Samuel Gawith - Black XX Rope 50g
Steak in a bowl
My first time smoking Black XX, and a rope tobacco. I was a little afraid of this due to its reviews, but I have to say I love this tobacco. The tin note was like a medium cigar and I thought, I may as well smoke a good cigar. Boy am I glad I followed through. After a little drying time I packed it into my small church warden and was instantly hit with a medium-well grilled steak flavor that only gets better on the retrohale. The nicotine is there but not overwhelming like some reviewers have suggested. It really needed more drying time, but a great smoke none the less. It is really good out of the tin and I imagine it will be wonderful when aged. I will definitely be adding this my regular rotation and to my cellar.

Samuel Gawith
Black XX Rope 50g

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