Ayax G.

Sutliff - Frosty Mint
Smoke the arctic if you can
"Frosty mint" is the incredible effort in the search for getting the experience on how should be smoking the arctic and the antarctic in just one pipeful. A mouthful of gelid ice from the first puff. Somehow it reminds me of licking a Halls drop, been the only difference that in here you dont lick but smoke it. If you resist the persistence from the intense flavour you may, with some fortune detect the cardinal presence from virginias. Cavendish dominate making it a mild strength smoke while extremely intense in flavoring. Burley is barely noticiable although there is a hint from it in the dry astringency that the smoke brings. I think it is in the second half to the last third of the smoke when it becomes more tobbacoish and you can detect the ingredients, but fact is most people cant bear to reach till that point because of the initial mint intensity. In my opinion this is a blend that may be exclusively to experiment with. I have played adding it a bit of latakia, some oriental and increase the virginia and the results had been quite amazing, i have called this personal one "Transylvania" and friends have liked it.

Dan Tobacco - Blue Note 50g
Jazzy smoke
This aromatic is an ode to subtlety, beginners who prefer really sweet blends will have a hard time in order to appreciate the true character from this blend, it has a very complex and limited palette of flavours that require certain expertise and disposition to get. It is very "jazzy". I read somewhere that "Blue note" was made as a tribute to the famous jazz club in New York, the person said that it was mainly a sensuous re-enactment from the place, the general jazzy atmosphere, the odour and sensation from the leather furniture, the warmness and the coolness altogether, the blue note... I think i can imagine all this while i smoked this blend, it does have all those nuances and its intriguing. It all starts as a timid note flat and constant of virginia and as it gains intensity the musicality from this smoke tunes in. An aroma of leather and soft bourbon takes in, the band is now developing the jam, tobacco dominates above the aromatic and it just varies the intensity from virginia, moderated by the bass lines from the cavendish. At times a little vanilla note jumps in very vaguely adorning the trumpet lines from the domminating virginia, sips from bourbon as you sit and contemplate. The band is in full digression till the mid of the pipe, jamming hard, drums kick in, wildness in the air. Intensity is moderate. The last quarter is where there is more aromatic approach, a lot more into smoothness, clarinet submerges you into volutes of blue smoke and the atmosphere in your palate receives all the most intensity from vanilla and bourbon, a little citric which remits to general coolness, a little sweetness wall of flavour and virginia strength. You get in, youre seduced by the rhythm, it is endulging and appetizing, it maintains this cadence until it finishes. Very interesting smoke. Truly complex and mysterious. The flavour is certainly undetermined even though you can detect the components, but the trick is to find the "atmosphere" it creates, the whole blend flavour which sums up the "blue note". Recommended.

Lane Limited - Medal of Valor
English with oriental coolness
First thing that i notice is that there is a particular taste/sensation that comes from this blend which can be attributed to orientals perhaps, something that strikes as a fresh sensation in the mouth with a dry perfumed sweetness that is not associated with the virginia amidst the Latakia flavour, something a little spicy that is not the perique also. This is for me at least, the very centre of this blend and its particularity as well. It is present during the whole experience. As for the rest, you can find a good portion of Latakia as pivotal centre where moderate presence of virginia as an oblique sour sweet flavour plays, very subtle though, and burley as a dry and neutral appointment without the nuttyness associated, this lets the aforementioned characteristics circumvent the latakia, making it a rather dry smoke a little creamy with a perceptible touch of muskyness, in the tongue burley dominates and perique is barely perceived. I would say it is a consistent English blend with emphasis on burley and delicate subnotes of orientals, as said before not creamy, rather dry, not sweet rather perfumed. Good for the price and must be judged accordingly.

Lane Limited - RLP-6
1-Q with Burley
Some people prefer RLP-6 over 1-Q and one can understand why this. Essentially they are very similar blends, the aroma is practically the same but RLP-6 is a little more strong both in taste and strength without abandoning the fact that both are mild blends. The addition of burley into RLP makes the whole difference, it gives a little more body and strength even though virginias predominate all the way. RLP is more American and classy while 1-Q is modern and cosmopolitan. Personally i still prefer 1-Q above RLP. RLP delivers the same roasted vanilla marshmallow flavour from 1-Q yet it is dryer in mouth and a little more bitey, the burley is not that noticeable as it is subdued by virginias and aromas so its only quality is adding a more round bouquet and dryness to the smoke, so in the end RLP has more dimension but is never as easy going as 1-Q and in this respect simplicity is best and wins over. RLP is the 1-Q for the lovers of burley...

