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As a pipe enthusiast for many years, I've settled into my likes and dislikes -- I prefer lightweight pipes and Aromatic English blends.

Sutliff - Eastfarthing 1.5oz
A mild to medium blend which could very easily be an all day smoke.
Eastfarthing consists of red Virginia, stoved Burley, and aged Cyprian Latakia with a touch of Vanilla (liquor?) topping. It’s a beautiful ribbon cut blend consisting of mostly brown, dark brown, and black tobaccos with the occasional bright golden ribbons, too. The moisture content is as close to perfect as one can get. After opening the tin, one would probably need to jar it so it doesn’t dry out too much. The first thing I get from the tin is a deep vanilla scent — like a french vanilla. And maybe just a hint of cocoa that adds to the depth of the vanilla. Then there’s a deep, damp, earthy smell. I really can’t smell any of the Latakia. Overall I find the tin note very pleasant. As I found the moisture content to be spot on, I didn’t let it dry any before loading my pipe. Of course, there might have been a very slight drying to it since I popped the tin the previous afternoon, but I really couldn’t tell it. I smoked this in my Peterson’s Mark Twain; it’s a System pipe. Eastfarthing packed well and took to the flame without issue. There were no issues with neither the charring (or false) light nor the true light. The taste was nice, too. Nothing too harsh; a mild to medium taste that was similar to the tin note but only barely. I got some wafts of incense from the Latakia that were all but absent from the tin. Comparing this to their 504C, I would say 504C is stronger in the flavor department with more Latakia coming through. The nicotine feel is very mild. As I was smoking this first thing in the morning with only some coffee as my companion, I was expecting more of a “nic-hit.” I’m pretty much a lightweight when it comes to nicotine so I was expecting that familiar, but unwanted, dizzy feeling — it never visited me. There’s virtually no tongue bite or harshness with this blend. Eastfarthing burns down to a nice white ash with virtually no moisture in the bowl. All in all, it’s a mild to medium blend which could very easily be an all day smoke.

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Gold
Highly Recommended!
I purchased an ounce of this because I really enjoyed Mac Baren's 7 Seas Royal blend and thought I'd see if any of the other blends in the series were just as enjoyable. I wasn't disappointed! There's a nice light vanilla caramel smell when I opened the bag -- not too strong, just noticeable. I found the moisture content to be just about spot on. I tried this in different Peterson System pipes. The taste of this tobacco was ever slightly sweet, complimented the smell quite well, and continued throughout the smoke. In other words, I felt like the tin note and the taste matched, which for me, doesn't happen that often. Since that first bowl full, I've tried this blend in diffenent sized bowls with the same result. In fact, I just smoked this in a 314 System Standard pipe that I hadn't used in a long time (perhaps over a year). The 314 is a smaller pipe and I thought that 7 Seas Gold might burn a little hot but it didn't; that same slight sweetness stayed the entire bowl. All-in-all, Mac Baren 7 Seas Gold has been a consistent tobacco no matter what size bowl I use -- slightly sweet; very nice room note; a consistent taste throughout the smoke; finished off with a nice dusty, white ash. I highly recommend this wonderful blend.

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Royal
A very nice smoke!
A really nice smoke! I've tried Mac Baren tobaccos off and on my entire pipe smoking life. Some blends are really good and some are okay. I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever had a bad smoke with Mac Baren tobaccos. I've tried other blends and keep coming back to theirs. I purchased a 1oz bulk of Mac Baren 7 Seas Royal and I have to say it's fantastic! The smell out of the bag is great--a little sweet smell with some hints of chocolate or butter-rum in addition to the smell of the virginias and the cavendish. Just a well rounded smell. The char light was great; a semi-sweet taste that tasted just like the smell. As I continued to smoke it, no bitter after taste, no tongue bite, and every now and again, a really nice sample of that buttery-rum. Just an all around great smoke!

