed 1.5oz
All day allnight
Wow. This is awesome. Im not what u would call a burley lover but i do enjoy it. And this stuff cant be beat. Its the luxury navy flake of burleus. Its inexpensive and tastes great. Gry it u wont be dissapointed

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Best Brown Flake #2
Grrew on me
So i had expected it to be more like best brown flake, its similar in name but stops there. Here we have a very rich heavy smoke. Not very complex but what is there i really dig. Its much more earthy than BBF. I would assume its cause its more burley forward w a touch of Va kust to ad depth and sweetness. Its not very sweet but has enough fpr a nicely rounded profile. I bought an oz to try and i will be getting 8 oz next order. Im sure a few years will male this a 5 star smoke. Smokes best in a deep large bowl lightly packed so the dence flakes can expand.

Orlik - Dark Strong Kentucky 50g
well i love OGS, but this fell short, looks amazing, with alternating stripes of dark burley and light virginia, smells promising, but the taste was flat and bland. maybe some time in solitary confinement would straighten it out? it looks and smell just like Peter hienricks dark strong, but tht has a liquarish topping and i loooooove that. But every one else seems to really like this stuff so maybe i just havent found the right pipe to smoke it out of

Peterson - Irish Flake 50g
If u like ODF try this
So very similar to old dark fired. Pretty sure they have the same 4 types of tobacco. Nice amd dark, earthy semi sweet nutty flavor. Not as earthy as odf, and this im pretty sure has a light topping but thats ok. This was one of the first pipe tobaccos i tried and even my noob taste buds cried out w joy when i tasted it. I would have givin 5 sgars but this is not in my daily rotation, odf has that slot filled. Buy some u will love it

Drucquer & Sons - Blairgowrie 100g
Its ok...very mild in the latakia dept. Really to mild. The virginia really stanfs out to me, and appears to be of good quality, as are the other components but in the end a little to miild for me. Would be a great am smoke. For some reason Scottish blends w perique aleays have subdued flavor. And thats not always bad but here its not so great. All in all ill definitely finish the tin but def wont order again, it very quality but did not ring my bell

Kramer's - Father Dempsey
Its ver nise
Just got an oz of this today. Smoking my first bowl now out of a falcon... wow! I love it! Very sweet, mild in the right places, not a lat bomb but its definitely making its self known. Nice cut, packs and takes a flame nicely. All in all this will be in my daily rotation

McClelland - Grand Orientals: Classic Samsun 50g
Sure is darn good. Love the cut of this tobacco very easy to load and keep lit. Has a woderfull mildly sweet, sunflower seed tast. I could smoke this allday. Great for blending or smoking strait in the am w a cup of black tea. This will always have a place in my rotation.

Tabac De La Semois - La Brumeuse 3.5oz
Different but wonderful
So i hot a brick of this and boy was it dry, but after reading a few reviews i now know thats how this stuff comes. My tobacconist said it was moldy because of the odd smell bit it turns out that it was just the odd "cigarish" smell other reviewers mentioned. Has a wonderful taste, not like any burly ive had before. Its almost fruity. Love love love this stuff. It gors great w some english blends or just smoke it by its self

E. Hoffman Company - Distinguished Gentleman 2.5oz
not bad.. but not great
well this stuff has a price point thats hard to beat. and i hate to say thats its only redeeming quality, while not a bad smoke it just doesnt click with me for a few reasons. fist of tin note was pretty enticing, light latakia blend with a liqueur topping of what smells like Kahlua. a few to many stems in the cut, and the main thing i dont like is upon lighting it taste dusty. yes taste like actual dust and dirt. now its a light taste but its all can focus on. it does go away after the first third of a bowl, and develops a nice simple taste, it never really knocks my socks off. and that is what i want in a tobacco. i mean life is to short to smoke inferior baccy, and that is just what this is, and inferior tobacco. probly why it has the liqure flavoring in the first place to cover up crap tobacco.

War Horse - Ready Cut 50g
well not what i expected, some times thts good but not this time. not a big fan of toppings but if done right can really set off a blend, but in this blend i get the feeling they did it to hide inferior tobacco. i was expecting something dark and earthy like Old Dark Fired or even Irish Flake but instead its a light colored tobacco that really only has the liqure (at least that wht i think it is) so i wont be buying any to cellar but i did finish the tin

Dan Tobacco - Old Ironsides 50g
Very nice
Wow, u know its a lat bomb when the latakia has a gritty powderyness to it. Wonderful Va can be smelled through the lat in the tin. Smokes well w few relights. I know a lat is great when i reach for it more than Va ( Va makes up 70% of my bowls) and im very glad this is on my radar now. Between this and captain earls midnight watch i may be smoking primarily lat blends now. Buy a few tins u WILL LOVE IT!

