About Me:
I've worked with period furniture in the past as a French Polisher . These days I live in the north Georgia mountains working mostly painting / staining and construction . I write songs and have been a guitar player and pipe smoker since I was 14

Sutliff - 504C Aromatic English
What a fantastic blend ! I enjoy crossover type blends at times but they arent my first choice . This blend has changed that for me . This blend might be a bit more " cavendishy " than HGL and some others but it is to it's advantage . The balance of flavors is , imo , damn near perfect . I dare to say the best crossover blend I've smoked . It bends more toward aro than english where as others are the opposite and some bend the same ... but this one is best ! I gave it 4.5 stars . I cant imagine it could be better but maybe it could . The non aro flavors are in perfect balance . It's really one to try

Villiger - Tropical Export 1.5oz
Really Good !
I very much enjoy the original blend but this is another excellent blend ! The flavoring is where it should be and the quality of these blends are great ! Lights well , burns dry and the flavor and room note are great . A quality aromatic

Villiger - Original Export 1.5oz
Really Really Good
A near perfect aromatic , imo. The flavoring is done perfectly , being not over done or under done . It lights well , burns fine and the flavor and room note are tops . Theres nothing off putting about it and I'd imagine any aromatic smoker would enjoy this . It's pleasent enough to offer to a non aromatic smoker because it's that good

Mac Baren - Black Ambrosia 16oz
When this first came out some years ago , it didnt do it for me . Got a tin recently in a trade to try it again , it's been 18 years or more ... Man , do I love this blend ! It's a no brainer to light and keep lit and smokes wonderfully to the dry bottom . This is no gooper , as a friend of mine would say . The aroma is pleasant . If you enjoy a mildly+ flavored black Cavendish , it's one to try . The flavoring itself is superb and it does have a natural type taste . An all dayer in my book . I'm thrilled to see it in bulk

Sutliff - Maple Street 1.5oz
Is there a better Maple blend out there ... no , there isn't . This is the best . Smokes wonderfully , tastes beautiful and the aroma .... forgetaboutit !!

Sutliff - St. George's Blend 1.5oz
Stellar !
This is a super fantastic blend ! The Black Cherry Flavoring isn't over the top and the blend smokes cool and slow . The aroma is off the map . I hope it gets replenished here at SP

Sutliff - CD Blend 1.5oz
Very Nice
If you're looking for Country Doctor , this is the closest you'll ever get . It's " Old School " and the aroma is off the map ! It's a bit lighter than the original but it captures the overall character of it quite well . Of the Private Stock line , it's one of the Gems . I don't know what the topnote is but it's very nice in this blend . whoever recreated it , I sure wish they'd make a London Dock match because they did a fine job with this blend

Sutliff - Z50 Black Cordial
Really Fantastic Blend !
What a blend ! A cool smoking even burning lovely tasting aromatic ... period . If you like a flavored black Cavendish type aromatic .. this is one of the best . The flavoring isn't over the top and it isnt mild , it's perfect for an American styled Aromatic . I don't get the cherry as much as everything else in the flavoring , but I'm not good at figuring the flavorings anyway . I'm glad to see Smokingpipes picked it up finally :)

McClelland - Holiday Spirit 2015 50g
Fantastic !
What a great Aromatic ! Like any aromatic , if you enjoy the flavoring , then that's half the battle . This blends flavoring is off the map but not overly flavored to where it's " too much " . It smokes cool and dry for me and the aroma is spectacular ! Don't just smoke it around ChristMass .. it's killer year round !

Esoterica - Blackpool 8oz
I really don't have the words . Blackpool is as good as it gets ! Don't let the licorice throw you off as it's not a Licorice aromatic but just a slight top note . Exquisite is the only word that comes to mind .

Rattray's - Bagpiper's Dream 100g
It doesnt get any better !
I'm blown away by this blend ! The mild flavoring is perfect against the tobacco blend . It smokes cool and wonderful and never gets funky . One of the best Aromatics , though mildly flavored , that there is ... period . An aromatic that even non aro smokers can enjoy and aromatic smokers would flip over

Mac Baren - Golden Extra
Burley Heaven
I'm a burley - holic . I like full on burley and OTC burley .. all of it . This is my go to smoke because it's got a toasty burley flavor at the light and finishes a bit fuller but not heavy or bitter . It's medium all the way . It has a super light sweetness [ not aromatic ] to it that just sings . It's an all day smoke if ever there was . The room note screams .. Pipe ! ..

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Red
A good blend
This is a nice , not overly flavored , aromatic Cavendish ! I would think that any cherry fan would like it

Samuel Gawith - Fire Dance Flake 50g
Once you figure the dry time ... maybe the best Aromatic Flavor ever devised by man ! Slow , cool burnig ... super fantastic room note ! it will ghost a pipe pretty quickly .. but ya wont care cause it's that good .Seriously , one of the Great blends !

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Balkan Mixture 50g
A real Balkan
Theres Nicotine here ... theres a bright Virginia sweetness along with some stellar Oriental and Latakia .. a Real Balkan ! Burns super clean and crisp .. not muddied down to your typical English style norm . You can taste the components of the blend being it's so clean . It's worth it to try if ya like English style Blends . Just get ready for clean flavors and enjoy the complexity of the blend

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Kendal Black Cherry 50g
A bit of Heaven
It needs to sit out a little while .. It's worth it ! Cool , slow smokng perfectly flavored that isnt overdone ! One of , if not the best , Black Cherry blends made by man

McClelland - Matured Virginia: No. 24 50g
Wow !
I think McClelland has about 200 blends ... this is their best one ! A super lovely elgant flake

Sail - Aromatic (Green) 1.5oz
A good blend
It's not Aromatic in the American fahsion by any means . It actually has a mild virginia flavor kinda like Tea which builds a bit toward the end but never gets anywhere near heavy or tarish . There suh a slight amount of Latakia in it and it only comes and goes in a moments time . It can get a little warm if you spazz on it but nothing bad .It lights and keeps lit easily . It's enjoyable for a Virginia OTC that is sometimes still on the shelves here in the USA .

