Seattle Pipe Club - Christmas Spirit 2023 4oz
The Christmas Spirit
WOW - Got my 1st tin yesterday afternoon as I was leaving for work. Yes some of us work on Christmas weekend. 2:00 am on Christmas Eve - Finished my lunch of fine Unagi sushi & went out for a smoke. Mechanics - 2016 Savinelli Saint Nicholas 320ks author - reserved for the season and a well seasoned stump of a pipe it is clenched fast in my teeth. This tobacco is truly a treat - Tin note upon opening was spectacular - bready, sweet hay, yeasty, raisins, slight aged apple - almost a nut roll smell in the background. It's a wonderful and sumptuous dark brick, I thought it might be super strong as it had such a pronounced dark tobacco nose. DEFINATELY you get what you pay for - easy preparation with a pen knife - easy rub out - will fluff into many bowls i'm sure. CLEAN - very clean. Not as boozy as some of the barrel aged blends. I let the bowl sit for about ten minuets & lit her up. One char light - one true light , That's it. Stayed lit & true to the bottom. Fine white ash throughout - no dottle left no moisture, just ash. The flavors here meld perfectly into the sum, Smoked kool & dry. Pipe did not get hot to the touch - no tongue bite, no big nic hit. Paired with a large club soda (remember I'm at work) as I did not want any flavors to color my first experience. The plum pudding reserve base tobacco's are well aged & curated the latakia - orientals - perique & cavendish are in perfect proportion nothing overpowers & the pressing and barrel aging add to the melding into the whole - this is not a tobacco to pick apart to find the individual flavors it is for sure greater than it's components and should be enjoyed as the whole. Wonderful experience & a Christmas gift - I will be enjoying this tin for the season & I picked up 3 more to lay down. Can't wait to pair this with a neat Bushmills 12year I've got for after Christmas dinner. Merry Christmas to all & thanks Joe for all you did & the legacy you left.

Cornell & Diehl

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    Oscar Peterson: The Greatest Jazz Pianist and Distinguished Pipe Smoker
  • ► Saw Oscar at least 6 times in the 70’ in Chicago.Mostly at the old Ricks Cafe on Lake Shore Drive with Orsted Pederson on bass. Had ringside seats a number of times and got to see those amazing hands at work. And yes he lit others cigarettes when on break if you got to step out with hm on break. Always acknowledged you if you pulled out a pipe (wonderful to smoke indoors in those days.)Amazing player - cordial gentleman- some of my fondest memories.