Charles R.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Morning
I like it
I'm sort of new to perique blends but I really like this. Reminds me a bit of a certain coin but with more perique. I'll be getting more of this one.

Cornell & Diehl - Captain Bob's Blend
Not for me
Something about this just doesn't taste good to me. I would guess it's the casing / topping. Though it doesn't bite, it tends to give a stinging sensation on my tongue.

McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton's Cellar 50g
I had tried one other English and absolutely hated it. So, I decided that it would be unfair of me, both to the English blends as well as myself, to give up on English blends based on the first and only one I had tried. Enter the Cellar. Wow. I couldn't believe how good this is. I was so impressed with it that I went and ordered a 100 g tin the very next day.

A&C Petersen - Escudo Navy Deluxe 50g
Very Tasty
I've heard the name escudo in many reviews and have not found any really negative ones. I gave it a go and now it's part of my regular rotation. This stuff is very good and the perique is in just the right ratio to the Virginia.

Newminster - No.23 Blackberry Brandy
While this is not my favorite aromatic, it smells really nice, tastes good, and my wife likes the room note. Odd thing though, it smells more like blueberry than blackberry to me. Still, I like it.

Newminster - No.17 English Luxus
Ok, so I've never smoked an English blend before this one, but still it begs the question: How can anyone smoke this stuff? Maybe it's just too strong for a newbie to English? Yeah, I definitely will not buy any more of this.

Lane Limited - RLP-6
Ok I guess
Not bad but kind of bland to me

Lane Limited - HG-2000
Not a bad smoke by any means, but I can't forsee buying more.

Lane Limited - Hazelnut
No Flavor
To be blunt, I honestly couldn't taste the hazelnut topping or the tobacco. It was like packing a bowl full of confectioners sugar and lighting it. Sorry, but way too sweet for me.

Lane Limited - Dark Red
So far, this is my favorite aromatic. A certain red pouched cherry tobacco kind of gave me an aversion to cherry blends, but this stuff isn't just my favorite aromatic from Lane, it's my favorite aromatic so far. Not too sweet and not overpowering.

Lane Limited - Burley and Black
While not one of my most favorite, I can see myself keeping an ounce or two on hand. This is a good, fairly simple blend that has enough flavor to earn a spot in my cabinet.

Lane Limited - BCA
Very Tasty
I've always liked Cavendish tobaccos, especially black. I really like this one any time I want to satisfy my sweet tooth, even though it does give me dry mouth and throat when smoked straight. I also found that it works well for me to tame some of the overly strong blends.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
Like Captain Black Gold
I've heard a lot of good things about this tobacco, so I decided to give it a go. Honestly, it seems to me to be basically the same as Captain Black Gold, only without the bite. It's not bad, but I think I'll refrain from buying more.

No.17 English Luxus

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