Cornell & Diehl - Crooner
Bing was a man of taste!
This blend astounded me. The tin note wafted from the box vefore i even got it opened. It smelled a bit like elmos reserve snuff. The sweet and pungent aromas were prominent though the first third of the bowl and gave way to the smooth and mellow yet grassy burley flavor. The bottom of the bowls taste was remeniscent of haunted bookshop with zero bite. 10/10 will be ordering again!

Cornell & Diehl - Shandygaff
Why don't more people talk about this? (Update)
This blend amazed me. "How can tobacco smoke taste salty?" I asked myself. Well, it does, I don't know how but it does. This blend is the perfect match of sweet and salty. I truly thought the description was lying but here I am enjoying "salted ginger" smooth and mellow it delights the tongue with sensations of eating salted caramel while leaving behind a faint taste of ginger. As long as this blend is in production my supply will not run dry. (Update) give this a year in the jar and any hint of bite that existed at fist vanishes and you get a cool dry bite free smoke!

Captain Earle's - Ten Russians 2oz
Doesn't catch me like other Earls.
I have trouble treating this tobacco with anything other than a mild indifference. Where I have nothing really negative to say about it, as far as the Capt Earl's line goes it was unremarkable in my opinion. First off, as with any Capt Earl's it burns clean and dry but is not crispy in the least. The interesting thing is that I tasted cigar in it despite the fact this blend harbors no cigar tobacco. The Latakia hides in the background seeming to give the orientals a bit of a dirty taste. Where the dirty taste can be enjoyable in some blend I personally don't feel that it works exceptionally well in this one. The taste and mouth feel is distinct but I feel the room note on this one would leave the air smelling if stale cigar smoke if allowed to linger.

Sutliff - Match 20
A twang as extreme as the sound of a breaking guitar string.
I have spent alot of time in englishes. This is a truly unique experience. Having never had 965, I can't compare them. In my opinion the only thing that this tobacco has in common with a traditional English is the underwhelming presence of Latakia. I say underwhelming only because it is nowhere near the front of this bus. This blend offers a confusing array of flavors from slightly bitter just tickling the back of the throat, to an odd Mish mash of sweetly sour citrus tobacco mash up deserving its own contemplation time prior to pondering life's intricacies. This blend will have it's own slot in the oddities section of my cellar. Side notes however are as follows: blend started a little moist dry time suggested not required. It did carry a bit of bite that I think a 6 mo time out would more than take care of. Can't wait to try some of this after it settles down a bit!

Sutliff - 504C Aromatic English
Nothing special
The initial light on this tobacco surprised me with an initial hit resembling the smell of a hard boiled egg yolk but quickly subsided to a scent remeniscent of a leather shop before fading away almost completely. The subtle sourness hangs up on n the background like the musty smell of a basement that won't go away. A little bitey for not being a lat bomb. I do agree with previous comments about it being too moist. Dry time is a must for this one. Wouldn't actively avoid or seek this blend. In my humble opinion this blend is the Pinnacle of mediocre.

Sutliff - 515 RC-1
Not sure if tangy is appropriate.
This blend is quite unusual. The tin note brinks on almost smelling aromatic. The very slight bite offers an odd sensation similar to the chill of menthol with a sweet undertone reminiscent of a dusty attic however not dry in the least. 10/10 would smoke again

Newminster - No.403 Superior Round Slices
A little unusual but pleasant
First this is not a good blending for a small bowl.first smoke was out of a small bowl that fit 1.5 coins. I only used one coin to keep the balance and it was a little sharp and bitter. Bigger bowl different story. The flavor is pronounced that sweet Virginia is slightly offset by the faint hay taste of a VA that was a little more air cured than is the norm. But is nicely offset by the flavor of the dark fired. I can't bring myself to give it more stars because the end flavor where mild but pronounced is also a little sharp. Also it seemed a little dry coming in so I don't think cellaring this batch would do much. I will be getting this again and trying it after a couple years of age go into it but for now it will exist in neutrality.

Esoterica - Penzance 2oz
I don't see what all the fuss is about.
This is not a bad blend by any means. It is a solid smooth English. However I found the flavor profile to be relatively standard. The tin note was smoky and sweet as well as the smoke with just enough bite to remind you that it is an English without being overpowering. A good blend but as with the standard squadron leader I don't think it's worth the attention it receives.

