Missouri Meerschaum - Let Freedom Ring 5th Avenue Straight (6mm)
I have other MM pipes that function very well. However, this one seems to reflect its price point for the brand. The pipe arrived with scuffs and burs as if mass manufactured without QA. Good thing it was cheap enough to discard or use as a tobacco testing pipe (need to get rid it of the factory taste.). I guess there is such thing as going to low even with a Missouri Meerschaum.

Sutliff - Creme Brulee
I was looking forward to this one as I am searching for a new daily aromatic tobacco. The tobacco arrived kind of gooey which feels very sticky when handling. Surprisingly it lights and burn fairly well despite the moisture content when using a cob. The flavor is great and throughout the bowl. Even at a fast cadence there wasn't any tongue bite. Might become a regular smoke of mine.

Arango - Balkan Supreme
Good stuff!
I have not tried it in a briar yet. Smoking it out of a cob, I find this Arango Balkan Supreme to be similar to Maltese Falcon, from G. L. Pease, but at a lower price range. Good burn and easy to pack. Delivers a great taste without the tongue bite.

Mac Baren - Cherry Ambrosia 3.5oz
I thought I would try the Mac Baren Cherry Ambrosia thinking it would have a nice room note and pleasant taste/flavor. CONS: Well, it does not have a distinctively strong room note as expected. it is kinda on the mellow side. The taste appears somewhat lost as well. One has to work on preventing tongue bite. PROS: The Mac Baren Cherry Ambrosia does burn very consistent when using the Otto Walter method. Compared to other Mac Baren blends it falls in the so so category.

Cornell & Diehl - Pirate Kake 2oz
Having recently transitioned from cigar smoking to the hobby of pipe smoking (five months ago), I am still testing the waters of the masses of pipes and tobaccos available. While this tobacco is a little stout for my taste at this point, I did find that it has a great taste and aroma. A full bowl of Pirate Kake burned slow and consistently. Once my 2nd light caught I only needed a re-light twice. I will cellar the rest of this heavy tobacco until I am ready for it at a later date.

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