Haslizan A.

Peterson - University Flake 50g
Smooth, satisfying
Newbie? Previous ciggarette smoker? UF is a must have. Gradually experiment on other blends, although newbies tend to go for aromatic blends for a start

Samuel Gawith - Squadron Leader 50g
An all day smoke
A little bit wet? Not a problem. Just dry them out. Smokes mellow with just the right amount of latakia sipping in the background. Excellent and an enjoyable smoke. SL is my permanent english blend. A must try for every newbie. I started off pipesmoking with aromatic blends which i did enjoy for a few months. Decided these type of heavily cased, topped flavoured blends is definately not for me. Then comes virginia based blend/vaper. Well, too dull i suppose.. And i try to stay away from burley based blends as i was a ciggarette smoker before. English blends, virginia, orientals, latakia came next and i've tried them all from dunhill, mcclellands, rattrays, well, whatever thats available at the tobacconist in malaysia. Most are heavy on latakia of which tin notes reminds me of the stables. I was a bit reserved at first to try samuel gawith as i have the assumption that these are more for the experienced pipe smokers. Obvious, i was wrong. Well, newbies...you want the best english blend? This is it!!

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