Eddie M.

War Horse - Bar 1.75oz
Won The War On Horse!
This is RIDICULOUSLY good!! Who would have thought Tonkin and anise would make an awesome combination! Get a tin!

Missouri Meerschaum - Cornell & Diehl Morganton Evergreen LE 2022
'Must Have For Cob Fans!'
The long shank is a pleasure to smoke through as brings down the temperature. Another benefit is the bowl is fairly large but its flat bottom allows for easy resting almost anywhere!

Cornell & Diehl - Bijou 2oz
Get This If You Can!
The 5 word title is enough! :-)

Seattle Pipe Club - Christmas Spirit 2022 4oz
Incredibly Awesome!
That cognac barrel combined with the age creates the perfect Plum Pudding!

Cornell & Diehl - Crooner 2oz
Not Too Bad..
It’s not a bad blend - but a favorite blend? Not quite to my palate,

Cornell & Diehl - Sun Bear Mountain Flower 2oz
Small Batch Fever!
Every once in a while, Cornell & Diehl release a small batch that truly stands out amongst the others. This is one of those occasions! The flavor is quite unique to describe but if you like aromatics, I'd recommend this one! GREAT "outside of the box" blending. Additionally, I've been a subscribing member since 2016 and I've missed out on some blends myself - so I empathize with those of you who missed this release. If one works as first responder, health care, military, and a few other career fields - then due to the demands of that work and family, the unfortunate miss of a release is going to happen and it's not ignorance but rather your job has high demands.

Mac Baren - Royal Twist 3.5oz
Outstanding - Perfectly Sweet!
Just the right amount of sweetness to the palette! I should have ordered 2 tins instead of 1 - but I didn't want to hoard.

Cornell & Diehl - Visions of Celephaïs 2oz
Visions of Celephais
Personally, I love this one! Flavor is VERY similar to C&D's "Captain Bob's Blend"...

Cornell & Diehl - Cross-Eyed Cricket 2oz
Be Bold & Enjoy!
I absolutely love this blend! It breaks "traditional" Latakia and Perique mindsets with an introduction into a new world of flavor!

Cornell & Diehl - Jolly Old Saint Nicholas 2oz
Year-Round Smoker
Don't limit yourself to just the Christmas holidays - enjoy this blend all year!

Samuel Gawith - Celtic Talisman 50g
Worth Buying Again
I would recommend this to new pipe smokers. It has just enough flavor to satisfy the taste for an aromatic but it's not overwhelming to the smoker that's used to traditional blends. It also makes for a perfect change after heavy indulging on the Perique and Latakia :-)

Cornell & Diehl - John Marr 2oz
Complex Yet Good!
The Virginias combined with Turkish, Perique, and Black Cavendish is complex to say the least! But once you understand what it's doing, then you realize that this is an excellent smoke! Bourbon and Vanilla flavor is distinctly present but not overwhelming. The end note of Perique keeps it real and lets you know that this isn't just a cased aromatic - but rather a very flavorful blend! Smoked in a Nording Compass and new.

Samuel Gawith - Limited Edition 2015 100g
A New Spirit Flavor!
Upfront: A VERY pleasing smoke and a pleasant change from the more traditional rum flavoring. The amaretto provides a distinct yet not overwhelming flavor. Dry in the thin but purchased in 2018. Smoked in a Nording Sailor.

Missouri Meerschaum - Great Dane 1.5oz
Can't Put This Down
In it's 'traditional' packing, this is one blend that has me hooked!

Samuel Gawith - Fire Dance Flake 50g
One Of The Best Aromatics That I've Ever Smoked!
The title pretty much says it all! The flavors don't hit you over the head with a sledgehammer....Perfect blend of flavor taste and tobacco taste!

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Sweet Black Cherry Twist
A great smoke for those who want an aromatic flavor BUT also want to taste the actual tobacco!

Peterson - Sunset Breeze 50g
Very, Very, Good
The review title says it all!. However, what I really like is that it leaves a long lasting, enjoyable taste on the palette. Smoked new in a Peterson Briar..

Sutliff - D62 - Planters Punch
Simply Awesome!
Definitely one of my favorite aromatics! Burns well & flavor lasts through to the end. Smoked in a Savinelli 321.

Cornell & Diehl - Vanilla Cavendish
Where's The Vanilla?
Bottom Line: Just couldn't taste any Vanilla at all. Smoked in a new Meerschaum.

Sutliff - Frosty Mint
Maximum Mint!
To say that this is "minty" would be the world'd largest understatement!! I can't describe just how "minty" this is because there's no scale available to measure it! Life Savers are more preferable.

Cornell & Diehl - Captain Bob's Blend
Update: Rapidly becoming one of my favorite blends. The key is understanding it! Right now, my mindset is like "It's mildly flavored Latakia with that dash of Perique"... And that's the only way that I can describe this blend - "interesting". IMHO, you'll either like it or you won't - nothing in between. But....everyone should try it at least once.

G. L. Pease - The Virginia Cream 2oz
Quick and dirty.... I like this blend - not a hot burner, and easy on the palette. However, there *appears* to be a bit of sample variance. With the first 2oz tin that I received, the Virginia flavor was present along with bourbon but the vanilla portion was non-existent. So, I decided to order a second 2oz tin and with the second order BAM! the delightful vanilla/bourbon flavor that I had read about it was there. I would have rated it 5 stars if not for the sample variation.

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