Dunhill - Nightcap 50g
This One Knows Me
There are the tobaccos you know and there are those that know you. Some have told me that scents are the greatest time capsules for the mind, that smells open the dusted doors of memory. But not memory of the physical, memory of the emotional and the recollection of feelings. If that is true, that scents "bring us back", I will state that tobacco, for me, the scent, taste and whole bouquet, are the strongest time machines... and this one brings me back. Through the inky pain of loss, friendships gone that left me bleeding. First loves and highs of the soul, heart thundering joys of the fulfillment of my person. The torment of loneliness and fullness of newfound hope. I will not tell you this tobacco is the singular and greatest accomplishment of blending, though it is damn fine, but this one, above the others, knows me... and it knows me well.

Dunhill - My Mixture BB1938 50g
Hot damn this one is fine! And I don't mean the pretenseful I-just-broke-up-with-my-girlfriend-but-everything's-fine kind of fine. I mean the get-up-and-slap-yo-mama-it's-so-good kind of fine! This is the tobacco that leaves you wishing there was but one puff left in the gray-ashy bottom of your tenantless bowl. But on a serious note, my pipe smoking compadre, this one is deep. Creamy yet bold, silky yet strong and subtle yet vigorous. I gave it four stars because I am of the belief that the fifth is earned through the years of companionship that a righteous tobacco provides. "Five stars" are reserved for the blends that know me intimately. As I have only just opened the tin a few days prior to this review, I shall revisit at a later date to provide the fifth star this blend is sure to earn.

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