About Me:
I drive the Western Skies Scenic Byway daily smoking my pipe,music,coffee,scenic views it doesn't get any better!!

Reiner - Blend No. 71 100g
Gold standard
One of the all time greats 👍. If you like Virginia tobaccos this one is right up there.

Sutliff - 507C Virginia Slices
Full 4 Stars
Very good blend. My tastes have matured with time and this one is right up there for me. Stays lit well great Virginia flavor without any burn. I smoked a lot in meerschaum pipes first class smoke.

Old German Clay - Flowing Fountain
Nice little pipe clay stays lit so well a joy to smoke.

Butera - Pelican 2oz
Never in stock!!
Who cares with all the other good tobaccos out there. I've gave up and moved on.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Dark Flake Aromatic
Good smoke
Yes I like it but I believe bosun cut plug is got much more flavor.

A&C Petersen - Escudo Navy Deluxe 50g
Tobacco at It's Best
One of the best pipe tobaccos out there, well worth the extra cost. One of my top 5 favorites.

Davidoff - Flake Medallions 50g
All Star Coins
Very good taste and room note. Dried a little rubbed out packed lightly. It is a first class smoke!!!!!!!

Mac Baren - Club Blend 3.5oz
Tricky Smoke
Hard for me to stay lit. This tobacco needs to be packed very lightly and dried out well. Very good taste and room note. Very good tobacco but not very forgiving. Update 6/25/24 watch Per Georg Jensen u-tube video how to fill your pipe with spun tobacco. The man knows this style of tobacco very well it helped me a great deal. My pipe smokes way better with his method. Stays lit no burn. I went up and now rate it a strong 4 star blend

Stands & Pouches - Castello Leather 2 Pipe Tobacco Pouch Brown
First Class Pouch
Large enough to hold 2, 55 Bent pots and a lighter. First class all the way.

Lighters - IM Corona Old Boy Pewter with Pipe Shapes
I have one that's 12 years old and It's still works like it's brand new.

McConnell - Folded Flake 50g
Top Grade Tobacco
A first-class smoke, it is amazing very well- balanced stays lit well, all-around winner. First class tobacco one of my favorite flake tobaccos!!!!!!

Stands & Pouches - Neal Yarm 5 Pipe Stand Solid Back Oak
Classic Pipe Stand
This solid oak pipe stand shows off the best of my pipe collection, it stands them up tall and proud first class all the way.

Sutliff - 523 Voodoo Queen
Bad Religion
Wait for Old Gowrie. Ten time's the smoke! I wanted this one after all the good reviews to be my everyday smoke. I sure don't see in this one how anyone could give it more than 2 stars, any Rattray's blend will blow this stuff away hands down.

Solani - Virginia Flake - 633 100g
King of the Va/pers
The superior smoking quality of this blend makes it one of the most pleasurable Va/pers I have ever smoked. Superior, I let mine age 5 years before I smoked It. I will never get enough!!!!!!!

Stands & Pouches - Smokingpipes Leather 2 Pipe Bag with Tobacco Pouch Black & Red
Perfect Case
It's just the perfect Case. Zipper works very smooth, Great price, all the room for everything you need for your smoking day, large pipes or small pipes plenty of room, 5 star all the way!

Mac Baren - HH Pure Virginia 16oz
Classic Virginia
I'm still working out this tobacco to see what works for me. I think this tobacco likes a large Dia. bowl. no real bite unless pushed, with a lot of good Virginia flavors, I plan on smoking a lot more of it in the future, I may very well make this one a big part of my rotation in the future. Update 10/16/22 Dry it for a fair time cut with sharp scissors about .25 inch slices, very light pack, smoked out of a .80 dia. bowl not a white ash tobacco, 3 charring lights smoke slow tamp very lightly.This tobacco is not very forgiving, but do exactly what it wants to burn and your in smokers heaven. Tricky but worth it. In my opinion not for a new piper. Cut to the chase after smoking this for several months it is one of my top 5 favorites.😁

Missouri Meerschaum - Dwarf Cobbit
Nice Pipe
I love it, nice little smoker for my flake tobacco's.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Kendal Dark
I prefer G@H Dark Birdseye to this one. Kendal Dark has to many rough edges for me.

Savinelli - Doblone d'Oro 100g
Fine Tobacco
The only thing I would add is to smoke this one out of a wide dia. pipe .80 or larger a big bowl brings out more flavors.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Brebbia Stem Polish (7.5 ml)
Work Well
It brought back stems without a power buffer, saving the pipes logo. It did far better than I thought possible!!!

Rattray's - Hal O' The Wynd 100g
This is one of the best pipe tobacco's I have ever smoked.

