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Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - #7 Broken Flake
Adjunto una opiniĆ³n de uno de los grandes expertos Europeos en tabaco de pipa. GH's Description: This is virtually a blend reversal of Coniston Cut Plug with 75% Flue-cured Virginia. 16 % dark fired 9% Burley. The blend therefore has far milder characteristics; and is rounded off with the addition of typical English flavours, and a touch of vanilla. Comment: This has been a revelation to me. I smoked my first bowlful, and the next day, and about 6 bowlfuls later, I realized I had not been smoking anything else, which is quite unusual. It quickly became a favorite of mine, and it now competes with Glengarry; the most notable advantage it has over Glengarry is that its room aroma is a whole lot more pleasant. Don't let the vanilla turn you off; the smell of the tobacco reveals no vanilla, and when you smoke it, you get a VERY suble vanilla taste that complements the taste of the ingredient tobaccos to perfection. It's definitely an all-day smoke, and it will be this one I grab when I intend to smoke in the company of non-smokers and in public places (when it is possible). I highly recommend it to those who smoke flavored tobaccos, as well as those who prefer natural ones. I expect it will be greatly enjoyed by all.

Flake 50g

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