Bao Thanh T.

Presbyterian - Presbyterian 50g
What else would you expect?!
Many of the previous reviewers have made their full description, very detailed and the most was positive. I'd like to make mine simple: This blend is one step further and better when pushing the limits of Dunhill/ Early Morning, EM. If you like EM you'll love this blend.

Lane Limited - Ready Rubbed 1.5oz
Not superb but deserve 4 stars
When i opened the pouch i smell cigarette and was amazed to taste and smell it when it burns, it is pipe tobacco. As the title, it is not a superb pipe blend but a decent one, very decent. However, be careful of a light tongue bite a head as the bowl progresses, it could be a medium to strong bite if you smoke fast. By the way, i don't think it is a ready rubbed or a broken flake form, i think this much more like cube cut burley and pretty small cube. Give it a try and i'm afraid that you'd have a second try, third try and .... countless try since you can't beat this price.

Sutliff - 707 Sweet Virginia
If there is no tongue bite!
It does give you tongue bite but the bite is tolerable not that intense, and slow smoke can somehow lessen the tongue bite effects. Apart from that, you'll get a purely perfect straight virginia that is good for both blending and standalone smoke.

Cornell & Diehl - Virginia Flake
From good to better.
As i'm typing this review, i'm clenching the fifth bowl of this broken flake virginia. Consecutively, from bowl after bowl my impression to this tobacco goes from good to better. I have had no tongue bite or maybe just a light bite and i would easily forget it by sipping my cup of hot coffee with milk, i've once smoked this while drinking a can of chilled beer and .... just fine, the slightly bite will be "gone with the drinks". It has a very natural tobacco aroma and just like anyone would describe a natural virginia: bready, fresh baked muffin, hay, grass, honey, citrus etc. this tobacco has all of those characteristics and very easy to recognize right out from the bag, dive your nose into the bag and you'll notice all those aromas, you need to be a perfumer to identify them. The taste is light sweet, very light, you need to smoke slow to taste it. A fast smoker will throw this bag away right after the very first bowl, and also a heavy cigarette smoker would do the same because its strength is on the mild side. For those who are able to clench your pipe while working daily and those who are able to spend an hour and a half for a group 3 bowl, this tobacco is for you. For the "home blender" this is perfection. If you're not one of those, don't bother buy this.

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