Esoterica - Ramsgate 8oz
Holy nicotine Batman!
First let me start by saying I am not an aromatic guy, but there are a few gems out there and I believe this is one of them. I was hesitant when I read licorice, but I must say it compliments this blend well. Upon initial light I was hit with a sweet tang. That gave way to a robust and smooth Virginia. I can't say I really Tate the licorice in this but that may be because the nic hit threw me for a loop. I won't be scrambling for this tobacco again but if it comes my way I will be anxious to get back into it.

Esoterica - And So To Bed 2oz
Outstandingly smooth.
I could not think of a more appropriate name for this tobacco. I can see why it's so hard to get ahold of. The tin note reminds me of a mellower nightcap from dunhill without that figgy background scent. The smooth sweet mellow smoke that follows is awe inspiring. This may be an English by name but the flavor is so mellow that I can hardly think of it as one. Very relaxing and flavorful, it's going on my watch list.

Cornell & Diehl - Derringer
Slightly above average.
A truly simple smoke. I spent alot of time with this one in my pipe but don't really remember anything special about it. It's great for a nice long smoke where you can pull your fix for both the nicotine and the habit of handling the pipe, however this is what I would call a working blend. If you're doing something (reading mowing the grass, tinkering in the shop, or just solving life's problems) this would be the blend to do it with. No bite, dry smoke, and a pleasant experience, just not blasted with flavors. I could get behind another order of this one.

Cornell & Diehl - Oriental Silk
This bled, where not terrible is also astoundingly unremarkable. The comination of broken flake and ribbon cutmakes it an odd pack but not bad. One of the biggest problems I have with it is the misleading room note rating. This tobacco leaves the room smelling like a wet Ash tray. It is safe to say that I will not be riding this train again.

Peter Stokkebye - PS400 Luxury Navy Flake
This would convert me.
I started with this blend looking to find a va-per blend that I would like... I found it! This blend has a nice buttery flavor but also has a little spice from the perique. Packs well, burns better, and is a joy to smoke. It will be fun breaking in my new meer with it!

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired 16oz
Oh my God!
This blend has a light bold flavor that is hard to describe more specifically than to say overall outstanding. The Woody flavor is reminiscent of camping in an evergreen Forrest. This is the first tobacco I have ever smoked that literally takes me away to somewhere else. The easy pack, even burn, and smoky flavor will soon become a regular blend.... Bravo!

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop
Not as bad as I remember.
I had previously ordered this blend back when C&D was independent. I hated it, but, I had never gotten into burley before so I didn't know what I was getting into.with a little more refined pallate and knowledge of what burley is, I can honestly say that I enjoyed it. However, most of my pipes have fairly sizeable bowls... I would not suggest using large bowls for this baccy. It's good for a bit but will inevitably rain hellfire on your tongue.

Cornell & Diehl - Virginia Gentleman
Good regular smoke.
For day to day smoking. English blends tend to be a little intense. This blend is a good filler as a smoke to use as a day filler. It has a sweet nutty undertone that hides on the top of the tongue and a solid earth tone that hangs in the back of the mouth. Nothing about this tobacco stands out as amazing but it possessed a calm subtlety that is great for passing time or smoking while you work on something. It can bite but it's pretty mild. All in all I'd like to have alot of this on hand as just my regular smoke and leave the really complex stuff for my evenings and special occasions.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - North Star
Very bitey.
First off, I love the cut I've never had anything that was easier to pack than this blend. The flavor wasn't terrible either when I could taste it. My problem with this baccy is that it friend the inside of my mouth. It physically felt like I had gargled hot grease. For now she gets a 2 🌟 I'll re visit my cellared stuff in a couple years and rewright a new review when it gets some age on it. But straight out of the tobaccanist this is one painful blend.

Lane Limited - Crown Achievement
Deserves the name.
This blend, while a little harsh, is an excellent array of flavors. I think some age would do this blend quite well. Iths heavy but not a total lat bomb. The sweet and spicy of the iginia and perique pairs well with the smoky flavor of the Latakia. There is an underlying bite of floral citrus that will last long after the smoke and leaves you with a faint taste of s'mores under the overall tobacco flavor. I will order this again. Best I've ever had from lane.

