Cornell & Diehl - Espresso
Not coffee, but tasty
My bag of tobacco came sopping wet. I was wondering if it would even burn? I did not dry it at all just to see what would happen. Amazingly, it lit well, burned well and smoked well. It somehow smoked to dry ash and no bite at all for me. I am generally a smoker of aromatics. The bag note was sweet and creamy, although I did not get a coffee essence either in aroma or taste, but it was a dang fine aromatic smoke none the less. Tasty. I have happily smoked through many ounces of this stuff. I would recommend it as being a very good aromatic, not sure about coffee flavor, maybe my senses are off?

Cornell & Diehl - Sun Bear Black Locust 2oz
Finally, LOL
Finally, they release the limited edition with a little heads up so all the jokers on the east coast don’t snatch it all up before the rest of the country is awake. Glory be, I know how to tell time. Living on Mountain time, living on Mountain time. My two tins are on the way😉

Cornell & Diehl - Eight State Burley 2oz
This is a tasty blend, I wish I had grabbed more than two tins...oh well. I detect no topping, and it definitely does not taste like SWR. Nutty burleys, a little Virginia sweetness and some slightly spicy orientals with the sourness muted. It has a bit of spice as if there were a bit Perique, although it is not mentioned as a component, interesting, it must be the aged orientals.

Tampers & Tools - Neerup Leather Pipe Cleaning Kit
Very Nice
Very nice well made kit. My only (small) complaint is that the leather is brown, not black...but I will live ;) As far as the reamer, it is a Neerup pipe kit, I don't own a Neerup yet, but maybe all of their chambers are cut the same? Very Nice.

Stands & Pouches - Pipe Rest for Car
Good but Tape sucks
I bought two of these and they work excellently-with a small modification. The rest holds the pipe very well and does not mar. Personally however, I wouldn't use it with any pipe that would concern me if it got a "do-mar". For the modification I bought a couple of stainless steel magnetic spring clips,those used for refrigerator door notes, from an office supply store. I bolted them through one of the bottom holes in each after drilling a hole in each clip. The magnet holds to the top of my CB Radio/HAM radio in my pickup and to the floor transmission hump..pretty much anywhere in my '78’ Jeep CJ5. Also the clips can also be used to hold where there is no steel.

Arancia Smooth Brown (320 KS) (6mm)

$225.00 $180.00

Smooth Apple with Silver (Set)


Misc. Estates
HS Studio Smooth Acorn with Bamboo

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American Estates
TC Smooth Dublin

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Il Duca
Sandblasted Acorn (B)

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Bill Shalosky
Smooth Billiard (654)

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Smooth Apple

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Smooth Long Shank Dublin

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Italian Estates
Il Duca Sandblasted Diplomat (B)

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    Life After McClelland
  • ► Chuck, I too lament the passing of Beacon. I only purchased one tin about 5-6 years ago. I found out too late that McClelland was closing it’s doors and was not able to grab up a few more tins. I have Speakeasy, and it is ok, but I wish the dark fired was not in the mix. Maybe you can get Jeremy to blend up a custom batch for us without the dark fired😉Another favorite of mine is SG Cabbie’s Mixture.....I just need to find out who to kill to get some. I have missed out on it the last three times it was in stock (or so they say) at and I am not that “slow on the trigger”. Very frustrating.
  • ► Joshua, That Reagents Flake is another keeper for me as well, tasty stuff.
  • ► Oops......Regents Flake
  • ► @Cassie DMultiple orders? I don’t want to pay the ~$6 shipping on each and every tin or item I order, that’s crazy.
    Rediscovering Ropp
  • ► I don't see a tag for your St. Claude pipes, but these Ropp seem to be of the same general group? Anyway, what I wanted to post has to do with the very nice St. Claude Billiard I purchased awhile back from It was on of the horn stems with an aluminum tenon and cork shank seal. Well being a clarinet player back in my younger days, I remembered the cork grease used to keep the cork joints from drying out, sticking and getting destroyed in my clarinet. I lightly rubbed a bit of the cork grease on my St. Claude pipes cork tenon seal with a Q-Tip. I am sure it will keep the pipes cork in fine shape, as it has on my clarinet which is at least 40 years old now and I have never lost a cork seal. I just thought this might be helpful information. Oh, any music instrument store that sells woodwinds should have the cork grease, very inexpensive and a little goes a long way. It comes in a "Capstick" tube. "Chapstick" might work also, I'm just not sure if the ingredients in it would degrade the cork over time, I know the instrument cork grease works.
    Time for Another Churchwarden
  • ► I have several Churchwarden pipes, but the one I like the best is a Johs smooth freehand that I purchased from a while back. Since it is a freehand, it has that "old world" carve it yourself character to it, and it smokes like a dream. Nice size chamber for my aromatics like W.O. Larsen "Signature", "Old Fashioned", "1864" and "2013 Special Edition". Looking forward to smoking the W.O. Larsen "2014 Special Edition" in it, which is on its way from as we speak :)
  • ► Oops, correction.......W.O. Larsen "2015 Special Edition". I didn't get the "2014", the description didn't appeal to me.
  • ► Andrew...Glad to help :) Maybe you need a Danish Churchwarden for Danish Tobacco, Irish Churchwarden for Irish tobacco....etc. etc. :)Hmm, maybe I have a problem.