Cornell & Diehl - Latakia
Top latakia
One of the best quality latakia in the market these days, is cost wise and perfect for blending as it has all the characteristics that define a good latakia. Id say it is a very powerful latakia with lot of strength and aroma, comes a little moist but that is something that couple of minutes will solve. Color is from deep black to caramel, smokey above pungent on the bag. Tends to become extremely dominant so it is very prudent to add very little to your mixes. Robust and fragrant during smoke, gives lots of body and roundness. Very recommended.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Dark Flake Aromatic
Licorice for adults
This resumes the trinity for the advanced smoker, strength, flavour and nicotine power. For me this is hands up the best licorice smoke there is, although this is major league aromatics, a beginner may easily be knocked out by the strenth or the nic hit. In some way this flake resembles both in taste and power to the legendary 1792 from samuel gawith, maybe this is a milder version but still powerful. This is a smoke to dedicate your leisure time, it is intense and seducing, with a strong character from start to finish. Virginias take the prevalent note yet there is a generous ammount of burley noticeable from the first puff. The lakeland character is less floral here, decidedly more into licorice with a sweet note from the virginias circumvented by burley nuttiness. The smoke grows and acquires intensity as it proceeds, turning grassy flavours into licorice notes and fragrant burley retrohale, just lovely. Keep tight to your chair and dont forget to have it as an aftermeal for a banquet, it will be a perfect match.

Esoterica - Ramsgate 8oz
Pure virginia with a little lakeland character
Think of Ramsgate as an aproximation to the blending ways and style of Samuel Gawith and Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. If you are expecting an experience of licorice -in your face- this wouldnt be. This is pure straight virginia with delicate and sublimated undertones of licorice, rich soursweet grassy flavour and mid strength virginia body with a very subtle addition of the character of an aromatic. It comes in beautiful stoven broken flake, a bit oily and demanding rubbing exercises, the smell is pungent and piquant while on pack. A bit of ferment and mildly vinnegar note circumvented by a little licorice note. In its first ignition presents a dense white smoke that comes to the palate as a very mild virginia, the licorice is very distant yet distinguishable, astringent smoke with a dry mild sweetness properly associated with pure virginias. As it advances its character defines more the body of a robust and fermented virginia, aproximately to the league of "Lakelands" yet, never as floral, a lot less subtle in aroma but with all the strong body of a typical aged and stoved flake, mid strength in the nicotine department and electric blue smoke. The virginias will denote its more characteristic grassy and soursweet qualities by the mid of the bowl and decreasing onwards when it will become more a mild virginia with a vague licorice aroma. This is a very potent and exciting blend, it gets better by aging, softening its smokey and robust temper. Apt for a day of intellectuañ endeavours or a large lunting.

Sir Walter Raleigh - Aromatic 1.5oz
Universal recognition
If something survives ages and each generation grant it a new avail, it does mean this thing has a trascendence. After all trascendence is the victory against time, the recognition of an unperishable quality or at least of the illusion of durability. Think of a tobacco like Sir Walter Raleigh, so universal, so widespread and you'll get a glimpse of what inmortality is. The virtue of excellence. I remember its particular fragrance as a child visiting the doctor who smoked this in copious ammounts (in a country which was ages away from strict modernity) an indelible remembrance. Later, as an adult i found it again, now as a pipesmoker. Sir walter raleigh, such a classic. And yet this is simply words, you have to taste it in order to find the true meaning. Burley indeed, so mellow and a tad sweet with mild nic hit, very amicable and easy going, good for the morning, the day, the evening, or finishing the day. With enough aroma to keep you enamoured and sufficient nuttyness as a pack of almonds. The blend circunvents some subtle cocoa traces with liquor (especially felt in the tongue) and changes its chracteristic flavours from mild to medium during the smoke, well mannered, kind, fragrant. Its fragrance will enchant the place you are and the people around, as it did with me, as it did with the generations that has granted its fame.