Peter Stokkebye - PS80 Norwegian Blend
A passive smoke.
I have never been big into Virginias. So, I say to myself "let's just start with the basics." That is exactly what I got a basic blend. it packs nice smokes clean and dry, it's not in your face, and no tongue bite to speak of. It does have flavor, just very simple and to the point. I will be ordering this blend in mass at some point because it is a great all day smoke you can passively puff and ponder without analyzing it and paying it very little attention. Great job guys!

Sutliff - 212 - Burley Delight
Straight solid!
So, I wasn't a Burley smoker until recently I stared branching out. This has to be one of the most consistent blends I've ever smoked. What I mean by that is the last puff to me tastes exactly the same as the light. This slow burning, not as sweet as they make it out to be, earthy blend has a bit of a nap but doesn't cross into bite. To be honest I don't pick up the chocolate notes they talk about but it does have a sort of decadence to it that makes me see where they're coming from. Full, graceful, and flavorful this blend will be one I take into my home once again.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
Not as good as I remembered.
The first time I had this stuff I couldn't get enough. I don't know if my pallate changed or if I just found better things but now, to me, it starts off good with that flavor I came to expect but seems to sour about half way through the bowl. That tends to be my take on most aromatic blends they seem to betray me about half way through. But, burns clean and dry just not my cup of tea.

Cornell & Diehl - Cube Cut Burley
I did not expect that!
To start my pipe club utilizes a cube cut Burley they've cased in a light vanilla for thier slow smoke contests. It is NASTY! So, bring tired of smoking that stuff to loose all the time I figured I'd pick up some cube cut and train. There are worse things to train for. Pripr to lighting I thought I would have to struggle through bowl after bowl and just have to "learn how to enjoy it". Much to my surprise, it started off smooth and mellow with little flavor to speak of. Then it started to grow. The back note of sweetness came to the for front. "Forom a Burley?!" The sweetness soon gave way to a pleasant bitterish earthiness that I can't even describe; but the sweetness still remained on the edge of the pallate. Now I will be ordering this succulent delicious adventure for the simple sake of enjoying it fully!

Cornell & Diehl - Atlas Balkan
An unexpected treat.
I had some of this waiting to be smoked but a friend of mine had already tried some and didn't like it so naturally I obliged to relieve him of it lest he throw it out. So here we go. The note out of the bag was unusual, sweet and robust. I can't help but admire this blends consistency as it tasted exactly the same from light to dottle. the sweet and sour Tang of this blend meshed perfectly with the smokey flavor of the latakia. Biggest problem I had with it was that it didn't burn entirely dry even after drying out. I can't tell if it was the pipe or the tobacco. I have another couple ounces of it and am excited to get into it don't the less. This is a tobacco that I think will benefit greatly from aging.

Cornell & Diehl - Plantation Evening
Just Wow!
I was a little iffy on this one when I first opened it.the smell was pretty standard with an almost fruity undertone to it but otherwise just smelled like an everyday English. It was a little more moist than I thought it should be too. I packed and lit and boom first thing to hit was that fruity undertone. I couldn't place it... It's not like it's an instantly settled down to a nice mild English. I thought oh God it's gonna leave a pond in my pipe when it made a couple sizzling sounds early but no it was dry all the way to the bottom. About half way in a slight pepper note rose and faded back into the background.i forced myself to smoke slow because the whole time I only wanted more of this adventure. This was an outstanding blend and demands its place in my cellar. BRAVO!!!!👍👏👏👏

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Morning
Didn't convert me.
So, as I've said before I'm not a va-per guy but I keep trying them to seek one I like. I'd like to start this off by saying this stuff came WET like stuffed in a tube sockand dragged behind a boat wet. Dumb me didn't check it before I stuffed it bag and all into a jar. coincidentally it grew some mold.i dumped about an eighth of the bag out to get rid of the moldy stuff and laid it out to dry. Once dried it burned nice and clean. I don't know if it's just the perique in general or the specific perique they used but instead of the peppery taste I've come to expect from perique it just left a faintdirty taste on the back of my tongue. The overall taste wasn't bad despite a slight blandness to it; but needless to say the search continues.

