G. L. Pease - Cairo 2oz
Cairo in a bowl
This blend caught my interest purely by name, as it is named after the city I live in and G.L. said he was inspired by the city when creating this blend. So, I tried it and I think that Pease created a masterpiece here. On opening the tin, you are welcome by a grassy, spicy aroma like an old spice market. It is yellow in colour like a bright sun and really fine cut to almost a shag. It packs stupendously easy and lights easier. It stays lit and burns cool though a little fast for my taste. The first puff is grassy, citrusy and spicy. Which was super annoying for me, as I prefer dark virginia with bread and yeast and I like more subtle perique that again is not available here. But the more I got into the bowl, the more I enjoyed it and the more it grew on me which put a smile on my face as this is basically my same opinion of Cairo, the city. It soon became a go-to blend for me, especially with morning coffee as it pairs well with it. It has a lovely, light room note and is perfectly fine to have all day long. And indeed it is such a spiritual inspiration of Cairo

Peterson - Irish Flake 50g
The one for experienced smokers
I rarely find tobacco tin literature more than a nice gimmick. However, I think this one summarises the blend. "Recommended for the experienced smoker" and there is good reason behind this. The strength, the mechanics and lastly the targeted palette. As soon as I opened the tin, I was greeted by - what is in my opinion - the most excellent cut flake I have ever seen. It is cut to perfection. It was 24 equal and stacked flakes of very dark brown colour. They have a soft, oily feel to the touch and give away a strong, smoky aroma. It reminds me a lot of smoked herring in the most pleasant way. the flake came moist and needed some drying time, though they never bit when smoked as they are. Though - and this is the first part of what makes it "experienced" - is that you need to dry it perfectly to get the taste profile. Other than that, it won't give away its secrets. I normally found that 20 minutes of dry time as a flake then rubbing it well and leaving it for 5 more minutes made it perfect.. It lights with a bit of effort as most flakes, but as soon as it lights it stays lit and smokes cool. Upon the first few puffs I didn't get much of a taste except a rich, dark taste. Then it starts to give away a beautiful, dark, nutty taste. This is burley and kentucky tango. They mingle and dance in your mouth. The taste is strong and commanding that I rarely felt any Virginia in there. Yet it has a surprisingly light room note. It smoked consistently and at most needed 1-2 relights.. It burns to the bottom well and rarely leave any moisture in the bowl. It is quite strong on nicotine though. After eating well and being paired with some tea or coffee, this will make your head feel light. So beware. And I have to say that this pairs well - actually very well - with coffee. It is strong, it is recommended and it is indeed not for a novice smoker Pipe Used: Savinelli St. Nicholas 2017 - 321 Age When Smoked: Fresh tin

Dunhill - London Mixture 50g
A lighter, more oriental standard mixture
In Dunhill fashion, this tobacco is consistent. And probably that's the most special thing about it. It has an excellent ribbon cut, easy to pack and light. stays lit and leaves white ash with no moisture in the bowl. It's components are balanced and can be smelled in the tin aroma, rome note and in the taste profile.. It is an Oriental/Balkan blend with Cyprian Latakia and what I think might be Izmir. light and red Virginia act as a base but it's a mix of Latakia and oriental leaf. It's a good all day smoke and works well with coffee and tea. Which makes it appealing.. Pipe Used: Peterson System Ebony XL315 Age When Smoked: 2 years old

Cornell & Diehl - Star of the East 2oz
The lying star
The blender lies a blatant lie with this one. The tin claims a half Latakia blend, which is for any Latakia fan like me is a dream. And sadly it isn't, so if that's your buying point, then stay away from this. However, this is not bad tobacco at all. On the contrary, I found it pleasurable from start to finish. When you first open the tin, you're welcomed by a lovely smell of Latakia and orientals. As if you walked into a place that sells incense. The cut is a thick ribbon and at the perfect moisture, at least in my case. It is quite easy to light and keep lit. I rarely had to relight this. It smokes consistently, dryly and burns down till the bottom. With your first few buffs you may find that it is not at all a heavy Latakia blend despite what C&D says. It has rich, dark virginia, complemented with spicy and woodsy orientals with an okay precense of Latakia. Definitely a complementary condiment rather than the star of the show as they claim. Nevertheless it's a pleasant blend that is enjoyable for any English lover. I found it to pair well with black coffee as well, and as for me its nicotine is mild to medium, but again this last part is subjective. I presume the flake will be better than this, and hopefully closer to their Latakia claim Pipe Used: Peterson system ebony Age When Smoked: Fresh tin

