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New to pipe smoking as of 2009. Love photography, music, motorcycles, football, camping, shooting and anything outdoors.

Filters & Adaptors - Savinelli 6mm Adapter (5 pack)
A must for Savinelli pipe smokers
I don't often smoke without the balsa wood filter but if you find your filter is dirty and needs replacement but don't have one handy, this is a must.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Savinelli Magic Cloth
Nice polishing Cloth
I like to keep my pipes looking good. This cloth is just the ticket for that task. Works well and well made.

Filters & Adaptors - Savinelli 6mm Balsa Filters (20 Count)
A must for the Savinelli smoker
Not really a filter, more of a wick to absorb the moisture from the bowl of the pipe. The smoke does not pass through the balsa wood but goes around it, thats the reason its triangled in shape. I have not noticed any difference in flavor with or without the filter. What I have noticed is that I don't get the bitter juices if you keep the filter changed after about four smokes. I highly recommend the use of this filter in your Savinelli pipes. I wish it would fit in other brands of pipes.

Dunhill - My Mixture 965 50g
Enjoyable smoke
I just picked this tobacco up because I've been enjoying the Early Morning Pipe and Nightcap sooo much, I thought I'd try this. I find it to be a very good blend although I don't enjoy it as much as the other two Dunhill blends. Maybe it's just because the time of day I smoke it???

Gifts - Smokingpipes Baseball Cap (with Pockets)
Fun Hat
I bought this hat to hold some of my pipe accessories but never realized how much fun I'd have with it. People are always asking me what the symbol means? I had one person think it was a new Nike symbol. I also got busted at a Police station's metal detector. No, I wasn't really busted...but I forgot to remove the hat with my lighter and my tamper. I couldn't figure out why the metal detector kept going off. I guess I wasn't used to the hat yet. FUN.....

Pipe Accessories - Savinelli 1 Pipe Tobacco Pouch
Cheap and Good Pouch
This is the very best pouch for the money. It's both cheap priced and a good sturdy pipe pouch that holds two pipes safely within its small confines. Highly recommended.

Dunhill - Early Morning Pipe 50g
Part of my wake-up routine
This tobacco and a cup of my favorite coffee are part of my morning ritual. I love the flavor and texture. It is one smooth, enjoyable tobacco.

Dunhill - Nightcap 50g
The Right Stuff for Bedtime
Love to smoke this tobacco with a cup of decaf right before bedtime. Great flavor and overall tastee tobacco. The right stuff for bedtime.

Royal Guard (86)

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Kaga Smooth Bent Brandy

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My Mixture 965 50g

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Nightcap 50g

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Early Morning Pipe 50g

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