E. Hoffman Company - Distinguished Gentleman 2.5oz
Distinguished Gentleman Indeed!
All of the components come through in different moments, like an orchestra. Sometimes you get a little toasted nuttiness from the burleys. Then there’s the grassy sweetness from the virginias. And every once in a while, you’ll get just a waft of incense — the latakia making itself known. The cavendish provides a nice, natural tobacco component keeping everything together. There’s a very slight taste of rum throughout the smoke. The nicotine hit is very mild. So is the tongue bite. All in all, it’s a very mild blend that could be an all day smoke. To see my full review: http://bit.ly/2qaICfw

Edward G. Robinson - Edward G. Robinson's Pipe Blend 1.5oz
Pleasant all-day smoke
Mildly aromatic is pretty spot on. It's black Cavendish, Burley, and just a pinch of Latakia. The top note was dark fruit and some spice. I could make out the Latakia, too. Upon first light, the spice was strong, almost over powering. But then it mellowed out pretty quickly. There's some nice depth here with wafts of Latakia throughout the smoke. The fruit and liquor compliment the tobacco very evenly. It left little to no moisture in the bowl. Burned evenly to a nice white ash. Room note was pleasant to tolerable. Never bit or smoked hot. A very nice mellow smoke. I highly recommend it.

Sutliff - 504C Aromatic English
My New Favorite
I'd been on the hunt for a good crossover blend for a while now. I wanted something with a little more character than a straight aromatic but also wanted not to offend (as badly) as a nice English. During my exploration, I discovered "Aromatic English" blends and found a couple that I like. I've got jars of Lane's HGL and Karer's Blend for Cary Grant. But, honestly, while those are good blends, "I still hadn't found what I was looking for" (sorry U2). And then I bumped into Stuliff's 504C. When I opened the bag, the smell was intoxicating. There was the nice smell of vanilla (I believe) but not too over powering. I could still make out the nuttiness of the burley and hints of incense-y Latikia. The bag was very wet. Very. Wet. I left it in the bag for the duration and it never completely dried out. I'm not sure if this is done so that it doesn't dry out "on the shelf" but it would benefit from not being so wet. With that stated, however, it still smoked fine. I packed it very lightly and lit my pipe. The taste was outstanding! I first tasted the light topping (maybe vanilla or caramel or perhaps some plum or rum) and then the earthiness from the burley came through. Then, in wisps once in a while, I get the slight incense of the Latikia. As I was smoking it a colleague stopped by and said that he really liked the way it smelled. I offered him a bowl and excused myself. When I came back I caught a waft of the tobacco. "Oh my gosh," I exclaimed. "When I think of pipe tobacco, that's EXACTLY what I think of!" It became my all-day, go-to blend. Sadly, I've since run out it and am smoking my other tobaccos before I order more of this. The subtilty is there from all the components--the earthiness of the burley, the gentle sweetness of the cavendish, and the light wisps of incense from the Latikia. It's all blended so beautifully and each part of the symphony plays off each other in a very balanced way.

Kramer's - Extra Smooth
A great gentle smoke!
I tried several Kramer blends and this one is the most gentle. It's great for a no-nonsense all day type of smoke. A little complex but nothing that really stands out. Highly recommended.

Kramer's - Father Dempsey
First full English I've liked.
Back when I first started smoking a pipe, I very briefly tried some Dunhill Standard. I thought I was gonna die. WAY too harsh for me. The nicotine almost knocked me out. But jump ahead a number of years and I found myself reading the story of Father Dempsey and Al Kramer. For some reason, I was so moved by the story that I bought an ounze of Father Dempsey when I visited the Kramer shop. While it's been very hot and humid in my part of the country, I still turn to Father Dempsey every now and then when I want that full bodied English smoke. Highly recommended.

Kramer's - Blend for Cary Grant
A nice crossover
I've been wanting to branch out to non-aromatic blends and stumbled upon Kramer's when visiting my daughter in CA. After talking with the owner of the shop, I bought several ounces of their house tobaccos, including "Blend for Cary Grant". When comparing this to their "Father Dempsey"--it's not as strong as that. Cary Grant comes off as a medium English with Kramer's very mild aromatic added to it. I found the smoke to have just the right components of all the different tobaccos and was blended very well. I've recently ordered two more ounces and it's fast becoming my favorite of the Kramer blends.
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