Dunhill - Dark Flake 50g
The dark one
I haven't had a chance to smoke the original, and probably wasn't even around when it was being produced. So this review will be an independent review of this current iteration. The main role here is played by dark virginias, and I dare say the sole role. This is a monologue of tobacco rather than anything else. And that's not a hindrance. It is quite good for what it is. A monotonous, single dimension, virginia flake. It is dark, rich, bready and yeasty in flavour. It is consistent and rich throughout the bowl. From the point you open up the newly designed round tins you are greeted by a deep, aroma of virginia before you are welcomed by a complementing view of dark, well packed flakes with a hint of darker, nearly black perique. And the latter doesn't seem to play much role in the tin aroma and even less role in the flavour palette. As with all Dunhill line, it is at perfect moisture content, though it doesn't harm to give it 2-3 minutes of dry time. It rubs easily and packs well. It burns evenly and consistently till the end of the bowl and leaves little ash and no moisture behind. It is an excellent all day smoke and I can easily see it in my daily rotation provided we can have Dunhill tobaccos stay in the market. Pipe Used: Peterson Donegal Rocky XL02 Age When Smoked: Fresh tin

Mac Baren - Dark Twist 3.5oz
The tricky one
This blend is quite tricky. And it has a learning curve, which is a lot to say about a tobacco blend, so I will divide my review to two parts, one for the blend itself and the other for the mechanics part. As for the blend itself, it is excellent. Dark, ripe virginias are the star here, with burley supplementing them with nuttiness and richness. The taste is quite good, consistent and pleasurable. And though it is labelled as maple, I had more hints of molasses in it. And even tried maple and molasses to check once more, and it still strikes me as molasses rather than maple. The dark, rich taste is complemented with a good, nice aroma and makes it a good candidate for a morning smoke with a cup of coffee. Now to the tricky part, mechanically this blend is a bit challenging.. It is a roll cake, but it is a mess at that. not all coins have the same components, so there are two things you need to do. First, you need to identify the components of each. Mostly if a coin contains cavendish or not. The other is you need to try and balance the coins in the bowl to get the full flavour out of it, or to do a flavour profile you prefer. This was a daunting exercise and required nearly half a tin to do. But when I struck that balance I wanted, it was extremely rewarding. A definitely recommended blend.

Mac Baren - Navy Flake 3.5oz
The lovely surprise
This is my first blend dubbed "Navy" flake.. and from the history of tobacco, I imagined something rough and strong like the winds and waves braved by the navies when this kind of tobacco was made for the sailors. And the conservative, white & red tin art confirmed my speculation, and as I started opening the golden wrapper of Mac Baren, my surprise started. It is nothing as I imagined. The first thing that hit me was the beautiful, fruity aroma that welcomed me. Tropical, warm and gay. I tried to detect what aroma is that, but failed. Then the flakes themselves are of a lovely light brown colour with strands of gold as if it's a lazy sunset on the beach. In typical Mac Baren fashion, the flakes are hot pressed, which marries the flavours and makes the flakes as fragile as a little baby. They are easy to break and rub out. easy to pack and a bit tricky to light. But once you do, you're off to the races. The first draw confirms the aroma with a taste, a lovely taste that hit me with a childhood memory. And right then I recalled what aroma is that. It is licorice. And despite everyone saying it's fruit and rum. But I could detect neither, It is licorice all along. Lovely, consistent and easy to smoke all day. It burns down cool and well. And leaves a bit of white ash and some moisture in the bowl. I suspect that some drying time will remedy this, but I had no issue with it. Definitely an excellent VaBur with some sweet Cavendish. Highly recommended Pipe Used: Stanwell Deluxe Royal Danish Brandy billiard Age When Smoked: Fresh tin

Dunhill - Durbar 50g
An interesting Standard mixture
I had this recommended from a few friends. And in both of their recommendations they claimed two things, smoothness and tastefulness. One of them I can attest to, this tobacco is quite smooth in all the right ways. But on tastefulness I tend to disagree. As all Dunhill blends, this has a perfect ribbon cut and moisture content. Virtually packs itself up, lights easily and stays lit. The tin note is quite pleasant and has notes of plums and raisins. Sadly the taste or the room note do not share the same quality. This tobacco tastes like a mixture of sharp, high grassy bright virginias and perique. Though it doesn't contain any, but I presume this is due to the orientals. However, There are rare hints of the orientals or the latakia. I presume both are there to produce smoke and that smoothness. But both are not evident in the taste/aroma profile except for that spiceness. I found its taste and nic-hit to be medium but your mileage may vary on those. And the room note was pungent. However, the tobacco burns evenly, cool and well and leaves just pure white ash. If you enjoy citrusy, grassy Virginia mixed with spicy tobacco this will be your tobacco of choice, but it isn't my favourite ride. Update: Changing the pipe and letting the tobacco dry a bit changes that grassy taste to a darker profile and allows the Latakia to shine quite a bit Pipe Used: Erik Nording Group 2 Freehand Age When Smoked: Fresh tin