Prince Albert - Prince Albert 14oz
My Grandpa's Favorite
I vividly remember grandpa giving us his empty tins, I have his favorite kaywoodie pipe In my collection. And not a bad smoke 25 years later when I tried it !!!

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Peterson Tapered Pipe Cleaners (50 Pack)
Well Made
No shed, right size,snow white. I use these cleaners as a last pass to see if any trace of foul remains, perfect

Tampers & Tools - Rattray's Thin Caber Tamper Dark Bamboo
Bad Design
Pick not designed to stay on very good. A little rubber ring holds it in place, once that ring is gone it will fall out at will. In my case the ring stayed in for about 30 days, Tsuge's tamper screws in place a far better design!!!!

Germain - Eighteen Twenty 50g
Fine Tobacco
First Class Smoke, very hard to come by. So rare I've all but gave up on ever getting it again.

Captain Black - Original 12oz
My Very First Pipe Tobacco
I know better now, So many better choices out there, this stuff is to pipe tobacco what switzer sweets is to cigars!!!!!!!!!!!

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Bob's Chocolate Flake
A nice change of pace
This Tobacco is a nice change of pace for me. I smoke it 2 or 3 bowls a week. I've tried to smoke it more, the more I smoke it the less I like this one, It's like my taste buds get use to It. But yes It's got a good chocolate taste and is the best chocolate flake that I have smoked!

Tampers & Tools - Tsuge Bamboo Tamper
Classic Tamper
I like to use it when smoking my Bamboo pipes, It adds a little elegance without spending $150!!!

Gifts - Smokingpipes Coffee Mug (Black)
Quality Mug
Made in U.S.A. and a First Class coffee mug. Heavy and very well made. Thank you Smoking Pipes for making this mug available to us. It's ten times better than the other mug you use to have.

Lighters - Corona Lighter Flints (5 pack)
The Best
I've used them in all my Corona lighters for the past 6 years with no problems. They have never failed me not once!!

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Coniston Cut Plug
First Class Tobacco
Nice Lakeland smoke, It looks a lot like Bosuns cut plug with a very similar tin note of elderly ladies perfume. But the smoke tastes a lot less scented than Bosuns, not as floral, I taste more tobacco flavor in this one not as masked. That being said Bosuns has a light sweet taste to it that I really like. Also this is a stronger smoke with a bigger Nic-Hit than Bosuns, I like to smoke this in smaller bowls for a good half hour. A good first class smoke!

Cornell & Diehl - Star of the East
Great Winter Smoke
It will forever be in my cold weather rotation. I have several pipes reserved for this blend. The only drawback is that to me It has a strong aftertaste. I need to brush or chew gum after smoking this one!!

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Rum Flake
Fine Tobacco
Great first of the morning smoke, works very well with a good hot cup of strong coffee. Not a complex smoke more straight forward than some of G&H's other blends, It has a very alluring scent and nice room note. Nic-Hit one step less than medium with a light aftertaste. Another classic tobacco from a classic English Co. Highly recommended!!!! Update 1/31/19! Gets much richer with age! Kas W told me that this was his morning smoke 100% right on!!!!!!

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Bosun Cut Plug
A Lakeland Classic
One of G&H's oldest blends is a true classic. It is a very complex and well balanced blend, never hot or harsh. There is no bite in this blend at all with very little aftertaste. A very nice sweet taste in this blend sits well with me. Nic-Hit is a full medium. I would say It's a medium to full smoke with more flavor than Kendal flake, Rum flake or Louisiana flake. Fairly slow burning and stays lit well. If you like Lakelands you will love this one for sure! And it does have a tin note of old lady perfume. Update 7/10/19 Kaz W. is right on point with eggnog as a very good beverage pairing. It is my favorite blend! I have over 7Lb. in my cellar now, it's a true old world classic.

Esoterica - Margate 2oz
One of the all time Great's
Put 5 years of cellar age on this one and you will think you died and went to pipe smokers heaven!!!!!

Rattray's - Old Gowrie 50g
Fine Scottish Tobacco
I didn't like this one when I first tried it, so I cellared my 500g in a mason jar. Spin ahead 4 years, opened it up and discovered Scottish Gold. Note of plums smokes like a million, a little wet dried it out some, burns well to snow white ash, high volume of smoke, room note is tolerable Nic-Hit medium, not an all day smoke but is repeatable during my smoking day. Highly recommended to all but a new piper!!

