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Mac Baren - HH Rustica Flake 3.5oz
Strong... Yes! Latakia Alternative... Yes! Earthy... Yes! Slightly Turdish... Yes!

Baccarat - Toro
These Are Wonderful Ultra Mellow Cigars
If you are looking for a smooth mellow cigar, no complexity, not a ton of depth, but just a smooth easy smoke... these are the ones. Far superior to Macaneudos which I find rather bitter. Zero bitterness here. And these are cheaper! I believe these are made by Davidoff and it shows.

Acid - Cold Tea Fusion
The Perfect Cigar For The Pipe Smoker
I'm a pipe smoker, but you can't beat the ease and simplicity of cigars. When I'm fishing or in Vegas, where I need my hands free and a pipe can be cumbersome, a cigar can be perfect. Well, this is my go to cigar. Acids are known to have a unique flavoring not unlike pipe aromatics. And the Acid Cold Tea Fusion is super mellow with an herbal/floral sweetness. Certainly not for stogie-chomping maduro crowd, but if you consider yourself luke warm on cigars because of their "heaviness" vis-a-vis pipe tobacco, give this one a try. Super smooth.

Mac Baren - HH Burley Flake 3.5oz
This Is A Great Blender
I confess, I tinker with my baccy. I find that invariably I'm happier mixing a couple tobaccos together. Straight VAs tend to produce a wimpy cloud. I punch them up by grabbing two VA Flakes to one HH Burley Flake, and now you have a smoke! Mellow but flavorful with a more robust and satisfying smoke cloud. On its own this is good, but as a baccy Oreo it's sublime.

Captain Black - Grape 12oz
This thing is a grape beast! Imagine chewing grape bubble gum, while drinking a grape soda, and smelling a jar of grape jelly... only then do you come close. It's overpowering and weird, but on that rare occasion...

Orlik - Golden Sliced 100g
A Solid Mid-Range Virginia
This is no Dunhill Flake (a tear gently forms in the corner of my eye for what has been lost) but a solid offering. (If Dunhill was an A+ this is a B+). It doesn't seem like any VaPer I'm familiar with as I detect zero Perique. A straight-foward and simple VA, which I often use to blend with more robust fare (English & Balkans) that I wish to tone down.

10 Natural Cavendish

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