Dunhill - Flake 50g
The light one
This is quite an interesting tobacco. And despite being labelled as "Straight" virginia, it isn't so straight at all. The reason for this is it applies the concept of appearances vs reality. When you open the tin, it's like sunshine in the plains. Sunny, bright virginia thin flakes with a beautiful high note of grass, hay and citrus. My tin came at perfect and I repeat perfect moisture content. That was enough to tempt me to just fold and stuff it. And again I was welcomed with a high note of citrus, following a really easy lighting process. It remained consistent, stayed lit save for a relight or two in a very large bowl and when finished it needed one knock to clean the bowl leaving a tiny ball of white ash in the tray. And that's when the appearances end and reality start. With the second and third bowls, I rubbed it out, and was that a different experience. The high pitched grass notes disappeared completely and instead it was a middle of the road earthy, rich and bready flake. I enjoy those more, so I had to re-evaluate the blend in that light. And again it delivered. Alas, it was milder than my taste but other than that, perfect virginia blend. It is a smooth, light all day smoke. And doing my research I learnt it was originally called light flake and I think that name suits it better. I am not sure I will buy more of it, but if this is the light flake, I am certainly a fan of dark flake even before I try it Pipe Used: Stanwell Deluxe Royal Danish Brandy billiard Age When Smoked: Fresh tin

Ashton - Artisan's Blend 50g
Artisan indeed
A tobacco worthy of its name. A true artisan work. When you first open the tin, you are cordially welcomed by an aroma of Syrian Latakia and orientals.. Followed by a very dark well cut chunks of tobacco. The moisture content is acceptable, though a bit of drying may be your thing. I never needed to, though. It packs easily but preferably in a wide and stout bowl as the chunks of baccy are not quite ribbons but rather square chunks. Once packed it lights with a bit of effort but it stays lit. The first draw is absolutely astounding, with an open bouquet of flavours from the Latakia and Orientals followed by the lovely rich virginia and later a tad of spiciness from the perique. It burns quite cool and is reduced to ash with little dottle, even in briar. No moisture noticed either in briar or Meerschaum. It has a strong room note and those who do not smoke will glare at you for it. But for the pipe smoker, it only provided a beautiful, smooth and quite creamy smoke with a strong, woody, smoky room note. Definitely one of the finest tobaccos out there Pipe Used: SMS block Meerschaum hand carved Age When Smoked: Fresh tin

Dunhill - Elizabethan Mixture 50g
The sharp one
This is quite an acclaimed blend and I tend to approach these ones with high caution as not to be predisposed. And so I opened the tin not knowing exactly what to expect rather than the tin description, and I was welcomed with a sharp note of citrus and grass complemented by the bright look of Golden virginia. Which is predominant in aroma and looks. The blend is cut to perfection - even more than the usual excellent Dunhill cut - and came at perfect moisture. I loaded the bowl which was a breeze and lit it up. It came out interesting, as I couldn't get much of that citrus taste whatsoever, it was richer and darker, but no light virginia or perique. And gradually towards the first third of the bowl the perique rises up to be the star of the show. Peppery, strong and nice, and this comes from someone who's not fond of perique. It remains so consistently till the very near end of the bowl. Dark and rich with a hint of pepper and zesty aroma. then just as I got to the end of the bowl, all this gets muted and the sharp, grassy virginia taste takes over. It is as if I am smoking a straight virginia. I tried 4 different pipes with it and got the same results, so I concluded that this is how it is. It won't make my favourite list for two reasons. One personal and one mechanical. The personal one is, I am fond of dark, rich virginia rather than bright ones, so that last part of the bowl becomes a tad annoying, and the mechanical part is that there is no complement of taste in that last part as well. It is as if the perique has disappeared from the blend. I compared this to one of my favourite VaPers which is Davidoff Flake medallions and I still prefer the medallions as it is more consistent and has aged virginia. But if you're unlike me, and you prefer sharp virginia, then definitely this is a top notch blend with the excellent mechanics of Dunhill tobacco. Pipe Used: Stanwell Deluxe Royal Danish Brandy billiard Age When Smoked: Fresh tin

