About Me:
I enjoy trying different tobaccos and have a variety of pipes I love. Including a Peterson and a Boswell.

Three Nuns - Three Nuns 1.75oz
Excellent stuff!
Wish I hadn’t waited so long to try this. This tobacco is superb! The perfect blend of Virginia and Burley tobacco’s. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Missouri Meerschaum - American Patriot 1.5oz
Perfectly pleasing
This was a total and pleasant surprise. I knew MM makes quality products but this tobacco is some of the best I have had in quite a while at an affordable price that you just can’t beat! Love it. If you new to English blends or are looking to broaden your palette this is for you. It can easily be an all day smoke and won’t empty the room like a lot of traditional English blends do. The Latakia is perfect and not overwhelming as is the bourbon topping.

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop 2oz
It’s a cigarette smokers dream
If you are an ex-cigarette person this is the blend for you in my opinion. It takes some getting used to and due to my fondness of Matches 860 I tried my damndest to like it but it’s just not for me.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - 1931 Flake 1.4oz
Very Satisfying!
This is a very solid flake with a unique flavor and aroma. To me there is a bit of a floral tin note that transfers ever so slightly to the bowl. It burns nicely and creates an earthy, satisfying experience that is pleasant but not overwhelming. It’s a flake that is easy prepared and loads well and requires minimal prep to enjoy right from the tin.

Cult - Conspiracy 50g
Most Delightfully surprising
Wow! This is just a great all around blend. Whether you like an English or an aromatic I truly believe there is enough of each to satisfy in this “crossover” I highly recommend it.

Samuel Gawith - Squadron Leader 50g
Best English!!
This blend is perfect in every way. I just wish it wasn’t so hard to get. It burns smoothly and never bites. I love it.

Mac Baren - Plumcake 3.5oz
Very Good but could be better!
This is a very good tobacco overall. It’s a bit moist out of the tin and can use some drying time before packing the bowl in my opinion. I did not taste or smell the plum as some have mentioned, nor did anyone else in the room notice a plum aroma at all. I think a bit more of the plum cake and this would be a perfect blend.

Velvet - Velvet 1.5oz
Good value and quality
Overall I enjoyed smoking this tobacco. I did receive a few complaints roomnote wise however which kind of surprised me. I would probably choose a different tobacco in this range next time but I wouldn’t shy away from this in a pinch.

Half and Half - Half and Half 1.5oz
One of my favorite codger blends
My Dad smoke Half & Half, he often mixed it with a bit of Middletons Cherry Blend. I enjoy this very much. It’s a good burley with a great tobacco taste that won’t clear the room.

Cornell & Diehl - Brigadier 2oz
Good stuff
I think I’ve finally found a C&D tobacco I would buy again and again. In my opinion it needs to dry just a bit before loading. Has a great English flavor with just a hint of fruity top note.

Peterson - Connoisseur's Choice 50g
Love this blend. Perfect balance of room note, flavor and body. Not goopy or chemically topped, just a delicious, light smoking tobacco that exudes quality.

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening 2oz
Not for me
I love C&D tobaccos and I’m a great fan of aromatics. This tobacco smoked so harsh because of all the toppings it was just plane unpleasant. I tried letting it dry a bit but it didn’t seem to help. I wouldn’t recommend this one although many seem to like it, maybe I had a bad tin who knows

Lane Limited - Foundry 1.75oz
Terrific stuff!!
Very simple but very satisfying. I enjoyed this tobacco from the first light. If you are looking for just a bit more flavor from an English tobacco blend, then this is for you.

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Red 3.5oz
Too Much
This tobacco was a bit too much for me. The cherry taste was so intense it seemed unnatural and tasted of chemicals in my opinion. I am a fan of Mac Baren tobaccos but I will not pick this one up again.

Kramer's - Father Dempsey 50g
Really pleasant tobacco
I really enjoyed this blend. It kind of gets better throughout the smoke in my opinion. It could be an all day smoke or just an occasional change of pace. The Latakia is definitely not overwhelming but still present and the smoky flavor is perfect.

Samuel Gawith - Jubilee 2012 50g Flag
Pretty good but not great. Burnt a little hot at times and kind of had more of a bite than expected.

Edward G. Robinson - Edward G. Robinson's Pipe Blend 1.5oz
Very nice all day smoke.
This is a great blend that is lightly aromatic but with just a hint of Latakia. I think I'll definitely purchase more.

Dunhill - Early Morning Pipe 50g
Nice way to start the day
A Very smooth English blend that is light in the nicotine department. I think that it will be one of my goto morning smokes. Very subtle flavors hinting of Latakia and some lite Orientals. I would recommend this mix.

Mac Baren - Vanilla Cream
Becoming a favorite!
My wife bought me a few oz's for Christmas. It has been great. Mild and cool with just the right dose of vanilla. I have to say the 2 tobaccos I have had from Mac Baren have both been superb, the other being Cherry Ambrosia.

Cornell & Diehl - Corn Cob Pipe and A Button Nose 2oz
Frosty Delightful!
Very good mix. Could be an all day everyday smoke.

Samuel Gawith - Celtic Talisman 50g
Very Good!
This is a very fine tobacco. Nice subtle cherry and vanilla flavors. Not too strong in the bowl and easy on the palate. I was hoping for just a bit more cherry aroma and flavor but all in all this is an enjoyable smoking experience.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
I love this blend! It's quickly become my goto. Really subtle flavors of vanilla and a smooth taste. Would recommend for anyone who wants to try an aromatic that is not overwhelming and easy to smoke.

Cornell & Diehl
Chocolate Cavendish 2oz

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Cornell & Diehl
Brigadier 2oz

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