Milton B.

Caribbean Blue - Wynne 50g
Tart Aromatic, lovely aroma
This aromatic tobacco mixture containing Virginia, Kentucky and Cavendish is light and very pleasant both to taste and smell. My tin of this was just a little moist but after about 15 minutes of drying was almost perfect with only one relight which for an aromatic is saying something. The flavor of this tobacco is what one would expect from a rum, vanilla, honey topping perspective but I really like the goji berry topping as it is tart brings a new flavor to the mix. The fruit flavor is tart like a fresh strawberry handpicked from the field. I don't live near any goji berry trees so that is the best I can do for describing the tartness of the fruit. The beauty of this tartness is that it makes me think while smoking it of having my mom's pastries drizzled with honey. The smoke is light and flavorful and the nic hit is mild with this blend. I will be buying more of this!

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Sandblasted Acorn

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***Harmony Freehand

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Royal Yacht 50g

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Quiet Nights 2oz

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