Davidoff - Royalty 50g
Quite Regal indeed
From my experience with tobacco, the word Royal lives in infamy. I have never tried a "Royal" blend and was satisfied, except for Royal Yacht of course. So, I was quite conservative while trying this out. It was under a scrutinizing test. And it delivered, hugely. Starting with the elegant, minimal tin art and description. When opening, you're welcomed by a lovely, strong, demanding aroma of orientals. The tobacco itself looks beautiful.. Fine ribbons of golden and green Virginias, dark orientals and perfect black Latakia. The cut is great.. Mostly long ribbons and shorter ones. Which makes packing it a breeze.. The tin is a bit on the moist side, but absolutely smokeable. Lighting it takes a few tries - probably because of the moisture - but when it lights, it stays lit and burns quite well. Star of the show here are the orientals. Smokey, spicy and rich. They have a prominent taste, aroma and leave an after taste. This is supported by a dark, earthy Virginia and a hint of smokiness from the Latakia, though it's most of a background tone. I asked non smokers and most think its aroma is tolerable, but not "Good".. It's mostly a nice all day smoke. Nothing special or unique.. But one of the best Balkans I have tried Pipe Used: Peterson System Ebony XL315 Age When Smoked: 2 years old

Mac Baren - Vanilla Cream 3.5oz
The textbook experienced smoker aromatic
This is a really beautiful tobacco. One that's very foretelling of Mac Baren brand of blends. The note is quite elegant and regal with a light colour and the crest of HH in the top. Upon opening the tin, you're welcomed with a sunshine of light virginias, and a seeded earth black of Cavendish. The tin aroma is reminiscent of fresh bakery at a local patisserie. It is in excellent moisture content out of the tin and I recommend you smoke it as so without drying as it will take away a bit of the flavour and aroma. The tobacco cut is excellent, it's a mix of long ribbons and broken flakes, it backs well and can pack tightly without hindering the draw and it leaves a little bit of nice aroma on your finger tips. Also a dry draw test reveal the flavour profile in a teasing way. Upon first light the ribbons catch a nice kindle, but the flakes require a bit of attention.. But once lit, it stays so, and burns well to a perfect, white ashy bottom with a few to none relights. The body of it is quite medium and the aroma makes me inhale the smoke with my nose to get more of it. And the taste is pretty nice and never overpowering. It gives me hints of Vanilla and some creamy, pastry flavour as if it is a freshly made croissant baked with honey. I thoroughly enjoy it, despite my lesser tendency towards aromatics and I see this making my rotation. Pipe Used: Peterson Dracula 999, Falcon Extra Bent Age When Smoked: One year

McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton Across the Pond 50g
Beware of the Ketchup
This is an interesting entry in the Frog Morton line. For one, it's the only one with Syrian Latakia, and this will play a major role of how this works, yet the role is played from the shadows. Then there is the show of the Ketchup taste and aroma..There isn't a more elaborate way to describe it, a mix between sweetness and sourness with a bit of earthiness all around. It is fairly dominant and consistent throughout the smoke. With just a little hint of caramel sweetness every now and then, and just a pinch of mild smokiness from the Latakia, that provides more smoke than smokiness in the taste profile. My tin came at perfect moisture and It packs well, get lit with a bit of work and for the most part stays lit. Stays consistent throughout the bowl both in aroma and flavour without any bite at all or harsh spots. Burns down to the end leaving little to no dottle, yet it leaves a bit of footprint in the bowl smell. But so far that didn't interrupt other blends in the same pipe. It is a nice one that I will savour, and maybe add to my rotation as a delicacy. Pipe Used: Peterson Derry B27 Age When Smoked: Fresh Tin

McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton's Cellar 50g
An okay transitional tobacco
Well, as a tobacco with such reputation, I expected more. And here lies the problem. This is good tobacco, but it lacks a lot of depth and personality.. I tried Frog Morton on the town before this from Frog Morton line, and it delivers well on all aspects. But Cellar doesn't.. From the tin note, the very strong note, you'd expect a very strong, flavourful tobacco. With promising whiskey and latakia flavour and aroma. But when you pack it and smoke, You get a faint rum taste or an after taste to be exact, and a very faint sweet latakia, a trademark of McClelland. And speaking of packing, the cut is all over the place, from small ribbons, to large ones, with a lot of unkempt leaves and a considerable amount of twigs. Which is a bit annoying, but since it requires a considerable amount of drying time, I could pick up the twigs. Once packs and lights it's a nice, light, all day smoke. With medium body and faint flavour. I will enjoy the tin, but won't order another Pipe Used: Peterson Derry B27 Age When Smoked: Fresh tin

Captain Black - Royal 1.5oz
Big Disappointment
Being one of the most reckoned blends from Captain Black line, I indeed had high hopes for this one. But unfortunately it disappointed me a lot.. The taste is quite faint - at least in comparison to CB Regular - and it's extremely moist, wet even. And no matter how long I dry it, it stays moist and can barely be kept lit. It bites quickly, however careful you are. Which is stressful rather than calming.

