Dennis M.

McClelland - Balkan Blue 50g
A winner in all categories
Do try this blend. This tobacco is as comfortable as an old sweater on a chilly winter's eve. This is a Latakia lovers dream come true. It is never harsh and smokes cool right to the bottom of the bowl. When I was about 13 I found a pipe in my dad's "junk drawer" and came across some Cherry Blend to smoke; this was a disaster. I was soon educated about tobacco by a local tobacconist in Brooklyn NY- when there were local tobacconists back in the early 1960's. He took out a canister of Latakia for me to smell and I fell in love. He then concocted a Latakia dominant blend just for me and the rest is history. This blend takes me back to those "good old days." Try this blend- you wont be disappointed.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - 1897 3.5oz
This is what a tobacco is supposed to be .This is an aromatic, but it does not share the "lolly-pop" appeal of so many others. This is an all day smoke that minimizes the chances of objection from the non-smoking community due to it's pleasant, dare I say, favorable room note. This tobacco is a subtley demure yet playfully articulate little blend that's sure to be enjoyed by all serious pipe smokers. There are others in this line that I care not to comment on, but this gets high marks from me. Dennis

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