Savinelli - Giubileo d'Oro 50g
Different but good
So mild english is not a good description for this smoke. Just cause it has latakia in it does nkt make it an english. Imho. But that aside this is a great mild smoke. No bite, great taste (although its almost too mild, good morning smoke) easy to rub out amd pack. I would deff keep a few tins in the cellar.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Brown Flake Unscented
Not the same as 2 years ago
So is it just me or is this diff?. So i first tried this about 4 or 5 years ago. It had a light lakeland essence to it. I liked it... alot! Flash forward some years to a few days ago when i got my ordder, no lakeland essence? Wth. Its some fine sweet flavourful baccy that complex yet not overly so. Sweet, nutty, and toasty all that u get here is fine natural tobacco. So where did the lakeland taste go? Im not complaining but i did enjoy the light soapy flavor. And the scented flake is too soapy for me

Captain Earle's - Nightwatch 2oz
Top shelf
This stuff is great. In just a few short days this stuff has become my main smoke. And im a virginia smoker. I will be buying an 8oz here soon and a few other blends from captain earl and see how magical there other blends are

Dunhill - Dark Flake 50g
Not what i expected.
First thing i know we all are disgusted by the new roumd tin, it ruins the nice presentation it had in the square tin. But points for using a square paper wrapper to keep the flakes corralled. Nice naturall tobacco flavor, not a sweet virginia but still has its merits. Taste like old dark fired minus the heavy earthyness. Good working smoke, doesn't need alot of thought or attention to get a good smoke out of it. All in all i like it but wont break my neck to hoard and cellar any update: so this has really grown on me, it will be on hand always, best if smoked out of a small bowl, the flavors really pop then. i upgrded my rating from 2 1/2 stars to 31/2 stars

Peter Heinrichs - Dark Strong Flake 200g
All day and night
All i need for the apocalypse is my mini-14, this, old dark fired, ad luxury navy flake. I would feel like the lord of the waste land. Buy it you wont regret it

Leo - Leo 50g
over looked award
i fell this tobacco my overlooked tobacco award. its my favorite eng? blend. its a real smooth smoke, my wife tolerates the room note and the price just doesnt seem right. i mean come on, this stuff is top notch pipe filler and its under seven dollars a tin! if you are reading this dont thing twice about it, buy buy buy. uncle Hans guarantees you will have a new blend that will always have to be in your stash. its only seven dollars buy it, but lets keep the secret to between us, if the mass's new about the pure awesomeness of this beauty then itll be hard for us to score any. id give it 5 stars but..... you know i dont have a good reason not to give it 5. buy it buy it buy it buy it buy it

McClelland - Royal Cajun: Dark 50g
something different
this is a very untraditional Va. its nice and cool, very mildly sweet. nice hints of bakers chocolate. really it reminds me of the ever so popular stonehaven. its not an all day smoke because you its not a very indepth taste. you can bore from it rather fast. but its a real treat to puff once in a while. get yours self a tin, youll be glad to have it

Peter Stokkebye - PS400 Luxury Navy Flake
the best smoke for the price hands down
first off this is a great Va. its nice and sweet. the nic content is a totall punch to the dick, which is a good thing to me, and you cant beat the price.thats actually why i rated it at 5 stars instead of of 4 or 4 and a half. i do like dunhill flake or SG full virginia flake better, but not by much at all and those are twice the price, and the full virginia flake is so hard to get. if your a Va lover and you have never tried this i promiss youll love it, and dont buy just one once you should get at least 4. youll thank yourself later

McConnell - Scottish Cake 50g
what a treat!
there are so many things to love about this tobacco i dont know where to start. I love the cut of this stuff, i like my tobacco a bit on the coarse side and this is exactly how it presents its self straight from the tin. fantastic smell, mildly sweet and a small touch of a earthen fruitness. burns well and has a nice deep flavor clompexity. you can either smoke in your favorite chair and and continplate on the different flavors or smoke it on the go. either way it never dissapoints me. i have about 30 different tobaccos to smoke on and i went thru my tin in about a week and a half. on my top 5 list for sure

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G. L. Pease
Ashbury 2oz

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Smooth Sailing 50g

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Partially Rusticated Bent Brandy

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