Captain Black - Original 1.5oz
One of Captain Black good ones
This blend is a decent addition from CB. It suffers most of the drawbacks of Captain Black, goopy pouch moisture, bad cut full of twigs and stems.. But it has a delightful aroma and the taste of Vanilla is less chemical than other CB blends. It has little hints of cacao that are inconsistent, and it's better added to another blend to make your own if you're experimenting with this. But nothing more for me

Captain Black - Cherry 1.5oz
Training wheels
Well, this is one of the first blends I have smoked and it was what my father smoked exclusively. So, it had some nostalgic value for me, which made me pick it up in the first place. But aside from nostalgia, it isn't a good blend whatsoever. The taste is quite chemical and it aches my tongue, even if it doesn't bite. It just gives it some ache. The cut is okay, but with a noticeable amount of twigs and stems within the pouch. It is quite moist out of the pouch..And it stays like this for a long long time. the only good thing about it is the aroma out of the pouch and the room note which people complement

Pipe Tools & Supplies - Tobacco Pouch Humidifier
Kind of Magic
As simple as they are.. They work splendidly to save that dear baccy that went to the crispy side. I ordered 20 of those on the recommendation of other reviewers. And tried two of them on my Davidoff tins..They were quite crispy and smoked so hot and burned fast. After just a few hours both are on the moist side again. They even stick to my finger in the standard finger test..Now I can enjoy my favourite baccy at the right moisture..

Pipe Tools & Supplies - Pipe Cover
They work well
It's an excellent accessory..It serves its purpose well and saves me a lot of trouble.. It fits ALL my pipe bowls neatly, doesn't scratch them and makes smoking in windy weather or while in a fast car a breeze [no pun intended]. Only drawback is that they don't have a hinge lid so I can tamp or relight if needed, but for the price you can't even start to complain

Mac Baren - HH Latakia Flake 3.5oz
My Perfect smoke
Just looking at a tin of this, presentation is neat and grande. Flakes are well pressed and easy to break. Hot pressing them, gives them a unified look and feel. Aroma out of the tin is great. That smooth, smoky and incense sweet Latakia aroma. Breaking a flake is a breeze. Actually more than you think, It makes it hard to use fold method on it. It requires some dry time. 30 minutes did the trick for me. It lights very easily, and stays lit. Requires minimal to no relights at all. On first light, your palette is greated with a strong flavour of Latakia, reminiscent of those used in Dunhill blends. It is tasty, creamy, smooth and cool.. It gives a joy of Latakia for the first part of the bowl. Afterwards, It opens up a bit. Some creamy, and herby orientals alongside sharp yet gentle high note grassy Virginia complement the Latakia in an excellent way.It has a great body of smoke. It keeps its consistent flavour and aroma throughout the bowl. It leaves a bit of moisture while smoking, so you may need to clean the smoke hole once or twice. So, a Peterson System or any army mount pipe would be useful.. It burns cool and clean till the end and leaves second to none dottle.. And clean, well burnt ash. For a lover of Latakia, this is definitely heaven.. A medium bodied, complex yet not overwhelming blend with a low to medium nicotine hit and no harshness whatsoever. This blend will definitely make my rotation, and I shall enjoy it as much as I can.

