Amphora - Special Reserve Black Cavendish 1.75oz
Domenick's Opinion
I smoked Amphora in my pipe smoking youth on a regular basis. I looked forward to the reintroduction of the Regular only to be disappointed. Nothing like I remembered it. Then they advertised this Special Reserve Black Cavendish. I am so glad I decided to give it a chance. It's a wonderful smoke for lovers of Black Cavendish. No bite, easy to pack and while a little finicky getting lit, smokes great. The flavor of the dark fired Kentucky is great and the Virginias and Burley do just what they claim. A touch sweeter and a little fruity. I didn't notice the fruit tones until the bowl had burnt down some but they were there. I love this stuff and have already ordered more. Enjoy!

Wessex - Brown Virginia Flake 50g
Poor, Just poor
I read Shane's dream article and immediately got on the waiting list for more to come in. It arrived and I crumbled some up and stuffed a seasoned Nording. Ugh. It started with a taste like wood and immediately got too hot. I soldiered on and had to constantly fight the gurgle of water blocking the airway. I spent as much time with pipe cleaners as I did smoking it. I dumped it and cleaned the pipe. To be fair I tried a second bowl in another seasoned pipe, this one a Savinelli. Same thing, no better. I won't smoke the rest of it. I have too many really good tobaccos to bother with this stuff. I think Shane's dream was more due to a too late at night pizza than this stuff.

Captain Earle's - Ten Russians 2oz
Domenick's Opinion
HOLY ....!!! Latakia lovers? More like Latakia addicts. This is a very strong Latakia blend. Full of flavor with a little bitternes to it. No bite, packs and burns well, needs your attention or you might have to relight. Its a great blend but perhaps not for all day. Save it for after dinner. I'm puffing right now on my seasoned Mastro de Paja and think I'll start breaking in my new Johs that came in the mail with it. A great addition to my cellar. Domenick Leonard Land of Flowers

Pipe Accessories - Gartner Blade Batik 2 Pipe Stand
Domenick's Opinion
This is a well made and attractive accesorie but unfortunately it's poorly designed. A pipe rest is supposed to provide a stable platform to hold, of all things, a pipe. This doesn't. The depressions to hold the bowl of the pipe are much too small. The bottom of the bowl rests not in the depressions but rather just sits on the edges. It's wobbly and falls off easily. I returned mine which they accepted with thier usual grace and concern for customer satisfaction. Domenick Leonard Deltona, Florida

Pipe Accessories - 12 Pipe Round Stand with Jar
Domenicks Opinion
This a beautiful pipe rack and humidor. Most like it have a glass jar but this one has a beautiful wood one. Easy to assemble, no screws, The three posts are threaded and go right into the bottom rack and then the top rack is tapped onto their tops. It's better looking than the on line picture and designed well, the pipes are held very well. I really like mine. Domenick Deltona, Florida