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    A Closer Look At Latakia Tobacco
  • ► Thanks for this piece. I was completely ignorant of the complex political and historical dimensions of growing and distributing the leaf used in producing latakia tobaccos. Fascinating also was the info on growing the leaf itself, e.g., sewing the tiny leaves together to prevent loss of any of any leaves. Thanks again!
    Cornell & Diehl – 5 Underrated Bulk Blends
  • ► All great blends. Have not had the Shandygaff yet, but it is on the wishlist. I have all of the other blends mentioned and agree that they are fantastic smokes. One that does not get mentioned is Plantation Evening. This blend receives mixed reviews on, but I think that is because it requires a bit more patience and adjustment to a much slower rate of puff to really draw out complex flavor profile. Here is my review on your site: "This blend definitely benefits from a more focused and contemplative smoke. It requires attention and careful as well as measured puffing to enjoy the complexity of the various components, but the time spent is worth the effort. I do understand the l... abeling and the descriptors used so far - mild, middle-of-the-road, etc - but these labels and descriptors belie its interesting complexity. As an earlier reviewer commented, the various components are so well blended that no particular elements stands out. The hint of Orientals are in the foreground early in the puff, but they move a bit to the background halfway through the bowl as the Virginias and Perique become more prominent. Burned nicely with Lino relight and leaves a finish of clean, white ash. And I am left eager to return the next day over my afternoon cup of coffee or Earl Grey." Thanks again for another great blog discussion!
    On the Closing of Pipes and tobaccos Magazine
  • ► A subscriber since 1998, I acquired all back issues and still go back and read through them on occasion - a nice trip down memory lane. For Chuck, I always enjoyed reading your opening to each issue, and in my trips back in time, I always begin there. Thank you for your contribution and support of our hobby, both at P&T and now at SMP, and thanks for these words on a great, informative magazine. "The moving finger writes; and, having writ moves on..."
    Oriental Tobaccos and Their Characteristics
  • ► Very good read. I second the idea of smoking some Izmir alone before exploring Orientals. It really does prepare you for the different blends. I have been smoking several Oriental forward blends for a couple of years now and also recommend GLP Embarcadero and Low County Waccamaw, in addition to the ones mentioned in the article.
    William Faulkner: Pipe Smoker
  • ► Always a pleasure reading your pieces Chuck, as well as those by others there at SMP. Yours do mean a bit more as I subscribed to P&T from the very beginning and that magazine takes pride of place on my office book shelf. Getting ready to re-read the article on Faulkner. Thanks again!!