G. L. Pease - Gaslight 2oz
Into the light
This blend is unique, from a lot of prespectives. Starting with name itself, Gaslight. Such an interesting name for a tobacco, quite flamboyant as well, I might add. It has a simple, serene tin design, and a note by good ole G.L. saying that inside lies a mystery. And he isn't exactly wrong. When you pop up the tin, you'll find three covers to the tobacco, one with literature and two clean, and underneath is two crude brownie looking kakes, with a strong, dominant and almost commanding Latakia aroma. It is nearly at perfect moisture, but to really enjoy, 10-15 minutes of drying time is not bad. Just enough to make yourself a drink or so. The kake crumbles easily and packs well and tight (if you want). And once first lit, it is a journey to behold. Nothing like I have tried. It speaks Latakia forward and foremost. No doubt about it, and yet it isn't the incense, woody, sweet or creamy Latakia in other blends, but more powerful, explicit smoky Latakia. My first taste impression was camp fire. Or a meat smoking station. Strong, pungent, however in the most delightful way. take a few puffs, or more than a few and another taste hits. This time it is of black coffee seeds, the charred ones beyond dark roast.. That rich, welcoming aroma at a barista station in an old coffeeshop. And now the feeling of a camp fire is absolutely complete. It keeps a smooth, even burn and a unified, strong flavour profile throughout the bowl. Not a dull moment and not a spiky one. definitely one of the most intriguing and interesting blends I have had. I am not sure it'll make my rotation. But I certainly enjoy it and will savor every puff of it. It has generous amount of nicotine. Wouldn't call it high, but you feel the nicotine when you start the bowl. But of course your mileage may vary on that point. My recommendation is definitely try this at least once. And then see if you'll be drawn to the light, the gaslight Pipe Used: Peterson Pipe of the year 2014 Ebony Age When Smoked: Fresh tin

Sutliff - Lord of the Manor 1.5oz
A diamond in the rough
This is an interesting tobacco in many aspects. For one, I got to know it by pure chance while browsing online, and despite being contrary to my likings ( as it contains a lot of components) and I like focused tobacco with 2-3 components, yet I felt drawn to it and knew I had to try it. I couldn't find many reviews for it and it was mostly done by expert pipe smokers who have somehow very specific and experienced tendencies. I finally had my hands on it, and I am glad I could, since it is out of production. This is beautiful tobacco. A pungent, dominating tin aroma, followed by a mild taste that speaks well of Orientals and Latakia.. And just when you think you have got its profile right, bready, earthy viriginias start a new movement of the symphony of aroma and taste..Now the Latakia/Orientals duo takes a secondary role of providing smokiness and spice. And towards the last third of the bowl, they all take a strong crescendo to provide a better flavour palette, more smoke.. Making it a memorable smoke.. It has a coarse, chunky ribbon cut that reminds me of Frog Morton blends, it packs easily and lights easily given 20 minutes of dry time..And stays lit for the most part with a few relights needed. It is definitely a memorable tobacco. And I recommend that you get your hands on a few to stash before it disappears. Pipe Used: Peterson Pipe of the year 2014 Ebony Age When Smoked: N/A but fresh from the tin

Dunhill - Standard Mixture 50g
Just a good baccy, nothing more
So, I was hunting for Dunhill tins here since they are rare in Egypt. And I found this one in a local B&M storage, so I got it and to my surprise it was stamped 2006..So, I kept it for a good day. And finally popped it open. Out of the tin, there is a dominant, fruity smell. Which seemed awkward for an English/Oriental blend. It is at perfect moisture and cut perfectly as per the normal from Dunhill. The first third of the bowl tastes a lot like MM965 which was a surprise, since it is described as Oriental. But afterwards, it starts to open up.. The Virginias are sweet and mild. The Orientals are spicy and gives a nice aroma. It tastes a bit like Frog Morton on the town but without the vinegary taste..And the latakia is smoky like it should. My only gripe with this is that it has no character. It's just good tobacco, but nothing special. I like it, but if I have to pick, I'll go with MM965 or FM on the town. But I'll pick it up If they are not available as a good alternative Pipe Used: Peterson System Ebony XL315 Age When Smoked: 10 years

Mac Baren - Plumcake 3.5oz
One of the finest
From the tin opening I had a sensation that this will be a special tobacco. The cut is beautiful with a mix of ribbons and broken flakes. Components are well noticed and distinguished and the tin aroma is amazing. It packs quite easily and lights like a charm. And with the first puff you get all the flavour at once. You're greeted by a distinctive plum flavour similar to that in Royal yacht, but with smokiness coming from Latakia. Then there is that taste that keeps teasing you and makes you ponder about it. If you're familiar with rum you will recongise it in about the middle if the bowl. But if not, you will have a beautiful complement to the plum without knowing what it is exactly. It burns evenly and well to the end. Requires very few relights over a large bowl 1.5hrs+ and leaves no dottle in the bowl.

