Alain L.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust - Muestra De Saka Unstolen Valor
Ecuadorian Habana 2000 Sun-grown wrapper in a coffin
Tight draw and not the best construction while smoking, but very enjoyable hints of pepper and cedar. Full-bodied and recommended. So far, I really enjoy DT & Trust sticks.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust - Sobremesa Cervantes Fino
Pennsylvania Broadleaf Filler
A thing of beauty with notes of Wood, Spice, Dark Chocolate and Pepper. Mild but flavorful. Perfect construction. A very good stick.

Cornell & Diehl - Night Train 2oz
Burley Train Krumble Kake
Nutty, earthy, tangy, and citrusy notes. Perfect cake to pack in any bowl. One of my best burley blend to date. What's not to love in those two pieces of easy to light Krumble Kake ? Recommended.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust - Mi Querida Triqui Traca No. 652
Leathery, woody, and spicy with hints of dark chocolate. Great construction, easy to light with an even burn. Bold, flavorful and recommended for the begigner who wants to kick it up a notch, or the Connecticut Broadleaf fan. A great cigar.

Crowned Heads - Four Kicks Capa Especial Sublime
Floral, herbal and earth notes, great construction, perfect draw. Enjoyable and recommended!

AJ Fernandez - Bellas Artes Maduro Lancero
Enjoyable smoke all the ways
Excellent construction. Flavourful Brazilian wrapper and Mexican binder. Very enjoyable

Bolivar - Cofradia No. 654
Great stick. Flavourful and perfect construction. Connecticut Broadleafs are always a plus for me

Presbyterian - Presbyterian 50g
Mild English
Sweet sweet tobacco. Perfect for the English Blend beginners or the Aficionados. I should have tried this a long time ago. Great mixture

Sutliff - Molto Dolce 1.5oz
Sweets to the sweet
Seriously goopy, but strangely enjoyable if you are in the mood for an aromatic. You’ll get friends with that room aroma...

BriarWorks - Bacon Old Fashioned 2oz
The one..
After two trials, the one and only blend that I have put directly in the compost bin. Grateful for the jar anyway...

BriarWorks - Back Down South 2oz
Fruity / boozy aroma from the jar, and a very interesting broken flake VaPer. Another good C&D blend for BW. Perfect with a bourbon and the Larkin Poe’s song. Recommended.

Cornell & Diehl - Black Duck 2oz
Good, but one dimensional Duck
Good mixture with a great Latakia tin note. A little bit one dimensional but enjoyable. Can be an All day smoke. More Robust and spicy than mild, but without a lots of nuance. Not really a problem anyway.

BriarWorks - Country Lawyer 2oz
Everything but the kitchen sink, and it’s a good thing !
An almost perfect mixture. Good spicy blend with a perfect amount of Cigar leafs. The Dark Fired and the cigar makes a robust, but perfect all day smoke. Love it ! In the rotation and recommended...

Capstan - Flake Blue 1.75oz
Blue Joy
A little pricey, but great tin aromas, beautiful flakes, and very enjoyable straight VA. Never smoked the older versions, but this one is very good as it is. A +

Robert Lewis - Wingfield Mixture 50g
Straight VA
A straight Virginia as it should be. Hints of citrus, naturally sweet, mild and bold. Very enjoyable

Mac Baren - Stockton 100g
Spicy !
Spicy mixture. Very good blend of Dark Fired and Virginia. Easy to pack, light and slow burning. Almost perfect !

McConnell - Scottish Cake 50g
Dark Virginia
Very enjoyable smoke. Recommended !

Astley's - No. 55 Elizabethan 50g
Very mild.
Fine ribbon cut. Very mild straight tobacco, perfect for Virginia Fan.

Warped - Until the End 2oz
Dark fired heavens. Robust. A really great smoke and my favourite blend with cigar leaves.

Peterson - Sweet Killarney 50g
For the sweet tooth only
A very nice caramel / coconut tin note, but a weird chemical taste. Too much casing (?). Only if you are a true aromatic aficionado, but it can bites if you are not careful

Mac Baren - Plumcake 3.5oz
A classic
Around since 1957. English aromatic or scottish mixture (with black cavendish). Very pleasant tin note and seriously enjoyable

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - 1982 Centennial Blend 1.4oz
Pleasant smoke
Very good aro. No bite and great tin note. Perfect with a 4th Generation pipe 👍

John Aylesbury - Dragon Blend 100g
Superior blend
Serious aromatic with an incredible aroma. Mellow mixture with no bite and some curly cuts. One of my best aro so far !

Sampler Packs - CAO Gold Sampler (4 Pack)
Great Maduro & Connecticut Sampler

Drucquer & Sons - Red Lion 100g
For The Discriminating Smoker
Fast burning tobacco, but a very enjoyable mild English mixture with a nice touch of black cavendish

Lane Limited - La Gloria Cubana 1.75oz
Virginia ?
No hints of Virginia for me but a good Latakia / Perique mixture at a reasonable price.

