About Me:
My name is Ryan and i live in northeastern washington in the mountains, i have lots of hobbies, blacksmithing, art, woodworking, sculting, whatever i feel like doing, along with my love of pipes.

Cornell & Diehl - Exclusive
Great strong blend
I love this blend, it's stout, atleast for me its stout. it's pretty spicy though i noticed the wider the bowl the less spicy it was which seemed odd to me. the taste is great but its not something id smoke all the time, its kind of a straight line of flavor for the most part, nutty and bready I dont typically re-buy tobaccos unless theyre really good, and this one...might be on the list again just because its different, and i like a strong one sometimes. no tongue bite, even when it was exsessivly moist and i had some it still didnt bite at all. its great stuff.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
Decent soft aromatic
This is a great soft aromatic, it's sweet and tastes kinda like caramel almost or vanilla, its not a bold aromatic or smoke in general but it has its place and is a bit soothing. The room note is great, ive had a couple people say it smells like cookies, its one of the best smelling aromatics i've had, and the price is right. as for my personal opinion this is so far my favorite aromatic but im also not a huge aromatic fan but i will be buying more of this some day. the moisture level to me comes about just right, might need to air it out a little bit if you like drier tobacco but its generally nice out of the bag. It's very smooth, no sting or pepperyness or tongue bite or anything like that. I also stays consistent through the bowl. Ive had less mess and clean up to do with this then any other aromatic i've had. So in my oppinion it's good, its soft but you can really appreciate what it is aslong as you realise this isnt a flavor bomb or anything like that its mild on just about every note.

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