Peterson - University Flake 50g
Davidoff Flake medallions baby sister
Upon opening the customary square tin of flakes you are grested with an earthy,fruity aroma resembling that of Erinmore flakes. But make no mistake. This is nothing alike. Maybe except in the generous amount if virginia in both. The flakes are well pressed and presented in a fashion worthy of Peterson name. It packs easily but I discovered that packing it as a flake makes it hard to light and keep lit. As it seems it was well pressed. So breaking the flakes as I did or rubbing it would be better. Once it is packed like that, it shone. Grassy, smoky virginias takes over with a little hint of nutiness at times and fruitiness at others. It is well rounded, all day virginia smoke. And I couldn't help to make the connection of this as a milder version of Davidoff Flake medallions

McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton on the Town 100g
A welcome addition to my rotation
Well, at first when you open the tin, you are welcomed with a strong aroma of Latakia and Orientals.. Quite strong and inviting. It has a large ribbon cut, and perfect moisture. It packs well and lights easily. Requires a few relights at first then it is a smooth sail. The star here is the orientals. It is after all an oriental blend, the latakia here is just a sidekick that provides smokiness and probably some nicotine as well. It isn't overly complex but certainly interesting and keeps switching the taste profile from Orientals to mild Virginia sweetness and back

Davidoff - Scottish Mixture 50g
A second to The Danish
This is the mild version of the danish mixture.. it is pleasant, smokes well, lights well and stays lit, until you puff very hard and don't tamp often. It is a bit too mild for my taste, so I prefer the danish mixture to it, but it's a nice all day smoke. Update: A little aging and dry time makes this a way better blend, and it makes the orientals in it more prominent Pipe Used: Stanwell Deluxe Royal Danish brandy billiard Age When Smoked: Fresh tin

Erinmore - Erinmore Mixture 100g
If I can't find flakes
There isn't much to say about this.. It speaks consistency all around.. it's well made, cut. light well and stays lit. burns cool.. And has a nice room note.. It is way mild than the flakes and a hint of cacao/chocolate that isn't found in the flake

Captain Black - Gold 1.5oz
Filler tobacco
he more time that I smoke pipes, the less I am inclined to use OTC blends. The chemical flavouring, the cheap packing make them nearly impossible to enjoy. But amongst all that, some of them rises well. And this is one of the examples. This is a beautiful blend by Captain Black. It is not at all complex in flavour or aroma. Just a straight blend that burns nice, stays lit quite well, and have a very pleasant aroma that even non-smoker complement. It has a consistent sweet taste all over and a nice after-taste.. And it produces a considerable body of smoke, one that lingers in the room giving it a distinct scent. I never got tongue-bitten by this one, but since it burns well and fast.. I presume care needs to be taken not to overheat it.

Larsen - W. O. Larsen Craftmans Edition 100g
True craftsmanship
Well, there are very few tobaccos that catches me by the look of the tin before anything else. Mostly I have to read the blend notes, reviews and such before getting a tobacco. And this was probably the only exception to this out of 30 or so blends that I purchased. This is not a regular blend, it is a special edition with around 1000 tins made. So each tin is numbered. 1. The tin itself is quite elegant and looks like an absolute collector piece. 2. The packing is great. Inside the tin there is a clear cellophane pouch that's well sealed and tagged with a 'W.O Larsen Craftsmans edition sticker' and inside is the absolute welcoming colour of the tobacco. 3. Tin aroma: Once you open the pouch, you are welcomed by a heavenly aroma of Vanilla, chocolate and candy. It smells amazing that it is very hard to resist not stuffing your pipe immediately and start enjoying it. And doing so is such a mistake 4. Moisture: The baccy itself is QUITE moist. And I can't emphasise this enough. It is drowning in moisture. So puffing it fresh will be awful experience. It won't open up to any of the flavours and require constant relight. The only good thing out of that smoke will be the aroma. It needs a drying time of 45~60 minutes. 5. Smoke: Once it is properly dried. The experience is absolutely amazing. Out of the charring & lighting. You are welcomed with a prominent vanilla taste and subtle grassiness and sweetness from the virginias. And just enough under hints of a cacao/chocolate flavour to keep you interested and seeking for that mystery flavour. It stays well lit and the flavouring is consistent overall till you finish the bowl. However, the flavour fades away a bit and become quite mild, which is my only gripe with it 6. Storing: It comes in a square tin and inside a cellophane pouch, so it isn't much of a storage. Best thing is to either jar it out of the tin, and dry what you use - which is my approach - or leave it all in the tin till it dries to your liking and then jar it. But it's a must try if you can get your hands on. My tin was 461/1000

