War Horse - Green 1.75oz
Very,Very Good
Aside from the aesthetics which is nice. I enjoyed opening the tin to find a nicely pressed plug. I was hit with that licorice anise note which was inviting. Upon smoking found very rich tobacco taste ( which I love) and a mild perfume room note and yes if you are in for a good long hour smoke, it will knock you back a bit but very relaxing. I have tried mixing this, orlik and old ironsides in 3 equal parts for something different here and there. Excellent stuff!

Dan Tobacco - Old Ironsides 50g
Best I've Ever Tried
Just tried this today. Smokes well and it tastes like the tin smells.Room note is the same as well. Full earthy smoky flavour with a hint of cedar IMO I can't wait for those cool autumn days outside. This stuff will go everywhere with me! Everyone should at least try a bowl of this once in their life

Brigham - Hudson Bay 50g
Nice Light Smoke
I bought a couple tins to try and upon first opening was presented with wonderful berry-raisin like aroma with a touch of vanilla. Proceeded to smoke a bowl and found it quite harsh. I decided to shelve it in my humidor for a couple mos. and it mellowed dramatically. Nice raisin-like flavour and pleasant room note. Here's the cool thing, this is not an aromatic. The flavour occurs naturally. I like it in the morning with a mild strength coffee. Something a bit different from aromatics and English blends. Will keep a few tins on hand

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