Cornell & Diehl - Mocha
First time out.
Pretty good for a "Mocha", I say that because there are a few other Mocha's out there. That said this is a nice one, a little oily, making loading your pipe without mucking up your fingers a bit more difficult but okay after a little practice. I would recommend it, as others have said it tends to be mild and smooth till the bottom.

Mac Baren - Mixture Scottish Blend
Mac Baron Bulk Scottish Mixture
Nice smoke, strong taste and aroma. Has a good bite to it that some my not like. I found that it's a tobacco better taken slowly. Not very much fun to puff on, it can get quite harsh.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Bob's Chocolate Flake
Bob's Chocolate Flake
This is a great smoke! Good flavour, great aroma, great smoke with a little zig( bite ). I have gotten good complements about the "smell" of my pipe when I have been smoking this, from nonsmokers no-less.

McClelland - 403 - Darkest Chocolate
403 Darkest Chocolate
Favorite, absolutly love this stuff! You could say "I'm having a affaire with this tobacco!" and my wife is good with it!! Smooth, good flavour, great aroma! Great stuff!! I'm working on trying the rest of McClelland's line but it's slow going due to a limited acquisition ability, but I will get there!!

McClelland - 620 Mocha Black
620 - Mocha Black
This is one of my favorites. I like it strait and I like to mix it 50%50 with 710 Colombian Mocha, another of my favorites. I get very little bite from this until I'm getting near the bottom of the bowl. I find it a very smooth tobacco compared to many others. I've been smoking pipes for 30+yrs and this provides one of the nicest smokes I ever have.

McClelland - 710 - Colombian Mocha
One of my favorites!
1. One persons loath is anothers love! 2. Smokin and sex have two things in common. She can be a bit harsh but only when it's all dryed out and if you want to keep it alight you need to give a pull on that stem regulerly. 3. Tobacco is like wiskey, be a sad world if everyone drank just Jim Beam.

620 Mocha Black

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Mac Baren
Mixture Scottish Blend

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710 - Colombian Mocha

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