Sutliff - Troost Match
Lightly Aromatic, Sweet Smoke
I have never had the original Troost. But, having this fresh is a nice light smoke. The topping I'm sure adds a bit of sweetness and aroma, but this mostly just taste of Burley and VAs with the Oriental weaving in and out. Can be bitey if smoked fast. Also, cut is more broken flake than ribbon.

G. L. Pease - Westminster 2oz
Good Definition of an English Blend
This middle of the line english reminds me a bit of Meridian in the Old London collection. Definitely Latakia forward but the supporting tobaccos are present making a well rounded blend you could smoke daily.

Two Friends - Bed & Breakfast 2oz
It's pipe tobacco
It can definitely be called an "all day smoke." If you prefer bland one note tobacco. Woodsy and almost cedar to a point. I'm not ripping apart the work that was put into it, but nothing that "wows" me here.

Cornell & Diehl - Three Friars
Decent flavor, Finely Cut
Pack this one tightly and sip lightly. It's got VA sweetness, body from the Burley, and spice from the Perique. Like other reviews...exactly what it says it is.

G. L. Pease - Quiet Nights 2oz
Can't find any faults with this one. The components play beautifully together. I'm not an old-timer. But, this is a very nice English like something from days gone by. Glad I ordered more. If it is this good fresh I can imagine it will age great.

Cornell & Diehl - Oriental Silk
Good bulk smoke for Turkish lovers
I really like this blend because I'm a Turkish fan. Orion's Arrow was rougher to me and this smoother. Pack according to moisture and cut and enjoy the musky Turkish aroma.

Mac Baren - The Solent Mixture 16oz
Exceptionally Smooth
This blend is a winner from Mac Baren. Full flavored, but mild strength. All the flavors of the tobaccos are present, and it's exceptionally smooth and clean.

McClelland - 2030 - No. 1 Grade Balkan
Doesn't get much better
This is an excellent bulk offering from McClelland. The Latakia is great. The Orientals and other tobacco add to the complexity and flavors. This would be a great staple to keep around.

G. L. Pease - Stonehenge Flake 2oz
Not a VaPer for me
I can enjoy a tobacco that has a Lakeland nuance, and I also really like some offerings by these two separate blenders. However, on this one, it was a miss for me personally. It was very plain, and I do like VaPers. If you go for it sip this one to get the most out of it.

Davidoff - Blue Mixture 50g
Not a Bad Smoke for Tinned Aromatic
The samples I have had of this were from a mason jar, so they may be older and have lost some juice. This is a dark mixture that has a sweetness to it. It doesn't conjure up maple, chocolate, raspberry, etc. type flavors with me. Although I'm not great with flavor profiles. It has a nice earthiness to it like soil or something.

McClelland - 2025 - English Cavendish
Tasty Departure
Not your normal VA broken flake or VA/Per. That's what makes it so good. The flakes are nicely pressed and deep in flavor from the darkened VAs. It does have a tart natural sweetness to it along with a very subtle spice taste (think clove-ish). Will definitely buy and cellar again.

Cornell & Diehl - Bourbon Bleu 2oz
All the flavors are there...
My sample smelled like bacon when I opened it... that's the Dark Fired Kentucky. I rubbed out a slice and packed in a tall skinny chamber. You get the tobacco taste of VA, full body of the Kentucky, sweetness from the Bourbon, and some spice from the Perique. It's a pretty good little combination with flavors changing back and forth each puff.

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop
Too Strong for Me...
I ate before I sat down to smoke this blend. After a few minutes I was getting dizzy and nauseous. Maybe, this is for those who like a good "nic hit." The flavor is good, but that C&D burley can kick.

2050 - Oriental Cavendish

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2025 - English Cavendish

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    Life After McClelland
  • ► You can get into the Dark Fired as a condiment. Like Exhausted Rooster is delicious. But, everyone has their own taste buds. Cheers!