Brennan C.

Cornell & Diehl - Palmetto Balkan 8oz
Literally 10 Idiots
Literally, 10 idiots reviewed this blend here without trying it. Everyone is posting a review about how excited they are, or whining about something. GET BENT. No one cares what you have to say unless you tried it. Screaming your garbage out into the ether does nothing. Your opinions aren't valuable to anybody on the planet. Why don't you all just go back to shit-posting "FIRST!!" comments on some forum somewhere? Adding to the problem, 5 stars. EDIT: I did grab tin of this blend and just got around to opening it when it was 6 months old. My original 5 stars stands, without question. The Latakia is lightly fruity, and just light in general. Don't take that to mean that the Latakia isn't a prominent component, it is. It just doesn't feel as heavy as standard Cyprian Latakia, even for a Balkan, where you expect the Latakia to have a softer touch. I cannot compare to Syrian, as I haven't tried it, yet. I did get my hands on a tin so maybe I'll come back here to update once I know what the real deal is like. Regardless, as a huge fan of oriental tobaccos, the Basma and Izmir lead the show and mesmerize me. I jarred up 6 ounces to age, since 8 ounces is a lot for me. Even with an ass-load in the cellar, I will have a tough time skipping this when/if they do another run of Palmetto Balkan next year. If you like orientals and Latakia, do yourself a favor.