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I enjoy smoking pipes and Cigars & nasal snuff. My house burned down, so I am starting all over.

G. L. Pease - Odyssey 2oz
My favorite
I've been back to smoking my pipe seriously for the past five years no, smoking everything that does not leave me on the floor with the heaves. Of everything I have smoked, this is my very favorite. Yeah, I bought it because of the name, and because I had found a Greek pipe: but I bought both early one, and I keep coming back tio it. It is really my favorite thing to smoke.

Cornell & Diehl - Visions of Celephaïs 2oz
It was a surprise
I bought this because I have liked all the other Lovecraft tobaccos and I figured, wothehell.. To my surprise, it was very different but very similar. I would never have pegged the topping as grape, but the incense quality was apparent immediately. Exotique was my first reaction. I opened it to smoke during the Lovecraft's Birthday celebration, had a hard time really forming an impression, then put it away for a while, just opening it again for October. I had been smoking Haddo's Delight, and I didn't realy think of Celephais as an aromatic for some reason. But I was suddenly taken with how much I liked the room note. Sniffing at the can I still don't identify it with grape, but I do find that I quite like it. I usually smoke English and alternate with an aromatic on the weekend when we might have guests. Hmm, I find myself writing this chaotically, which seems appropriate for a Lovecraft blend. If this is an aromatic, I give it a higher rating than most aromatics by far.

Cornell & Diehl - Miskatonic Mixture 2oz
Curiously Enticing
Last year I started smoking 'Innsmouth' in a darkly misshapen pipe at the Halloween season. But this year I became involved in the celebration of Lovecraft's Birthday in August, so I smoked Innsmouth and then moved on to Miskatonic Mixture, I found them both to be curiously enticing and just right for the occasion. There is a feeling of something strange just out of sight as the flavor of the smoke makes dark suggestions on the palate. I really like them both tremendously and one could be forgiven for giving in to the desire to go ever deeper into darkness with these tobaccos were there not such a wide range to continue to sample in the daylight. Both are perfect for those nights when a gibbous moon hangs in the sky.

G. L. Pease - Key Largo 2oz
Being a fan of the film by the same name, as well as a fan of Pease tobaccos, I bought a tin of this the minute I saw it advertised. When I started to smoke it I was delighted by the flavor but it frankly knocked me on my ass! I figured that was because I had only recently got back into smoking my pipe, and perhaps I needed a little more build up before I could appreciate it: so I put the tin away for a year and recently decided it was time to try it again. This time I smoked it in a Peterson system pipe with the P lip, and indeed the channeling of the smoke upward in my mouth revealed more of the wonderful flavor. But it still knocked me for a loop. A single bowl full of it took me a whole day to smoke, and each time I lit up I could manage barely a few puffs before I had to stop and recover. That is why I headed this review 'conflicted.' I love the flavor, I think it is a wonderful blend, but I am just too much a lightweight to handle it. Other tobaccos listed as stronger don't seem to phase me, but this one really sends me reeling.

Cornell & Diehl - Innsmouth 2oz
I felt compelled...
Being from an Old Lovecraftian Family, I felt compelled, from the outset, to explore these tobaccos, so I ordered them all. I also went through all the pipes available to find one special one to smoke them in (at a price a writer could afford), then I settled in during October to see what was going to happen. Innsmouth was my first outing, because in Cyberspace I discovered somebody had built the village of Innsmouth, so... I was very pleased, discovering the flavors to be beyond my comprehension or descriptive powers. A gibbous moon hanging in the sky helped... But I thought of these as October blends, and now it turns out that Lovecraft's Birthday is in August, and there is a festival, so I have haunted them out again, and re-ordering Innsmouth, and have begun to descend to Miskatonic blend... Wait... What was that sound in my tobacco celler....

Cornell & Diehl - Gentleman Caller 2oz
I wondered about deer tongue, even after reading up on it. When I got the tin I opened it and, almost to my surprise, there was the primal scene of the kinikinik the I used to smoke in my teens! The Native American 'other stuff' to smoke' that was making the rounds way back then. I lit up and was delighted. To my complete surprise, I didn't get tired of it at all, and my friends with whom I shared it were also delighted. The can went faster than anything I have smoked in the last couple of years.

Newminster - No.23 Blackberry Brandy
Blackberry Brandy has always been my winter time tipple, so I decided to try this. I liked it right off, but then, with friends around, I naturally shared some. Every single person with whom I shared it liked it as well. One day I was smoking an English mixture and my buddy and his wife were smoking this, I he said: "Try this next to what you are smoking." I was suddenly aware of what 'sweet' could really mean in tobacco. Really a first class delight, particularly in winter when I need a little warming up.

No.23 Blackberry Brandy

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