Tom P.

Samuel Gawith - 1792 Flake 250g
thoughts on 1792 from a former cigar smoker
as my New Year's resolution I started back up pipe smoking, it's the first time I ever made a resolution and sure one I'll be able to keep. I come from many years of smoking cigars, often the most potent like Ashton VSG, so as I started trying pipe tobaccos it didn't take long to gravitate towards the powerful blends. And by powerful I don't mean harsh, I mean full bodied flavor. And this is a real treat. When the smoke dances on my tongue I feel like I could chew it. Some suggest using a small bowl. Not me, I use my big Churchwarden pipes made by Paul Becker, some custom made for me with even bigger bowls. I'll sit down with a couple of IPA beers and put a movie on and 90 to 120 minutes later I'll float upstairs and sleep like a baby. The flavor is so rich and deep and soothing and dare I say if smoked right even mild, and yes it's rich in nicotine. I don't let it dry out, it takes longer to get it going the other tobaccos but once going I just have the normal amount of relights. And this is smooth, no tongue bite, and as long as you are using a clean pipe, I don't think as hard as you try you will get a harsh bite either. The only thing I suggest is you try to dedicate pipes to this or other Gawith blends of similar style and a good idea to clean the pipe more frequently as I can start to sense the pipe getting sour from using only 4 times. I did have some quality control issues with the last batch I got, the aroma was nauseating so waiting to get more that I will have SP open a few of the tins to test for me.

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