Sutliff - Burma Road
The road you should take home
Latakia? Where, very faint in the background. This is a nice tasty blend I smoked today while doing yard work. I wanted something different that a 1-Q, VBC or CH. I wanted different taste something for me to say, “hmm that was nice”. I wish it had more Latakia (I’ll throw some in my next go around and maybe some Perique). This is not a complicated blend at all, the vanilla and rum makes this blend smooth and tasty. The rum is less than the vanilla but you can taste both. A great blend for me when I want a tasty smoke, but don’t need to ponder quantum physics.

Newminster - No.403 Superior Round Slices
The damn bite!
I would LOVE this so much more if it wasn’t for the tongue bite it gives me. I’m trying to age some to see if that mellows out the bite. I love the DFK, the smokiness it brings to the blend. I have mixed it with other slices just so I can smoke it. If you can figure out how to tame the bite, you’ll enjoy this great blend

F & K
Lancer Slices

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Penzance 2oz

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