About Me:
Part time enthusiast of fine cigars and pipe tabacco blends. I prefer cigars to pipes, but enjoy the relaxation of loading a pipe properly and tending to it while enjoying a fine aromatic or Virginian.

Lost & Found - Buck 15 Cubra Robusto (10 Pack)
Dank Maduro
Excellent choice as an after desert cigar! Rich chocolates and an oily finish down to the nub! Shane needs to try unless he has already! :-)

RoMa Craft - Aquitaine Cranium
Great Smoke from start to nub
Originally smoked the Roma Craft CroMagnon Lancero prior to the Aquitaine. I prefer 6”X54 ring size when watching a movie. The flavor palate is spiced throughout and halfway through develops a fine and rich and oily chocolate that had me hooked. Definitely a repeat smoke with very few touch ups on the fabrication side of things. Keep em smoky Gents

Mac Baren - HH Latakia Flake 1.75oz
Smooth and Delicious
Smoke well rubbed or in flake form either way leaves you wanting more, Well done!!

Lane Limited - Black Raspberry
We have A winner
I had already tried Lane Limited BC-a and wanted to try a flavored aromatic from the same company. This delivers on all points Great taste and room note and just as smooth as the straight Cavendish. a perfect dessert smoke on a cool fall evening.

Lane Limited - BCA
A Great day Starts with some Cavendish
I have found that many blends have this tobacco as a component and decided to venture into straight Cavendish. I'm glad I did as a stand alone tobacco its just awesome. Smooth from first char to dottle. There was no bite just cool and flavorful smoke. I did find that it gums up your pipe due to heavy moisture, but beyond that enjoy to the fullest with some Black English tea and a good book on a fall morning!!

F & K - Bat with a Hat 1.5oz
A Great Daily
I'm not sure if this stuff should be legal with how addictive the flavoring is. The tin note is Heaven from first opening. The tobacco is moist and I found that drying for a bit prior to smoking helps to keep the smoke rolling without to much work. Overall a Great Smoke for everyday, and some stiff competition for that Wiley Briar Fox

Cornell & Diehl - Briar Fox 2oz
New to Fox
Raisins and spice for a top note! This Fox has no teeth to bite as long as you puff slow. The vitamin N is worthy, and it comes in a crumble cake square. Yes it's blazing hot as I smoke in the Arizona night heat, but the smoke is mellow and my feet are in the pool. Well done Cornell & Diehl

Dunhill - My Mixture 965
Love at first Light
What more needs to be said!! a Great smoke from first char to end! great flavors bursting on the palate with out to much sting on the tongue, burns well and requires little effort to keep the smoke rolling from your favorite briar. Would recommend to anyone who has a taste for the English Blends. Cheers!!

Seattle Pipe Club - Seattle Evening 2oz
Could be better
I purchased this blend based on my familiarity with the tobaccos stated in the blend. The initial aroma from the first opening was promising, but after the first few puffs something was amiss with an unpleasant final note on the palate. I don't no what the "special ingredient" from McClelland is, but it is not something I would prefer in my blend. Maybe a more discerning palate could try this blend and see if they could pick out that ingredient. On a plus side it did burn well and left little dottle when finished. the room note is pleasing, and if not for that unpleasant after taste could rate much better as a fine after dinner/end of day smoke. until next review! smoke well!!

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Rum Twist
Full Steam Ahead
Another rich and full strength tobacco. The rum flavoring didn't fall flat for my smoking experience. I also recommend that this rope once sliced should have a lengthy drying period. My first bowel was work to keep smoking. I remedied this with my second bowel by slicing and letting it sit outside in my arid climate for 30 minutes. this solved the excessive tamping and relighting and it burned wonderfully after that. could be paired with a Guinness or Kraken Rum.

Peterson - Irish Flake 50g
Perfect Kick Start for any smoking party
I found this tobacco to be an extra stout mix. I recommend following the other reviewers and enjoy slowly with either a single malt or a morning cup of coffee. This is as recommended for "the experienced pipe smoker" burns well either rubbed or folded and can be blended with American Delight for an extra kick.Overall a strong and very enjoyable tobacco experience!!

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - American Delite 50g
Great Tobacco for a return to pipe smoking
I had been an avid pipe smoker some years back , but switched to cigars for many years. I have now come full circle and this is one of the tobaccos I chose as my starter. I was familiar with the Burleys and Cavendish and was rewarded upon first lighting, by a smooth smoking and light nicotine charged blend that was easy on the palate as well as providing a pleasant room note. The bowel was easily managed and stayed light when tamped appropriately. overall a great tobacco that reminded me why I was returning to a pipe again. Thanks for carrying this brand I would recommend for anyone who enjoys a light smoke. I also found in an experiment that this blends well with Peterson Irish Flake. The extra stoutness in the flake is tempered by the sweet Virginias in the Delight blend providing a more robust vitamin N kick but w/o the as powerful a kick as straight out the tin from the Peterson Irish Flake. A 50/50 ratio is perfect I highly recommend it. Cheers!

La Mission 1989

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