Cornell & Diehl - Oak Alley 8oz
This One's a Winner!
If the tobbacapocalypse were to crash down upon my head to leave me with but one blend to enjoy for all eternity, then surely this would be the one I'd choose. I find myself constantly waxing lyrical about this blend. I'm a big fan of Cornell & Diehl and I firmly believe that Oak Alley can stand toe to toe with anything currently on the market. It's strong to be sure - but also sweet. For me it's the perfect melange of flavour; deep, sweet matured red Virginias mix with earthy burley whilst peppery and fruity perique match up perfectly with slightly sour orientals. The crumble cakes are a delight; both aesthetically and to work with - just break of a corner and crumble. Being from C & D's 'cellar series', it is touted to greatly improve with age. However since I first discovered the blend in May of last year, I have purchased a total of 18oz of the stuff and so far none has made it to the ageing shelf of the cellar. Gentlemen and gentleladies, I cannot recommend it higher.

Cornell & Diehl
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