Cornell & Diehl - Captain Bob's Blend
Vanguard blend for the top of the english aromatics
Oh heavens! Oh glory! I had the intuition this would be cool, and indeed it was. This is completely out of the ordinary and rather uncompromised with traditional aromas, a vanguard blend, and modern art blend if you want. Captain Bob's blend comes with all the artillery (Black Cavendish, Burley, Latakia, Orientals, Perique, Virginia) every single tobacco element in order to bring the most satisfying and out of the ordinary experience. The virginia never gets to the point of candy sweetness, more likely just tangy and a bit soursweet. The smoke tends more towards the dry side on the palate with a generous participation of burley and latakia which are elements that play a keyrole in synchrony with the unique and strong aroma for this english-aromatic. And even if this may be a ghosting blend by far it is worth to dedicate a pipe to it, the grape flavour combined with the orientals and latakia makes it something really exotic and wonderful, a full mouthed flavour, round and toasty with little piquant from perique and partial nuttyness, rather floral and never overhelming. All in all sumptuous, exotic, intoxicating, even addictive... I am a personal devotee from now on.

McClelland - Craftsbury: Deep Hollow 50g
So much praise, so little reward
Not really straight virginia as it has some aromatic quality, maple, molasses and vanilla probably which are good but nothing truly remarkable. Even though the grassy and sour-sweet qualities from the virginias develop through the smoke there is always a distant ghost from some vanilla and maple in the distance. All in all the smoke is very mellow and lacks the strength from a pure virginia which is kind of dissapointing, after so much praise i expected something really interesting and perhaps poetic, it was not. This is rather boring and uninteresting tobacco, but it is understandable why it has so much hype, precisely because it is a simpleton, uncompromising and rather bland tobacco that demands nothing from the smoker, so you may lay down not intending to find the intricacies of flavour or feeling the strength of a blend that has nothing of that. I would recommend as smoke in between stronger and fragrant smokes. Standard.

McClelland - M27 - Three Cherry Blend
Cherry grail
So what do you imagine with a blend called "Three cherry blend"? I don't know. But for me it is either some sort of Disney thematic park or else something really surreal in the vein of Dali. Surprisingly this blend is really cool. Of course it belongs where it should. Strong aromatic, yet well balanced in what it is intended it to be. All the cherry related flavours are associated here conducted by cavendish with the sweet touch of virginias. Very fragrant and appetizing aromas. And layers after layers of different cherry flavours, from matured to very virgin ones interspeed by virginia taste. Not complicated but very compilated. Good aromatic and for me the epitome of cherry

Lane Limited - 1-Q
Aro´s philosopher stone
The quintessential aro. Even for kids! well almost... Many times i dismiss the massive hype something may have, from books to movies, most generally people tend to have poor taste to equally poor criteria to fill the blanks. But in here, they don´t. This is historically accurate assertion. I paved the way through lots of aros and english mixtures just before entering this classy. And it is understandable why it is so liked by anyone, even kids. Its mellow character, so typical from cavendish and the sweet note given by virginias make it the "philosophal stone" of aromatics, well, almost. Taste is rather uncomplicated and no brainer, but it has a magic into it that is quite hard to define. Call it smoked marshmellows, a little of caramel and vanilla and by the mid half a rather whisky taste on the tongue. Taste also evolves, at first cavendish rules, then virginias bring the liquor note rounded by the sweet and very particular flavour that only 1-q has. So this is not a monochromatic aro, it is rather subtle, but at the same time simple. Maybe this personality is what makes it so classic

Cornell & Diehl - Epiphany 2oz
Burley gentleman
Epiphany is an upfront burley blend in the fashion of american old school blends that favoured this ingredient with slight condimentation of Latakia and perique. In that sense that is why it is called an "american english". It has a medium strength and medium taste quality with great harmony in between ingredients but never abandoning its potent burley dominating character. Latakia will never be a star in here, just a distant note summing the typical smoky personality circumventing the potent round body from nuttyness of burley. It keeps astringent, dry sour-sweet and a little fruity. Perique brings a piquant touch (especially in the tongue and the retrohale) and virginias adds a slight sweety and grassy taste on the palate. Epiphany has medium strength in nicotine too, so if youre not accostumed, take it easy or it may knock you out. Nice blend, very proportioned and synchronized, quite concise and easy going.

McClelland - 105 - Chocolate Mint
Mint lost the adress to this party
I think the mint was invited to this party but lost the address. This is mainly ordinary chocolate taste in the vein of most McClelland´s. Cavendish literally drowned into casings. Ok maybe there is something, somewhere, after a while that may resemble "mint" in the last third of the bowl, some "fresh" touch that has an undiscernible taste of anything, just a blow of freshy air in the rekindled atmosphere of the chocolate party.