Amphora - Full Aroma 1.75oz
High regard
For me, this is the par for OTC blends. It is quite beautiful in many ways, that I always consider it a premium blend. From the pouch note, I knew this was special. And when I started packing, the ribbons are large and easy to pack and light.. Almost as a rubbed flake.. It has a welcoming charring flavour of chocolate/cacao and it burns consistently.. Never fades in aroma or flavour..A very pleasant blend indeed, one that I always seek and keep in my rotation. And even my mum said this reminds her of her uncle as he used to smoke it when she was young

Davidoff - Flake Medallions 50g
love from first puff
As much as I love pipes, I hate cigarettes. And a lot of people said this blend is quite cigarettte-ish..So, I wasn't encouraged to try it but then I had the chance to.. And boy were they wrong.. this is a magnificent blend by all means.. It's a bit rough indeed and doesn't have any flavouring.. It is just straight baccy for your delight

Dunhill - Royal Yacht 50g
One of my apocalypse tobaccos
If there is ever an apocalyptic event and I need to stash on one or two tobacco blends.. I'd go like crazy for Royal Yacht..It is grand in every aspect.. from the very welcoming tin aroma.. to the lighting flavour and the after taste.. slow burning and mellow with a rich aroma and flavour.. Decent nicotine content. Overall an excellent experience.

Dunhill - Early Morning Pipe 50g
Mixed Feelings
This is the most controversial blends I have ever tried, at least for me. Sometimes I hate it and think I am smoking fodder.. Other times it seems quite balanced and mellow english blend..I keep coming back to it but I wouldn't ask for it

Dunhill - Nightcap 50g
My relationship with nightcap is bizarre. I am not in love with it or even state it is one of my favourites.. but once every week, I get an itch for it before I go to bed.. Just once a week or even 10 days.. I take a small apple bowl, pack it with NC and puff on for around 20-30 minutes.

Erinmore - Erinmore Flake 50g
A classic Virginia done right
There isn't much to say about this.. It speaks consistency all around.. Beautifully made and cut flakes.. Easy packing, easy lighting.. smooth and tasty.. Great room note... ages well. And heavier, more dominant than its sister the rubbed one

Peterson - Sweet Killarney 50g
My Favourite aromatic
A friend of mine posed a question "If you are stranded on a desert Island with baccy. which blend(s) would you have?" And as for english blends I had many, but for aromatics, it was this one, no competition. A really great aromatic.. smooth, good burner, gives a lot of complements on room note

Davidoff - Danish Mixture 50g
Silver Bullet
If I ever intend to introduce anyone to pipe smoking, I guess this blend would get to my mind.. One of the absolute best in my opinion.. Packs well, smokes well, stays lit and has a fantastic flavour and a well received aroma.. And Yeah, I get cheesy and smoke it in a Stanwell so it would be Danish in Danish

Dunhill - My Mixture 965 50g
The par for Latakia blends
I dare say that anyone who smokes pipes and has even heard about English blends, must've heard about MM965.. and That's not an understatement.. People even know it from an acronym like MM or just the number 965. and there is a reason for that.. It is the absolute par for english blends in my humble opinion.. Smooth, tasty, balanced, magnificently burns and has a distinct character to it. An absolute must have in one's rotation alongside its baby sister, the BB1938

Peterson - 3 P's - Peterson's Perfect Plug 50g
The near perfect plug
This tobacco is exceptional from other pressed tobaccos I have tried for numerous reasons.. 1. The packaging: It is nearly the only plug or flake I have seen in a round tin. Which is more convenient to be honest in case you like to keep your baccy in tin 2. Tin note: I fell in love with it.. A rich, deep fruity tin note 3. Cutting: As always, plugs are a bit of a challenge, but this one is quite easy to cut and pack 4. Main Attributes: Rich flavour, good body and aroma My only gripe with it so far is keeping it lit. Maybe, I am cutting it thick, so I will keep trying for thinner cuts. Otherwise, definitely one to keep in your rotation

Dunhill - My Mixture BB1938 50g
Baby's bottom
I had my first bowl of this while inaugurating a new Peterson System pipe.. And boy, I was confused of which I am a bigger fanboy of.. It is smooth, tasty, easy to pack in a true Dunhill fashion and easy to light and stay lit.. I love it now

G. L. Pease
Gaslight 2oz

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Punto Oro Sandblasted Silver Army Mount (310 KS)

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Mac Baren
HH Latakia Flake 3.5oz

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Mac Baren
Plumcake 3.5oz

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Royal Yacht 50g

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Erinmore Flake 50g

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Sweet Killarney 50g

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Danish Mixture 50g

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Flake Medallions 50g

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My Mixture 965 50g

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My Mixture BB1938 50g

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