Lane Limited - Medal of Valor
Good stuff will reorder
It starts off sweet and almost immediately after, the latakia kicks in strong but not overwhelming. The sweetness lingers in the background through the whole smoke. Just when you think it can't get more complex the faint sting of perique begins to nip at the tip of your tongue. This adventure of a tobacco continues well after this cool, dry, and spicy mix is completely ashed in the bottom of the bowl. The smokey sweetness lingers on the pallate. A great smoke that will be repeated I'm my time.

Wessex - Gold Standard 1.5oz
Ok. A little sharp
I had this tin unopened for a year before I tried it. So, it had plenty of time to mellow out. The smoke starts off mild enough but as the bowl progresses it seems to get much stronger. Good taste, about what you'd expect from an English but nothing really remarkable. The sharpness I speak of comes about half way through a bowl gives that acid line of tongue bite that in small doses is nice but this stuff for me requires a multiple sitting or a much smaller bowl.

BriarWorks - Pete's Beard's Blend 2oz
Let me start by saying, by no means is this a bad blend. On the other side of that coin, I find nothing remarkable in it either. I am a fairly avid English smoker and as such I value my Latakia. Where it was there, it hid deep in the back ground, far behind the Virginias. The top of the jar was strangely dry but there was still plenty of moisture once you get past the fluff on top. This was strange because the jar was properly sealed. It burns well, and smokes smooth but far lighter than I expected and in my opinion is on the verge of not being an English at all.

Comoy's - Cask No.1 3.5oz
This blend is quite nice. The tin note was nothing to admire at first but as the initial blast of air, it mellowed into quite a nice smell. This is a very stout tobacco though not as stout as Capt Earl's night watch. The flavors blend in quite nicely to a smooth smoke that punched my mouth in all the right places. Not one I'll be waiting in line to get but as far as English blends go, I couldn't refuse another round of the opportunity presented itself.

G. L. Pease - Embarcadero 2oz
Pretty good.
The initial taste of this tobacco is very sweet and mild. Through the first 2/3 it remains that way and as described is delightfully complex. However, the reason it didn't get more stars from me is because I found the last third of the bowl quite "sharp" for lack of a better word. I will be ordering this again for it is a fun smoke and burns fantastically, but it wasn't a blend Worth tumbling over.

Daughters & Ryan - TAPS VIP 50g
Couldn't get behind it
I'm not huge on vapers to begin with so I'm a little biased. However I found that the pepperiness was lost to a bit of a sharp snap. Tin note almost smelled sour to me. Not terrible, but I won't be going for it again.

Captain Earle's - Nightwatch 2oz
What the hell?
Sweet and mild! I have had alot of latakia in my time, but never anything this sweet. It is incredibly mild and tastes almost like a touch of honey coming through with it, and a kick of smoked flowers. I will continue to evaluate the complexities of this blend through many more bowls.

Low Country - Black 2oz
little chunky but smokes great!
To start this tobacco is a little larger cut than i'm used to, and a bit drier than most pipe tobaccos i've had. That being said, the dryness lets this tobacco burn perfectly to the bottom and burns cool all the way down. The latakia is splendidly blened with the rest of the flavors. Overall this tobacco is a fine smoke that i will most likely get again. The lack of tongue bite is pretty appealing too.

Mac Baren - Plumcake 3.5oz
Don't normally like flavored tobacco.
I tend to steer clear of just about any tobacco that talks about being "flavored with anything. However, a friend of mine had a tin of this stuff and the smell coming out of the tin was too tempting. I was not disappointed to say the least. this tobacco commands the attention of your taste buds. The smooth, sweet, mellow flavor is good to the last bit of dottle. I like it enough that I save it for more momentus days when things are going my way and i want to put a positive exclamation point on the end of it!

Dan Tobacco - London Blend No. 1000 100g
Strong yet subtle
This blend, as said in the description, is pretty heavy handed on the latakia. The sweetness of the virginia and the musky flavor of the africans are more detectable in the after taste. However, even with as heavy on the latakia as it is, i have not had any problem with tongue bite. This is a solid blend that i would not turn down but not one that i would like to smoke on a regular basis. As it says in the description, it is an after dinner smoke.