Hearth & Home - Fusilier's Ration 1.75oz
Old-fashioned top note
Old-fashioned top note : Tonquin Bean (?) A little bit milder than Bengal Slices (for me anyway) but very good crumble cake latakia mixture. Easy to pack and to light. Recommended.

Peterson - Sherlock Holmes 50g
Hybrid Hound
Effectively not an aromatic or a straight blend. Great tin aroma, great cut and quality leafs as always for Peterson's. Not a bad hybrid. but I can understand why its not everyone's cup of tea. Mild but enjoyable, and no bite for me. Worth a try.

Cornell & Diehl - Awakened Elder 2oz
Cthulhu would smoke that !
Perfectly balanced spicy mixture. Just enough latakia for a very enjoyable smoke.

CAO - World Sampler
World Tour
Great sampler ! Very enjoyable.

Sutliff - Lord Nelson
England expects that every man will do his duty
Mild American English Blend. Pleasant taste but not very complex. I personally prefer more latakia. Worth a try if you like Frog Morton.

Sutliff - D64 Queen Anne's Revenge
Barbados Revenge
Sutliff's Barbados Plantation in bulk. Decent Aro. Great room note. No bite.

Peterson - Special Reserve Limited Edition 2017 100g
Great stuff !
Wonderful aromatic. Superb room note. No bite. A ++

Arturo Fuente - Cazadores Natural
Pretty good all around everyday smoke. A+

Cornell & Diehl - Gray Ghost 2oz
Cigar leaf !
Very enjoyable smoke from our friends at C&D ! Mild but very interesting.

La Flor Dominicana - Double Ligero Sun Grown 700
Great powerful smoke from start to finish....

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop 2oz
Kind of a bland blend (?)
Easy burning burley blend. Not bad, but you have to search for the perique and no trace of DFK. Easy to go mixture...

CAO - Gold Maduro Corona Gorda
Spicy (?)
A good everyday stick, but very average. Not Great, not bad, just seriously average...

Vega Fina - 1998 VF 46
Indonesian binder
Not the best construction, but a very enjoyable mild smoke. Perfect ash, creamy taste and good for any occasions. An everyday pleasure.

Cohiba - Nicaragua N50 En Crystale
Medium Smoke
Beautiful Colorado oscuro wrapper, perfect construction, and perfect for all occasions. Good but not great. There is better Nic...

Rocky Patel - Vintage 1992 Petite Corona
Small Beauty
Beautiful oily dark little stick. Interesting notes of coffee and cocoa with a subtle cedar flavor. Perfect construction. A real 30 minutes pleasure. A +

Dunhill - Navy Rolls 50g
Flue-cured magic
Beautiful coins indeed and superior tin smell. Herbal tones and fig notes. I personally prefer this to Escudo, but they are almost similar. Very enjoyable cool VaPer Smoke. No bite. In the rotation !

Cornell & Diehl - Speakeasy Navy Blend 2oz
Can't wait that long...
You can wait 10-15 years if you want too, but right now this stuff is pretty good. Very interesting, complex and rich mixture. The Dark Fired Kentucky is not overpowering, but the "N" content is serious. My first and certainly not my last Cornell & Diehl.

Murray's - 1810 Belfast 1.75oz
Mild but tasteful
Mild but very enjoyable latakia blend. Great stuff. A++

Samuel Gawith - Cabbie's Mixture 50g
Roll cut
Mild but enjoyable VaPer. Very good stuff. No bite.

Mac Baren - HH Bold Kentucky 1.75oz
Pretty good but pricey...
Bold indeed. Never smoked anything like it. Not for the beginner but very rich and powerful. Serious N dose. Great alone or blended with another tobacco. Easy to light, burns well and no bite. Nice smoky tin smell and enjoyable room note (for me, not for the wife). In my rotation !!!

A&C Petersen - Escudo Navy Deluxe 50g
De Luxe Indeed...
Easy to light slow burning tobacco with pretty notes of figs. Excellent sweet mild VaPer and a very satisfying must try. In my rotation with pleasure. No bite. A+

CAO - Pilon Corona
Another perfect corona !
Great slow burning stick. Great draw & flavor and even burn. A+

Peterson - Connoisseur's Choice 50g
Wonderful room note. Smooth, mild and very enjoyable.

Cohiba - Nicaragua N45
Nica Power !
Chocolate and coffee. A powerful smoke in a small stick. Almost too good to be true. A +

Dan Tobacco - Treasures of Ireland: Galway 50g
Take me to the Cliffs of Moher
Beautiful tin and interesting vanilla aroma. Herbal notes but a little bit lacking in taste.

Home Fragrance - Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle Orange Lemon Splash 13oz
Give the impression to live inside an orange, but do the job.