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Kendal Flake
Fine Flake Tobacco
My 500g box came to me with the most beautiful plume, to hold a flake in your hands and know that it was exactly the same a century ago as it is now is really something! The smoke it produced is aw inspiring, not as strong as brown flake scented, Lakeland is there but more in the background, there is a lot of different flavors working together to make this one an aw inspiring smoke. I cut it with sharp scissors into .25 inch pieces I smoked it steady for 30 min. before relighting. In my mind this is a classic English Lakeland flake that I would highly recommend, Nic -Hit medium, nice room note. A true English Classic! Also thanks Kaz W. for recommending it to me. I like to smoke this one in the afternoon or evening.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Louisiana Flake
Tobacco Fit for a King
Very tasty flake, nice room note, Nic-Hit one step less than medium. Slow burning, stays lit very well no relights, the flavor of this blend is Superior. All day smoke for me, one of my favorites, Gawith& Hoggarth flakes are where it's at for me. I use to hate aromatic blends until I tried English aromatics. This centuries old company does it right. Thee best of the English Aromatic Class absolutely with no reservations!!!!

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Ennerdale Flake
Legendary Smoke
This is a tobacco of superior quality! It has quickly became one of my top five favorites. The toppings work perfectly together to make one of the most elegant smokes I have ever had. All the Lakeland blends are different, this one holds a very special place in my heart. I think enough of this blend I have cellared 2500g now. I will always have this elegant tobacco in my rotation!

Balkan Sobranie - Balkan Sobranie 50g
Never had the chance to try this one, because It's never in stock, I use to check it here every day for a year, I gave up. With so many good tobaccos on the market today I'm very happy with the selection I have, to be great It has to be in production once and awhile. Otherwise who cares I will spend my tobacco money on something else!!!!!!!

Peter Stokkebye - PS402 Luxury Twist Flake
Fine Tobacco
All day smoke, Very good room note. Stays lit well an all around winner!!!

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Brown Flake Aromatic
Superior English
This historic company over the centuries knows how to do it and make it right, thee best of the English Aromatic Class. Like 20 year old fine scotch it's an acquired taste but once you've acquired that taste there is nothing absolutely nothing finer. This holds true about there whole line of tobaccos, I think I've stumbled into the true Rolls Royce of English Tobaccos!!!

John Aylesbury - Scottish Blend 100g
Medium Flavor
Mild to Medium flavor, All day smoke, Stays lit well to my way of thinking it's ok, I had to kind of search for flavors they are there but a little weak for my taste. Could be a good English for a person starting out on English blends. It has merit and is a good blend!

Captain Earle's - Honor Blend 2oz
Not my cup of tea
Sometimes I run into a blend that I just don't like. I think it's a little to grassy for me. Ho Hum!

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Grasmere Flake
Beautiful Smoke
I fell head over heels in love with this rose geranium topped tobacco right away. Where have you been all my life Miss Grasmere. Very well behaved start to finish, no bite even when I pushed it, the flavor stayed the same all the way down the bowl never got at all overpowering, Superior this in my mind is one of the true Rolls Royce's of the tobacco world. I hope Gawith never stops production of this awesome blend! I will never be without this blend in my rotation ever again!!

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Brown Twist
Powerful Smoke
Beware of the nicotine hit but that said when I sip it slow there is a world of flavor here! I mean a real world! Unlike anything I've ever smoked before, flavor and aromas unique to this blend and I can't say that about any other blend that I have ever smoked to date! The only reason I didn't give this blend 5 stars is I can't smoke as long as I like the power of the nicotine gets to be too much for me.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Dark Bird's Eye
Old English Shag
A very good smoke, high in nicotine content the room note is ok so said the wife! Fast dry out 2 hours very earthy smooth and strong good volume of smoke stays lit very forgiving wants to burn.My only draw back is that it does burn fast so I use pipes with at least a 2 inch bowl and smoke slow, I like to smoke this one in the evening I have only smoked 8 bowls just got it a week ago I do like this one a lot. to think that 100 years ago a sailor on a ship out at sea was enjoying the exact same blend really makes you think. It is truly a timeless old world classic.

Drucquer & Sons - Prince's Blend 100g
A Winner
Very engaging smoke mild no bite and yes little or no aftertaste some blends I have smoked you need to brush your teeth or chew some gum not with this blend. Nice room note very fine mild but engaging blend burns clean with nice white ash all the way down the bowl superior smoke again thanks Greg.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Halcyon II Wax 1oz
Work Well
It doesn't dry white and does a very good job.

Drucquer & Sons - Inns of Court 100g
Fine Tobacco
Another winner by Greg, I drive an hour one way to work daily on the Western Skies Scenic Byway Smoking my pipe. A good tobacco is needed and this is a superior one in everyway, good music, hot coffee, beautiful sunrises, scenic views and a superior pipe and tobacco, It doesn't get any better!!!!

