Cornell & Diehl - Miskatonic Mixture 2oz
Rich and Wonderful
I adore this tobacco. The oriental variety used here makes it extremely special and different from so many others. I'll admit, the name made me try it originally (the tacky gimmick of naming blends all kinds of un-related outlandish things usually bothers me terribly) but I ended up actually really appreciating this one for its own merits. Wish they made it in bulk, I'd buy it regularly and by the pound. As it is, it's an occasional treat but one very much worth trying. The best of the "Lovecraft" blends by a long mile for me, but oddly maybe the least reviewed or sold. Give it a try!

Tabac De La Semois - Le Petit Robin 100g
A Unique Luxury
This stuff is fantastic, but it takes adjusting your usual approach to appreciate and enjoy. Presented neatly in its cube, it is meant to be very dry. Pack it tightly, smoke it slowly, and you'll be treated to an extremely mild and enjoyable blend.

Mixture No. 79 - Mixture No. 79 14oz
Better than most opinions
Don't be led on by childish regurgitated opinions online. This tobacco is an absolute classic and delivers a distinctive old-fashioned flavor with sweet, well-behaved smoke. It might not be a flavor some are used to, but it delivers! A little floral, sweet, and creamy like a good old-fashioned root beer, maybe a hint of licorice. This blend is one that gets better the more you smoke it, and millions have for decades.

Tampers & Tools - 8deco Legend Tamper Gold Diamond Cut
Tamping base is enormous
I adore the bamboo variety, but for some strange reason the tamping head on this guy is enormous in comparison, and won't fit in many of my pipes- you know, anything that isn't absolutely giant. The look and make is wonderful, but I swear the tamper is twice as big as it should be.

BriarWorks - Bacon Old Fashioned 2oz
Does what it's meant to
Not sure what others expected, but this tobacco tastes exactly like the name implies. Fruit notes, alcohol, and smokey dark-fired to taste like bacon. It's quite enjoyable if your expectations are realistic- it is tobacco after all, not a cocktail. But as far as making a pipe blend inspired by an interesting drink they got it as good as anyone could.

Sutliff - Troost Match
Simply Delicious
A simple, old-fashioned satisfying smoke. A touch of honey over a well-done blend of mild tobaccos, but all the flavors work together to be satisfying and traditional. Like the Match far better than the original.

Cornell & Diehl - Orion's Arrow
4 Equal Parts of Wonderful
I first tried this blend as a compromise- I wanted a bulk option that might be similar to my favorite tinned tobacco by C&D. Hate paying the extra cost for a can. This was not that blend, but maybe better. I adore Turkish tobacco, and it adds some real charm and interest to a very even and consistent tobacco here. A VaPer with an extra touch of character

Cornell & Diehl - Poplar Camp
Well Built, Consistent, Satisfying
Poplar Camp was a suggestion made by a dear friend, and it was a good one! It's about as straightforward as it gets for a VaPer, but... they had a good idea to smooth this one out with a little black Cavendish. Always liked the nice rounded flavor that can give to a blend like this one. VaPers aren't always as user-friendly as a pipe tobacco should be... this one sure is. Try some.

Cornell & Diehl - Winchester
Smooth, Sweet, and Simple
Red Virginia, solid green river black cavendish... nothing else. Easy to light, easy to smoke, easy to love. If you're like me and enjoy pleasant, straight-forward smoking without all the pretentious nonsense but with a consistent flavor and aroma you can enjoy anytime... try Winchester!

Velvet - Velvet 12oz
America's Smoothest
After 20 years, and after having gone through every proverbial phase of pipe smoking- from aromatics to English, to fine aged Virginias... I came back around to old-fashioned, lightly topped burleys. Of the many great OTCs, Velvet is my favorite. Lane Limited (and STG) have brought the blend back to its original formula. A simple loose (rough cut) brown burley topped with a very light note of licorice and maple sugar. But the taste and smell is all its own- sometimes described as something like old crayola crayons or the aroma of Play-Dough... it has a delightfully old-timey room note and an aroma that the pipe smoker himself can enjoy as much as the smooth burley flavor. It never bites, smokes cool, and is the very definition of consistent from bowl to bowl and tub to tub. I go through a 12oz can every month and those aged virginias and complex englishes sit idly in my cellar while I keep cracking open tubs of Velvet. I can't say how much I love this stuff. It rings every bell for me and I find that I deeply enjoy it more and more with every bowl. I guess some of the best things in life don't need to be complicated... or expensive... or hard to find.

Tampers & Tools - 8deco Bamboo Tamper
Best Value, Great Tamper!
What to say about this little guy except that it is always the tamper I reach for first. It's cheap... but it really does an incredible job doming the tobacco and ash for a great burn. The bamboo is sturdy and the cut end scrapes wonderfully, doing very little to harm cake or bowl. I love love love love love LOVE these tampers above all others!