Grand Croupier - Double Down
Beats "proper" VaBurs by a large margine
Surprisingly good for an unbelievably low price. Ironically puts to shame the idea of needing an expert blender to produce something of high quality and value. Burns consistently, very solid VaBur with above average nicotine lvl, natural tobacco taste with emphasis on slightly sour wood, earth, grass, a bit of dark coffee far in the back there. Cut is not ribbon, but a mishmash of broken flake, ribbon, and even something of a hand-torn pieces, but as it says all high quality. My next order will be 16 oz of it, thank you very much. An all day smoke for sure with not much complexity but very solid consistent enjoyable delivery. Dryness is just right to smoke out of the pouch, though your experience may differ of course - it's a spin of a wheel after all.

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