Lane Limited - RLP-6
Definitely going into the rotation. Smooth and tasty.

McClelland - 110 - Just Plain Nut
Great In A Blend
I love this tobacco but I've found it makes an excellent addition to an equal parts blend with Lane 1-Q and BCA. It brings the Burley and the Hazelnut flavor to just the right level.

McClelland - M96 - Fresh Apple
I started out with 1 oz. just to give this blend a try. I will be ordering more and making it a part of my rotation. The apple flavor is subtle and sweet and it burned cool with one or two re-lights, right down to the bottom of the bowl. A fine smoking experience.

Brigham - Maritime Morning 50g
Not Impressed
I'll start this off by saying that I’m still pretty much a novice with different blends of tobacco, so it’s hard for me to say exactly what it was that turned me off so badly about Maritime Morning. I found it soapy smelling and harsh tasting. This is my first run in with Latakia and Oriental tobaccos so that may be it, but more experiments with blends are required to narrow it down. Anyway, one week out of the tin and 4 bowls later I had to toss the remainder. For me, it’s un-smokable.

Lane Limited - 1-Q 1.75oz
I have been an on and off pipe smoker for years only because I could never find a tobacco that didn’t burn my tongue. After some research and the fabulous “Tobacco Locator” on this website, I discovered Lane Limited 1-Q. I just received my tin today, cracked it and filled a pipe. It’s delicious, smooth, smells great, and not even a hint of tongue scorch. I have found a reason to start smoking my pipes again and with the help of the Tobacco Locator, I’m sure I’ll find more great tobaccos. Thanks Smokingpipes for a great service.

Lane Limited

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Lane Limited

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Creme Brulee

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M96 - Fresh Apple

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Lane Limited

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