Arnau G.

Ashton - Gold Rush 50g
Just OK
Not bad but not great either. Packs easily and burns to a fine grey ash leaving no moisture behind. The taste is kind a cigarette like with some lemon present from time to time. There are much better tobaccos out there to be enjoyed.

Capstan - Flake Blue 1.75oz
Just great
I rub it out thoroughly and pack it with the Frank method in a medium sized pipe, it burns all the way down. The taste is full without being strong, and changes constantly throughout the bowl, going back and forth between a brighter grassy note and a richer darker Virginia taste. A very pleasant subtle sweetness is present constantly. It's just a pleasure every time I chose it, and it is as good for a hot summer afternoon as it is for a cold and rainy winter evening. The experience Capstan gives me is the reason why I smoke pipes. Focus on the taste, relax and reflect about life. (I usually smoke it with two years of age)

Cult - Blood Red Moon 50g
Great Cherry Aromatic
Heavy cherry aromatic, where the cherry taste is great and lasts throughout the bowl, and when the cherry toping fades a bit the natural tobacco taste can be enjoyed. Mechanically works really well, easy to pack, easy to light, doesn't burn the tongue and smokes dry and all the way down. I rarely buy two times the same tobacco, so many to try out there, but Blood Red Moon is an exception.

Samuel Gawith - Full Virginia Flake 50g
mmm... Nope
When you (finally) manage to dry it enough, pack it propperly, keep it lit and aboid the most likely 3rd degree burns on your tonge... yes I can see wy you like it.

Mac Baren - Vanilla Cream 3.5oz
Definitely not my tobacco...
First Mac Baren I try ans first tobacco I'm thinking of throwing away. The one star is for the tin note, it is pleasant and room note is excelent, but I had to relight it 7 times before finally giving up (yes I've tryed different pipes, different packing methods, etc...), strong tongue bite even from the first light to me. I got nothing but a poor harsh cigaretty taste, and no vanilla taste at all. And the worst thing is an extrange itchy sensation on the back of the throat that lasted about two hours, this never happened to me before. Not to mention a bad aftertaste... May be so good for some but for me... I will stay away from that. Big disappointment with this one

Lane Limited - BCA
Sweet and simple pleasure
I've just enjoyed so much a bowl of it today that I thought "this deserves a review". It's an easy-going sweet tobacco that will let you relax and think about whatever you want, not making you worry about the smoke itself. Burns always all the way down leaving a fine grey ash, the taste is mild and one note, but present throughout the bowl. The aftertaste is not unpleasant and not too strong. The smell of it is delicious, and the room note is so pleasant. Never got tongue bite, not even when puffed too hard for testing purposes. The only bad points for me on this one are the messy moisture at the end of the bowl that requires some cleaning, and the difference between the smell and the taste once it’s smoked. If you asked me, I would suggest you try it as I prefer this one over 1Q, it's an awesome spring/summer smoke. It pairs amazingly well with tonic water with ice and a slice of lime in it. It’s also a great mixer, just a small amount will sweeten and smooth out any tobacco you add it to.

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