G. L. Pease - Odyssey 16oz
This blend is really amazing and is one of my favorite latakia blends. When you open the can you are greeted by a no-nonsense smell of deep, rich leather smell that cools your nose as you inhale its awesomeness. I had a pretty fresh can that was marked as being born on Nov 2012 so it wasn’t aged by any means. Coming out of the can it needed to be dried a bit as I like my tobacco to be a tad drier than what is delivered. This blend in my opinion is one that taste the way it smells, a smooth dark and it just reminds me of a fresh leather baseball glove, but deeper than that. It is smoother in taste than Nightcap and reminds me of Black House in flavor profile, though still dissimilar enough to enjoy both of them separately. As I smoked through my many bowls, it began to mellow out and the flavor changes to something that has more range which leaves you pondering what that change was, alas my palette is not knowledge enough to put my finger on it. In conclusion I still prefer Nightcap as it has more a nic hit than Odyssey, though it is a nice change that I really enjoy. Plus you can buy this in bulk where as Nightcap you’re stuck buying 50g tins.

McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton's Cellar 100g
An Amazing Smoke
Before I go into my review my current palette favorites are: Wilderness Nightcap HH Old Dark Fired Review: When you peel back the tin’s lid you’re greeted by an amazing rich whisky smell that is reminiscent of Wild Turkey 101. As you look at the tobacco you see almost exclusively rough black ribbon cuts with a dash of that wonderful brown leaf sprinkled in. To my surprise a stave cube, about 1’ cubed, was hidden within just marinating the weed in that whiskey smell. Packing it in a deep bowled billiard pipe was easy and the moisture seemed just a tad on the moist side, however, I was too excited to smoke it and didn’t allow it to dry anyt. Pre-draw was a wonderful soft whisky flavor with an aftertaste of a sweet creamy taste that reminded me of a Thomas Kemper Cream Soda. Not overwhelming sweet, just right. Lighting the bowl was easier than I thought and once lit, stayed lit throughout the smoke. The first draw was awesome, smooth, subtle hints of whisky that was sublime. As you progress through the bowl, you find yourself sipping faster and faster to enjoy this blend. After about halfway through, the latakia starts showing up and is more prominent and extremely enjoyable. The nicotine hit is subtle but it is enough to keep you satisfied for the next couple hours. I just ordered 10x 100g and hope it ages well with that stave cube.

Flake Blue 1.75oz

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