Peter Stokkebye - PS303 Peaches & Creme
Peach till you bleed
No nuances and zero subtlety, this is peach till you get drunk. Tin pouch is not that appetizing as others have mentioned it has an odd chemical feel to it that repels. But, sometimes things change after the initial smoke. Must be said that the taste is not bad, i would say this is a medium strength aromatic, monodimensional and a tad boring after a while. Mainly this is is because even if the casing has a good taste, it becomes rather dominant over the smoke, just barely allowing the participation of the elements incorporated. Burley is slightly noticed in what refers to the "cream" part, and virginia is as distant as the North star in the firmament of this tobacco. Only cavendish prevails, pumping like a maniac the monochromatic dimension of peach all over the way to china. The general taste is sugary, a bit dry, barely creamy and overly "peachy". Thats it.

Peter Stokkebye - PS403 Luxury Bullseye Flake
The bullseye catch you
It is now considered a classic and quite frankly it is easy to understand why. Combines in perfect harmony the strength and body from a pure virginia with the pungency from perique and the round and creamy countour from burley,meanwhile cavendish mellows the whole body and adds delicacy. It is a very fragrant smoke from the beginning to the end and delivers different tonalities, from the grassy substance to the natural honey while retaining the strength from virginias and never becoming a candy. The very fresh sensation of the smoke only gets the subtle spicy note from perique in the retrohale and burley is just there as an spectator, adding more round note than flavour configuration. Best of all, it has zero bite, in the tongue its a dry, grassy and little pungent taste. Truly delicious. One of my favourite virginia blends. By the way, just contemplating the coins is mesmerizing.

Mac Baren - Modern Virginia Loose Cut 100g
Virginia with a mellow aro quality
Nice smoke. Very natural virginia with a defined medium strength and very subtle notes of fruit that varies between pineapple and honey in the backstage. Very fragrant in the tin, sweet virginia with a tangy scent of fruit that may be referencing summer. I would say virginias dominate most of the time with only short apparitions from the burley, grassy notes here and there but not as robust as to define the smoke, probably because of the cavendish which must tranquilize the whole plot. As mentioned before there is also a natural "aromatic" like quality in taste while the room notes prevails with natural and sweet tobacco. Relaxing smoke and suitable for the summer time,very refreshing and easy going.

McClelland - RSVP - Invitation
Invitation to boredom
I don´t want to be harsh but this blend is rather bland, as usual with most McClellands comes soaked wet and has the characteristic smell from their bulk aromatics, in this case their typical caramelized cavendish. And the cavendish tends to disintegrate when rubbed as result of the high humidity. "Invitation" is almost 80% cavendish with the rest being distributed between gold virginias and burley, it has a caramel undertone as major force and distant fruity note on the background that once lit transforms mainly a round contour of caramel with a backlash of sweetness which is probably the small portion of virginia, and a rather subtle creamy body as result of the burley, this is especially noticeable by the last half of the bowl. Rather bland and uniform, it becomes rapidly boring and insipid. McClellands should dedicate more to find quality leaf over quality chemicals to produce their blends. Good air refreshener!

Peterson - Sherlock Holmes 50g
A bland and flaccid Holmes
Two phase smoking. During the first two thirds the virginias dominate bringing a fragrant fruity bouquet, mild to medium in strength and mildly flavoured naturally, just a bit sweet, rounded smoke with character, by all means adult. The second part by the last third half of the bowl burleys take a more relevant role although momentarily, showing a distinctive nutty and also rounded flavour and then the sneak attack from the bite may come unadvertly and also the pipe may get easily rekindled if you want to get a bit more of the nutty effect from the burley. I would say it is a regular smoke, Mild in nic, but above all it requires certain cadence and temperature to get the best from it, which by no means may be remarkable just average, it demands too much of a technique, tends to be easily hot and repeateadly becomes insipid when puffer slow down so..

McClelland - GKCPC: Nocturne 50g
English for beginners
This is a great smooth and mild english for someone who wants to start in the delightful world of english mixtures. At the same time it wouldnt be enough for someone who needs his potent fix of latakia. This is a mix that honours its name, it is fresh, smooth and even though the latakia makes its appearence and certainly maintains its presence it wouldnt be overhelming. The mix has a very distant and oblique sweetness that is natural with the virginia but the structure remains distinctively english. Smoky and sour sweet with a mild creamy body and mild to very mild flavour and mild strength is what you will get. Not much variations or different flavour connotations here. Good but not remarkable. An english for the ones who love latakia with certain caution or for the beginners who would prefer not to be subject to the latakia submission from more classic blends.

