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Villiger - Mini Espresso Flavour
Villige People
Bought this espresso flavor. Packaging gets an A+ on the tin, beautiful folded paper inside, wonderful array of mini cigars (about size of a cigarette) with the equally beautiful and luscious tin note. Burned steady and even until I couldn't hold it without scorching my fingers. The light espresso flavor combined with the cigar aroma was very nice. Mild cigar and will be buying more. Would make a nice gift for a friend. Now need them in a slightly larger size for a little longer smoke. Enjoy, Beans.

Granger - Granger 12oz
Gifted History
I was gifted this tin for Christmas by my college age daughter who said she "simply bought it because it had a pointer on it". You see, we had a German Shorthaired Pointer for 13 years and that dog was an iconic family member. Not only do I appreciate my daughter going out of her way to buy me a tin of tobacco, but behold, Granger is 12oz of heavenly tasting history. I had no idea of the rich heritage of this blend and it's migration to STG from American Tobacco. It burns well, tastes wonderful and is flat over the top for me because I think of my daugher each time I smoke it. I feel like i'm smoking history and sending smoke signals of good cheer to my daughter, each time I light it up.

F & K - Bat with a Hat 1.5oz
Batting 500!
Found a lot of flavor in this blend. Burned well with plenty of flavor and a lot of rich smoke. Will buy and cellar more.

McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton's Cellar 100g
Best Cellar
Surely one of my favorites. A smooth, smokey mixture that reminds me of the smell of my grandfathers stone fireplace in his old 19th century home. A sure classic.....Way to go McClelland!!

Cornell & Diehl - Mocha 2oz
Mocha Schmoka
I've experienced a lot of bite from aro's, but found C&D's Mocha to be smooth and refreshing. The room note is a wonderful deep chocolate-nutty smell and when the pipe is resting in my mouth, the Mocha flavor seeps slowly and subtly in wisps into the mouth. I'm pleased with it at first try and especially the lack of bite. A bit moist but not unreasonable keeping it lit.

McClelland - Premium Aromatic: Town Topic 50g
Maple with a kick
Town topic is right in line with a few other maple/nut aro's from McClelland, but again, a little different. More maple than the deep nut flavors of Master Penman and Tastemaster, but it also has a slightly 'spiced' kick to it, similar to a spiced rum such as Captain Morgan. Enjoy.

McClelland - Master Penman 50g
Rich pecan notes
To begin with, the tin note is absolutely wonderful. A rich, deep pecan flavor thats not as 'bright' a nut flavor as McClelland's Tastemaster. Similar, but just right. Obviously the room note is the shining star for this blend, which I am really looking forward to smoking next to a campfire.