Jeb S.

Savinelli - Doblone d'Oro 100g
Great for the Kentucky Perique fan
great tobacco. comes dry enough you only need a little drying time. i rub a few out and kinda parfait it in there, rub out, stuffed coin, rub out on top and have had great results. looks like a macbaren product, but no bite. great sweet and spicy start, builds up creamy like a cigar and finishes with some of that perique spice and tingle. awesome stuff. has a little strength but low enough i can smoke it all day (i tend to like high nic stuff though, might not be all day for some smokers but you won't keel over). i'll be buying five to ten tins to cellar and i think it's in my daily rotation. reminds me of HU directors cut.

Peterson - Hyde Park 50g
Great tobacco, not a typical "English"
Just had my first bowl of this, and it is great! It's a lot like the HH Old Dark Fired. Smokey and earthy, hint of salt at times. it's NOT an aromatic by any means. good strong nic kick, burns nice and cool. packaged a bit differently in the tin. bunch of pressed flakes and bits in a plastic bag. at first i was bummed, but it turned out quite nice. a bit moist, so i rubbed it out and let it dry for a few before packing it. lit up and started enjoying. the flavor/aroma changes as you smoke it. i think there are a bunch of different clumps in there of different tobaccos, and boy is it enjoyable. really made me wish i had a nice glass of meyers rum. again, not an aromatic, sweet in the virginia sense, and dark and earth in the burley sense. a must have!

Dan Tobacco
Salty Dogs 50g

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    A Journey through the G.L. Pease Blends: The Original Mixtures
  • ► Cairo becomes very, very good with age. i'm of the opinion that Greg's tobacco need a minimum of a year on them to really shine, excluding navigator, which is always amazing, and cairo really fits the bill. after five years it's a splendid blend, and a great change of pace for those of us who don't enjoy latakia that much. but cumberland... oh what a fantastic tobacco. i have a few tins squirreled away with five years plus and it is one of the best smokes i've had. i'll have to get a fresh tin to compare to sixpence, which also features the holy trinity of tobaccos (VA, Perique and Kentucky). boy am i excited!