Sillem's - Black 100g
Aristocratic Aromatic
Sillem´s Black is a probe that there is a heaven, somewhere, maybe here, but fact. I agree with the fact that this may be an introduction in the world of Latakia for the sweet toothed out there. Or else an english with a sweeter appeal for the ones who love the more robust and matured tobaccos, in either case, this is a sublime blend, exquisite, sybarite and unique, in a word, aristocratic. A thing is for certain, this blend is perfect and unique, it has managed to balance the serious character of an english with the easy going personality of the aromatics without going insane. It is mild to medium in taste, flavour and strength. I wish it could be stronger in latakia as it comes good. Creamy campfire with circumventing virginia notes of honey, cherries and vanilla. Smokey is robust, with great retrohale and very mild sweet aftertaste on the tongue but incredibly appetising. One for sure in the list of favourites, ive even dedicated a pipe solely for this one, that good it is!

Mac Baren - Dark Twist 3.5oz
Virginia and aro hybrid
May be an excellent introduction into virginias. Medium to mild strength tobacco with subtle notes of sugar cane or maple syrup, vague note of prunes in the background and a bit of rum or other liquor. Not too much nico fix. An hybrid of straight virginia and mildly aromatic with natural flavour. It shows the face of great virginias indulged with some maturity and medium robust form, not overly complicated smoke, but translates from strength to flavour in through the smoke. Virginias manifest but a subdued by the note of mild dressing. The character of the tobacco commands and the only variation is in the added flavour and its intensity which varies from maple or sugar cane with hints of liquor. People who havent taste virginias may start with this. It will teach them a lot on how it is all about and the proper cadence to smoke virginias. Notice that if it gets dried it lose strength. Truly a classy.

Peterson - Sunset Breeze 50g
Temperamental aro but nevertheless exquisite
One of the first aromatics i learned to like. It has a rich aroma with mild to medium strength and strong amaretto flavour. A must for lovers of strong aromatics. An advice, it must be smoked slowly as with most Peterson aromatics or will surely guarantee a sored tongue. The smoke is a bit tangy, sweet on tongue, tad spicy on the retrohale. With strong start and soft development in where virginias take the prevalent note. Only at the very end the burley shows a note or two. It is understandable why some people detest this, it is strong cased, and rich in sugars, so it tends to become agressive when puffed too hard (something that may easily happen as the flavour is seducing or the smoker may demand more nuances from the smoke) Overall, not too complex, rich in flavour and good in ingredients but one needs the mood and the weather to smoke it. I would say it is for advanced smokers.

Larsen - Signature Vintage Mixture 100g
High rank elegant aromatic
This is a product that is worth its price. Refined, elegant aromatic. An almost perfect combination of ingredients, well balanced robust virginia with top nutty burleys and conducted like a symphony by the cavendish. The smoke strength is mild medium, allowing the sweetness from the virginia hit the retrohale and the burley develop its characteristic nutty flavour. At first it is rather medium taste, with a progress that diverges between the distant halo of cherry and red fruits, a bit acidic on the tongue, later on it brings a very walnut flavour surrounded by virginias. Very much a scandinavian aromatic, has body and developing flavors while keeping a sweet touch as complement.

Solani - X - Sweet Mystery 50g
A mystery only
I remember the tin smell was gorgeous as it reminded me molasses, peaches prunes in rum and a little maple, very delicate and tropical mix. But when the fire came into the play it changed everything. Im a stubborn person, i never surrender easily and this applies with tobacco as well. I simply couldnt believe this tobacco with such a great smell on the tin i couldnt like, and even though when smoked it was rather ok, it always leave a mark that was dissapointing. Especially notable was this sour cigarette like taste and the ashy goupy tongue aftertaste. That and the fact that the taste was not as promisory as the tin smell was in the beginning. It was rather just kinda lousy tobacco with a subtle scent of something undetermined. I gave it whole tin chance to "Sweet mistery", but it rather came as a "Sour revelation" in my boat. One star for the tin design.

Samuel Gawith - Fire Dance Flake 50g
Rebel flake
This is an ambivalent kind of smoke. At times it is rather pleasant, thats when it develops its quality character, a mild strength with low nic, smooth body and mild taste which is vaguely fermented with mild notes of vanilla and a distant background of lakeland, at times the apparition of roasted honey in a bbq and liquor too. Good after taste and not overcased respecting the English aromatic tradition. But then when you start considering to buy another tin it does transform into something rather monotonous and even insipid, so it kind of seem to hide its flavour palette. In the end it is hard to make it a favourite, at least for me. It is best consumed after getting it dry leaving just a mild oily humidity to reach its top.