Captain Earle's - Ten Russians 8oz
Ribbon Cut
I smoked this blend when it was more like a broken rubbed out flake that was pressed into a cake,now ribbon cut and pressed made it in my opinion weaker it also burns faster to bad because as little as two years ago was a 5 star classic.

Captain Earle's - Reflections 2oz
Super slow burning stays lit well.Alot of good flavors going on latakia more in the background.Make sure you have got time to smoke,I have smoked well over an hour every time I smoke Reflections,giving you lots of time to daydream and reflect.PIPE TOBACCO FIT FOR A KING!!!!!

Esoterica - And So To Bed 8oz

Robert Lewis - 123 Mixture 50g
Tobacco is like whiskey,Canadian is good but very mild, scotch is smokey with peat smoke and stronger,Then there is bourbon,stronger yet.All good but it's all what you adjust you taste buds and pipes to.I think 123 is a good blend mild to me but very complex, white grey ash,never hot, no bite, very mild on the cigar, but that is OK because it lets the rest of the blend come out,it does not overpower.It's nice to know that this blend is over 100 years old a classic English blend.Well worth a try.

Lighters - IM Corona Pipe Master Pewter with Pipe Shapes
I agree the only drawback is the hot finger you can get if your not careful.But that being said,A first class lighter in every other aspect.I have had mine for two years now,never failed me, very dependable.

Tampers & Tools - Rubber Pipe Bits (2 pack)
It takes a little getting use to,now I won't smoke a pipe without them. I drive a lot very comfortable, 5 Stars all the way!!!

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Savinelli Magic Cloth
It does a very good job .

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired 3.5oz
You people talk how much nicotine is in pipe tobacco.If it's nicotine your looking for chew tobacco,smoke cigarettes,you will get 10 times more.Also you will get so much that you will have to smoke.When I smoked cigarettes I had to smoke,yes I said had to.Now that I smoke pipe I can go days without smoking and I am just fine.I am no longer hooked on nicotine.I smoke because I want to not because I have to!!!!!!

Romeo y Julieta - 1875 Bully
45 min. of heaven
Good smoke,I never smoked a bad one.

Arturo Fuente - Double Chateau Fuente Natural
Back when I smoked them this cigar was my all time favorite,And folks I smoked cigars for twenty years.I have smoked several hundred boxes with a lot of good memories.For the price you can't go wrong.I would still smoke them now but I graduated to pipes two years ago.

Filters & Adaptors - Savinelli 6mm Balsa Filters (300 Count)
No more sour tobacco juice,one reason I own so many savinelli pipes.

Germain - Royal Jersey: Original Latakia Mixture 50g
Fine ribbon cut,Stays lit very well.Needs to be dried out though.Very fine mellow flavor it's to bad the supply is so limited.

Cornell & Diehl - Star of the East 8oz
Latakia Royal
Very smokey,Stays lit well,Clean with no bite.Impressed enough to order 1 pound. A very good English tobacco for those of us who like sweet creamy cool smoke, I have 5 lb . in my cellar putting on some age now, really excels in cold weather, strong but not overpowering updated 5/4/18.

Savinelli - Special Tobacco 50g
Well balanced.Very fresh,smooth.Worth a try.

McClelland - Collector: 3 Oaks Syrian 50g
One of the all time Great's
Again a little wet,micro 15 sec.Great smoke stayed lit for me,alot of good flavors.Glad I gave it a try,I still have 2 unopened tins stamped 2010.Now in 2018 I don't have the heart to open this rare timeless tobacco!

Rind Paneled Billiard

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Silk Cut Billiard

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Collection Fiammata Bent Pot (K)

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Aristocratica Paneled Bent Pot

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Mac Baren
HH Pure Virginia 16oz

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Classic Dark Rusticated (C121)

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Doblone d'Oro 100g

$24.00 $20.40

Hal O' The Wynd 100g

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Smooth Elephant's Foot with Bamboo (B)

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Shell Briar with Bamboo (4112) (2019)

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Sam Cui
Smooth Billiard with Bamboo

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Sandblasted Acorn with Bamboo and Rosewood

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Smokingpipes Coffee Mug (Black)

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Stands & Pouches
Dunhill 5-Pipe Case

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Shell Briar (4103) (2017)

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Cumberland (4112) (2017)

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Punto Oro Gold Smooth (104) (6mm)

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Virginia Flake - 633 50g

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Gawith Hoggarth & Co.
Rum Flake

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Old Gowrie 500g

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Smooth Bent Dublin Sitter (A)

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