Sutliff - Tobacco Galleria: Fox & Hound
solid english
This blend is bold and smokey as a good english should be. The peppery flavor of the perique adds a touch more bite than i think it should. The lack of yellow virginias is noteable because this blend has almost none of that light sweetnes provided by yellows. The reds keep this blend rich and full.

Captain Black - Dark 1.5oz
pretty dirty stuff
The tobacco it's self is hevily cased and gums up not only the pouch but the pipe as well. that being said the flavor is tolerable yet leaves a bad taste in the back of my mouth after i've finished. The only extraordinary thing about this tobacco is its availability in that several non fine tobacco shops carry it. i just hope it doesnt ghost. Update- if you could smoke a neworleans cemetary, it wouldnt ghost this bad. Now, to find out how much latakia it will take to exorcise my pipes.

A&C Petersen - Escudo Navy Deluxe 50g
great all day smoke!
This subtle blend does not overwhelm. The perique touches in the flavor, but does not come screaming out to assault the tongue like other va-per blends ive had. Easy to pack and easier to smoke i could roll through bowls by the dozen on this stuff. Perfect for a day at sea, or a stroll through the park as the navy flake title suggests. Will reorder.

Peter Stokkebye - PS403 Luxury Bullseye Flake
Quite tasty
A very full smoke. Sweet and slightly peppery, it doesnt hit the pallate it caresses it. This is one i will begetting again. It has a room note that the other half says is ok. Burns cleanly, and packs cleaner in my short experience with proper navy flakes this did not disappoint.

Dunhill - Royal Yacht 50g
Was worth trying.
At first whiff from the tin, I thought "this is going to be great!" there was disappointment in my future. I love nightcap, and i figured any company that could make that could do no wrong. However, by the 5th puff that grand fig-like flavor had vanished to this odd burnt raisin flavor that lingered on the back of the tongue. It was noticable, not over powering. The virginias were plenty sweet and it did burn cool, but the strange casing they put overused, in my opinion, ruined what could have been an awesome blend.

Peterson - Irish Cask 50g
Just creeping into the four star.
Don't get me wrong. This is a truly outstanding tobacco. Good notes right out of the can, lights easily enough, and smokes well. I did notice that toward the bottom of the larger bowls i smoke, it tends to start gaining a slight ash taste. The main reason i cant give this a full 4 or a five is that i find that it has one of those flavors that by the time i get to the bottom of the tin, I'm ready to move on to something new.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Brown Flake Unscented
There is nothing else i can say about this brown, bland, pressed flake. one of the only tobaccos ive ever smoked that made me wish for the flavor of a cigarette.

McClelland - 2015 Virginia-Perique Flake
Not terrible
I branched out to see if i would like perique. sadly, from this blend, i don't. the flavor is not bad, but it feels like i had just bit into a peppercorn with my virginia. that being said, it is not unsmokeable(and i have binned tobacco before) and i do break it out on occasion for the simple desire of smoking something that will insight an intense experience.

Dunhill - Nightcap
I hunt this stuff down
Obviously this is a personal opinion. i tend to smoke very strong blends in general, one of the strongest being Irish twist x. Until recently, i have not been able to find this stuff in bulk so i hunted down tins at any tobacco shop i crossed through. Full body, great flavor, clean burn,and mild enough to not overwhelm the pallate. It lives up to it's name and is a great way to wind down at the end of a day. When i get back on dry land I'm stocking up!

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Black Irish X
odd indeed
So first impression was what in gods name have I done. Not appealing to look at at all. Looks like a bag of poop to be honest. I cut it into thick coins again confounded by the bazaar texture ( that of a wet cigar). Once broken up and packed I was again dumbfounded by how hard it was to properly light. After the third match I began to feel I had wasted my money. But, then it sparked and I was in for a glorious hour and a half long blissful flowering of sweet earthy smoke with no bite that unlike the English's I normally smoke got milder as I went deeper. Could very easily replace any favorite I've ever had. Reccomended for anyone, new to the game, or seasoned vet. In my opinion you haven't smoked till you've tried this. PS:(update) I get the niccups every time I smoke it.

Mac Baren
Plumcake 3.5oz

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