McClelland - TQ - Top Quality Gold & Toasted
Best new in a long time
I have been a LL 1-Q man for many years, but on the suggestion of someone in here, I tried this. It is sublime and I will order the 5 lbs as it is now my #2!

Lane Limited - 1-Q
Absolute Best!
I am 75 and have been smoking a pipe for 50 years. I have tried at least 100 tobaccos. I smoke only for pleasure, 1-3 pipes a day for the last 10-15 years and once I learned how to smoke a pipe (slowly and sipping the flavor) there is no other blend that I prefer to 1-Q. I use Captain Black Dark to break in pipes, but 1-Q for just enjoyment. I am now going to give up trying others (I have 100 jars in storage) and will just stick to what I love.

TQ - Top Quality Gold & Toasted

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