Craig C.

Humidors & Travel Cases - Savoy Executive Series Olive Burl Medium
A solid step up for Savoy
This "executive" series humidor from Savoy is a giant step in the right direction from the company. I owned a large but standard series Savoy humidor for about a decade before purchasing this model, and I am very impressed. Construction is of thick cedar and is very well thought out. It was hard for me to judge whether or not I liked the look of this particular finish from the website (some things just don't photograph well), so I am glad I live close enough to SPC to have seen it in person before buying. It is gorgeous, with a deep lustre and glowing sheen about it that should be seen in good light to be fully appreciated. I also very much like the Boveda system of humidification. What an elegantly simple solution. It works. And having the slots for the Boveda packets designed and built into the lid of the humidor makes maintenance as simple as it is aesthetically pleasing. No more hygrometer. No more forgetting to fill with solution. No more worries. Truly what a "luxury" item SHOULD deliver. And most importantly of all, my cigars come out at the perfect humidity. Even though I've only had this humidor "aging" my cigars for a couple of months now, I can see a big difference in how the cigars come out, versus how they went in. There's a fine dusting of plume growing at an amazingly rapid rate. They burn smoothly, evenly, and pull almost without effort. This will be the last humidor I shall have to buy. Thank you Savoy. Thank you Boveda. Thank you SPC. With this small investment, cigars are now all pleasure, zero worry. I think I'll go enjoy one right now...