Smoker's Pride - Black Cavendish 12oz
A good surprise
I cant get this blend to bite . It's a blend I've turned people on to , some that dont even like Aromatics , and most seem to really enjoy it and are surprised at how well it smokes even thoughit it is wet to the touch . I dont attempt to dry it , I just fill and ligh it up . it has a " typical " black cavendish flavor and isnt way over flavored . It smokes cool and rather dry . It's a nice blend and my favorite of the Smokers Pride lineup

Mac Baren - Golden Extra 3.5oz
Excellent !! The Best Burley Blend
This is a grand Burley blend in that it is beyond most Burley blends in regard to bitterness , which it never has . It's a toasty nutty Burley flavor on a brighter side . The darker burley flavors don't make them selves known until near the end , and only a little bit . I'm a Burley smoker since 1979 and I like many Burley blends . I like the darker Burley flavors also ... but Golden Extra is unique in it's toasty flavor which works toward wood as it nears the end . An easy go to blend for me , as I have smoked more of this than anything else over the years . This is not the woody Edgeworth flavor nor SWR or Wessex [ I love them all ! ] . There's a reason it's called Golden Extra , in my mind .... If Burley was a brown color ... this stuff would be Gold colored [ Don't know if that makes sense but it does to me :) ] They say it's blended with some Virginia and maybe thats what makes it great for an all day smoke and a bit brighter at the light . A simply super wonderful blend !

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - American Black Cherry
Wow !
Man , I love this blend ! Cold smoking , impossible to bite , Black Cherry Flavor done perfectly with out being over the top ! Black Cherry and Cherry are different flavors . This is a Benchmark Aromatic blend , imo ! I'd give it 5 stars if it weren't for it being moist out of the tin and needing a little air time before lighting up . It's well worth the wait as it is a fantastic high quality blend . Burns clean and dry and a great room note . If you enjoy a Black Cherry flavor ......... this is it ! It's worth the extra money it costs compared to American Style Aromatics . , which I enjoy also .Try a 1 oz sample to find out for your self . I buy this in the tin and am thrilled to see it in bulk :)

Sutliff - Tobacco Galleria: Blue Note
A Good Aromatic
This is my Sons favorite blend ! It smokes cool and cleanly . The room note is very nice , though I don't know what the flavor is , as I'm not good at that unless it's obvious . My Son says this is the limit ! It's a full on Aromatic ... if you love the flavor , you'll go nuts over it !

Sutliff - Tobacco Galleria: Classic Vanilla
Good blend
This is not the best Vanilla , mainly because it's a touch warm for an Altadis . The Vanilla Flavor is fantastic ! It's like a Vanilla with a touch of spicy . If this flavor was on an all Black Cavendish , it would be ultra fantastic . This blend burns clean . It's a three star Vanilla blend because of the warmth .. flavor wise , it's killer . It's not a hot smoker . I'm spoiled by smoking ice cold black Cavendish blends Like Dark Decadence .

Sutliff - Tobacco Galleria: Night Cap
Aromatic Delite !
Another bombshell Altadis Aromatic ! This is not their Dunhill Nightcap match but a wonderfully flavored full on Aromatic . I cant describe the flavor other than to say it's freaking great ! It smokes cool and the room note will make you friends :) last I had this blend , I smoked it after Mass and I got a slew of happy comments and ended up giving all I had in my pouch to the other pipe smokers at church . It was a hit

Sutliff - Tobacco Galleria: Wild Cherry
A good Cherry Aromatic
When I first saw the packaging , I thought it might be a " Wild Cherry " flavor , meaning overly flavored . It's not ! It's rather mild on the cherry flavor but not in a wimpy way . The Cherry leans toward a real cherry flavor along with a candied cherry flavor . Basically , a balanced flavor along with good Cavendish style tobaccos . This is a good cherry blend and way better than the sickly sweet cherry blends out there .

Sutliff - Z93 - Dark Decadence
Scary good !
This is another Altadis bombshell blend ! I don't care who you are or what you are , you couldn't get this to bite if you tried ! Ice cold , slow smoking , great tasting and a fantastic roomnote blend . This is a thicker cut blend and might take a couple lights to get going but it's well worth it . Slow motion smoker , this is ! I'm not sure what the flavor is but it is not strange or anything weird ... it's a black Cavendish flavor [ for lack of a better description ] + something else good . A lovely blend

Sutliff - J12 - Chocolate Truffle
So darn good !
If your an American style Aromatic Cavendish smoker , or just wish you were , this is an outstanding Chocolate+ blend and is way worth a try ! It lights and smokes like a breeze and the flavor is , imo , the best Chocolate flavor yet ! The Almond and brandy take a back seat to the chocolate , though they are there also . It is a clean burning blend and is not overly flavored .... it's about perfect ! The roomnote ? ... forget about it :) ... awesome . Altadis is the king of Aromatic flavoring

Mac Baren - Latakia Blend 3.5oz
Outstanding Smoke
This is my favorite blend!They should have named it something else but oh well.It is in no way an upfront Latakia blend . It is a fantastic cool smoking complex blend . My wife says the roomnote is kinda like insence [ ? ] , but she means it in a good way . It's medium in body and has a mild spice flavor that is beyond me . The Latakia is almost not there . Lovely blend

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