H. Upmann - The Banker Currency
A thing of beauty with excellent draw and great flavor. Wonderful corona gorda...

Lane Limited - Foundry 1.75oz
Victorian Luxury
Another excellent dose of latakia. Pretty good stuff...

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - B. J. Long Regular Pipe Cleaners (56 pack)
Yep, cleaners
Works like true pros, dedicated to their jobs...

Samuel Gawith - Winter Time Flake 50g
Yes !
Perfect dose of latakia. Prêt pour l'hiver. Ready for winter !

Rocky Patel - Java Maduro Corona
Flavored ? Yep...
Good draw, great construction, but just like smoking a chocolate cake. Some may enjoy, but too sweet for my taste.You should try only if you really (really) like flavored cigar.

Punch - Rare Corojo Pita
Corojo (?)
A robust reddish box-pressed beauty with lot of flavor. A Must Try !

Villiger - Original Export 1.5oz
Pleasant surprise..
A nice aroma not too sweet aromatic. Good all-day smoke at a great price. No bite.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Rum Twist
Sweetness, what sweetness (?)
A pretty good slice and rub tobacco. As a cigar smoker, its very enjoyable. Rich and robust taste. Not much of rum here, but a lot of bold flavor.

Newminster - No.23 Blackberry Brandy
Satisfying !
Great aroma, mild but rich. Pretty good. No bite.

Drew Estate - Tabak Especial Negra Corona
Fix of coffee
A smell approved by wife fast burning cigar, with a nice draw and a good construction. Interesting mix between an infused and a premium. Not exactly my cup of tea, but worth a try.

Hoyo de Monterrey - Excalibur No. 2 English Claro
A good everyday stick. No more, no less...

H. Upmann - Vintage Cameroon Corona
Perfect corona !
Velvety stick. Notes of cocoa, perfect draw, and superb construction. YumYum !

Dan Tobacco - Salty Dogs 50g
Plug this !
A nice slice and rub mild tobacco. Takes a couple of relight and a little bit pricey, but very enjoyable. No bite.

Liga Privada - #9 Robusto
Holy Smoke !
Uneven draw and burn, but exactly what a Premium cigar should be. Earthy and herbal flavors. Rich and complex indeed. A must !

Perdomo - Champagne Noir Corona Extra
Beautiful stick, good flavors of licorice and anis, but hard draw and don't want to stay lit. An average beauty...

Oliva - Connecticut Reserve Lonsdale
The Price is right
Not the best construction, mild to medium, but interesting notes of vanilla and cream. A good cigar for the price.

H. Upmann - Legacy Corona
Mild smoke with notes of earth and pepper. Perfect construction, nice flavors and aroma. Good.

Chacom - Saint Claude 50g
Sweet and mild Aromatic. Not gooey at all. Nice smell and no bite. An all day long smoke with no bad aftertaste. Worth a try.

Dunhill - 1907 Toro (box pressed)
I'll buy again (and again)
A 60 minutes box pressed pleasure. Good draw, good construction, perfect ash and creamy notes of cocoa all the way. In my Top Ten.

Partagas - Black Label Classico
Tasty Maduro
Beautiful oily stick. The first and last third are very mild, but the second is like a punch in the face. Licorice, earthy notes and perfect ash. Not my first choice in the future, but worth a try.

Ashton - VSG Illusion
Very good
Hard draw at first, but the second and last third have wonderful aroma, flavors and complexity. Solid construction and a real pleasure to smoke. A must !

Cohiba - Black Robusto Crystal Tube
Dark pleasure...
Superb construction. Rich but not too powerful. A great Cigar indeed...

Macanudo - Duke of York Cafe
Good everyday Smoke
Constant creamy taste and good construction. Perfect for any occasion.

Macanudo - Vintage Maduro 1997 Robusto
Oily and Yummy !
Heavy draw at first, but a pleasant surprise. Love the steel gadget. Perfect ash and very interesting flavors.

Gurkha - Heritage Robusto
Wrapper of steel...
Seriously uneven draw. The wrapper takes a larger amount of time to burn than the rest of the cigar. Not bad, but no note of chocolate or coffee here. The last third have a powerful tone. My first Gurkha, so I'm a little disapointed.

Don Pepin Garcia - Cuban Classic 1979 Robusto
Pretty, Pretty Good
A nice surprise. Good draw and full of flavour.

Roberto Duran - Neya F8 Loyalist
Serious cigar :)
Great Smoke. Draw a little bit loose, but flavorful from start to finish. Not too powerful. Can be an everyday stick, no problem. Bravo !

Pilon Corona

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Nicaragua N45

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1907 Toro (box pressed)

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VSG Illusion


Roberto Duran
Neya F8 Loyalist

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Vintage Maduro 1997 Robusto

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    A Quick Look at Pipe Finishes
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