Dunhill - Early Morning Pipe 50g
Early Morning Bite
Early Morning Bite, Yep I said it, This has to be the worst smelling, tasting , bitty , gross ass tobacco ever made. Upon opening the tin it smelled like pre chewed chewing tobacco. Even though it appalled me I smoked some anyway, I Am not new to smoking pipe and it did not matter how I smoked it dried it ect it still gave a bite so bad I don't recommend this unless your into smoking chewing tobacco

Orlik - Golden Sliced 50g
My #1
This couldn't be a better tobacco, My favourite with out question, I found this to be perfect to stop quitting cigarettes. It has a subtle sweetness but has a smooth delivery on the nicotine, And helps keep the cranks away. ( I am smoking it right now and it has a hint of citrus and its a smooth inhale if that's what your after, It is in my option the perfect substitute for cigarettes. If I only could recommend one tobacco product on this web site it would be this wonderful Orlik.

Dunhill - Flake 50g
Highest Quality
Highest Quality ? No dout in my mind, This is one of the finer flakes I have smoked. Smooth enough for new pipe smokers, And is one of my every day smokes. Goes well in the morning time as it has enough nicotine to mildly wake you up very pleasant and no bite unless you heat it up to much. Defiantly recommended

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