Nick T.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - B. J. Long Regular Pipe Cleaners (56 pack)
Very soft
If you are looking for some heavy-duty pipe cleaners, these are not for you. For that I'd suggest hard-bristled Zen cleaners. These ones are as soft as they are absorbant. A note on the packaging. These do not come in a separate box, and SPDC put them in no special container, which caused the cleaner stems to puncture my tobacco zip-lock bag in several places.

Tampers & Tools - Czech Pipe Tool
Buy two
Out of the box, the item was very reluctant to let me separate the individual tools - reamer, poker, and tamper. Having sprayed the hub with some WD-40, however, the tool loosened up enough to neither feel flimsy, nor over-tight.

Pipe Accessories - 2 Pipe Bag Black Vinyl
Excellent quality pouch, especially for the price
I love this thing. The case is sturdy and accommodating, if a bit bulky. It rooms either a large pipe such as my Nording freehand or two medium to small pipes very easily. The top pocket houses some baccy, a pipe tool, and a lighter besides. You must take care not to overfill the pocket lest its contents press into the pipe(s) with too much force, but there is room enough for everything you need for an on-the-go smoke.

Lighters - Bentley Lighter w/ Tamper (Black)
Do not expect this thing to light outside on even a mildly windy day. The backup tamper is nice to have, but has the propensity to fold mid-use. I'd personally rather have a fuel gauge than an extra tamper, but you can't ask for everything out of a five buck lighter.

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