Two Friends - Celtic Mist 2oz
Celtic mist is an aborted mission to the land of aromatics. It was impossible for me to finish the tin after three times trying it. I had to sell the rest to someone who loved it. Although the idea is good, the casing that resembles some form of odd baileys, cappuchino or latte becomes so damn ugly, above all bitter (in the worst sense possible), covering the tongue with something that resembles wax, clogging the pipe with tar, i mean really nasty. And if you try to get the tobacco taste there is nothing since it is all veiled behind the wall of deranged casing. The worst experience ive had so far while smoking pipes. Half a star is way too much for this abomination.

Peter Stokkebye - PS316 Sambuca
Aftermeal and social smoke
Revisited: I liked at first but now i find it really dissapointing. From 4 stars to 1 in just one year. Beware this is the type of aromatic that smells good on the package and its relatively good smoke when fresh, but it rapidly loses aromatic strength once opened and in short time it will be practically tasteless, just average cavendish and hellish virginias that will erode even a stone tongue. Insipid, tasteless and ultra boring smoke, practically a fraud disguised as an aromatic.

Cornell & Diehl - Crooner
Smoking a classic
The story behind this is singular as it is the experience. Smooth and tranquil smoke with the character of an exceptional burley. As the pale blue smoke dillutes it brings memories and conversation becomes transparent as well as your thoughts, concise. Room note is said to be of a tobacco with subtle hints of vanilla that nevertheless are not present in the palate, which is more nutty and a bit spicy with very distant hints of something undetermined, perhaps floral. Exceptional smoke, apt for any moment as all that is classic, Bing got it.

Mac Baren - The Cube 16oz
Scandinavian aromatic monster
Probably in the top of the tops for what aromatics can refer. But to be precise it is a rare mix, pretty undetermined in terms of both flavour and taste. Fruity and a bit citric in the start yet further developing mixed layers of coffee, caramel, marshmallow, nougat above some others that escape my discernment. The quality from the tobacco is excellent, pretty much varied as the package exhibits and the burley, ah the burley here is the star in the firmament of the varietal of virginias, it comes silky and creamy from half of the bowl onwards and proceeds very mellow circumvented by the sweetness so characteristic from a mix with such a sum of virginias. Yes its a sweet mix, very sweet, relaxing and mellow, not for beginners though, due to its complexity. I loved and certainly would gladly buy another package.

Newminster - No.400 Superior Navy Flake
Serious competitor on the flake scene. It has all the characteristics that sum up a solid straight virginia, rich in taste, smooth, consistent development, sweet aroma. Its mono dimensional character and low nic content makes it perfect for any activity, from sex to reading to socialize.

Samuel Gawith - Celtic Talisman 50g
English aromatic close to perfection
To name this spectacular blend as a simply cherry aromatic is an understatement. For start it is not that obvious, it is more subtle and mysterious for just that. The smell of the tin is that of kirsch with hints of marraschino cherrys and emblems freshness and natural flavour. The virginias add the sweet touch and the burleys emphasize the character for a middle bodied tobacco, while the cavendish obviously appease the strength and keep the round note and preserve a middle strength. An advise, keep the moisture levels in fair proportion, i would say keep it a minute or two outside and then light it, otherways it will lose flavour and strength. Once this is done, the combustion is fair and simple, which denotes a perfect combination and tobacco quality. From start, this is a winner. The accents of liquor are more present and robust in the nose and the light cherry develops, transforming slowly in a creamy, spicy and rich smoke with a controlled nic kick. Then the burley develops its character and the nutty contours become more evident, the sugars transform and the cherry notes come as background, enveloped by the nutty substance while the smoke takes its more robust body only mildly appeased by the cavendish. I would say this is an untypical aromatic, or at least one that follows the english tradition, the old ways and the naturality of tobacco in perfect harmony. Perfect name for such a perfect mixture. Truly a little treasure.

Peterson - Sweet Killarney 50g
Sweet killarney or Kill tongue?
Aside from the monochromatic scale of the caramel flavour there is nothing much to add. Tobacco is good quality, good caramel smell on the tin. But once lit the ordeal starts and a bitten tongue is kind of a high price to pay for just caramel cased tobacco. There are far, cheaper and no tongue bitters tobaccos out there.

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Celtic Talisman 50g

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