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My Father - Flor de las Antillas Tubos Toros 3-Pack
Enjoyed them as a first cigar
This was my very first cigar since my teenage years and I am not really equipped to judge their quality. I quite enjoyed them, though I did learn I prefer a smaller gauge. These were a bit "jaw breaker-y" for my taste, but the flavor was nice, the nicotine kick was solid, and they were beautifully crafted. Overall an excellent smoking experience.

Lighters - S.T. Dupont Hooked Lighter Monr-O
Large Capacity, Windproof Jet Lighter of my dreams
This model is an even more stunning pink than it appears in the photo, which was just perfect as it was a gift for my wife. The fuel lasts a long time for a jet lighter of this size. It can be a little finicky to adjust, but once it's adjusted correctly it lights consistently and ignites smoke quickly. I thought it might be a little awkward to use with a briar pipe, but it is easy to use without charring the rims. It ignites so quickly and thoroughly that you barely have to run it when lighting a pipe. I'll definitely be getting one of these for myself soon.

Newminster - No.403 Superior Round Slices
Quite nice
I don't smoke tobacco often, coming from a cannabis using background mostly, but this one called to me and it did not disappoint. I'm not skilled enough in tobacco tasting to describe its flavor, but I'd back up what has been said by Sarp Genco G. in their review. This blend has me interested in rope tobaccos, generally. I also tried this as a chew, and it was quite pleasant, with a mild flavor and almost no bite to it. One or two rounds can last a long time, though my infrequent use may skew my understanding of what "a long time" is in this context. Worth a buy, for certain.

Tampers & Tools - Neerup Green and Orange Tamper with Pick
The last tamper I'll ever need.
So I ordered this not even realizing that it perfectly matches the stem and accent on my Neerup Classic Bent Egg (group 3.) I love this tamper! It definitely is designed to fit the bowl of the Neerup perfectly, and is a bit big for my smaller pipes. Paired with the tamper built into my IM Corona PipeMaster, though, I am set for life with this tamper alone. It came with a nice leather sleeve which I thought to be a bit overkill at first, but because it can get a bit dirty on the end, it's actually a nice way to carry it without staining your pockets or clothes. It has weird dimensions for pocket carry, though, as it tends to get itself jammed longways in my pockets, A bit shorter and it wouldn't wedge itself in; a bit longer and it would stay standing up like a pen.

Ashtrays - Savinelli Ceramic 1 Pipe Sidecar Green Ashtray
Stunning and functional.
I got this for my desk and it is just a treat. It has more capacity than it appears to. I was worried it might spill or have its contents blown around easily, because it looks shallow in the photos, but I haven't had any trouble with this. The stand is sizeable and appears to be capable of accomodating pipes larger than my largest pipe (Savinelli Eleganza 315KS) with ease. My smaller pipe (Peterson Silver Army Mount 406) looks a bit silly in it, though. I almost got the blue to match the Eleganza stem, but green is one of my favorite colors and I am glad I went with it because it is a stunning, dark green that looks great on my desk without standing out too much. It has a larger capacity than I expected, but be careful not to overfill it. An overfilled ashtray, in general, can cause small fires, and in a full ashtray this can spread to the cork. It came with an extra cork. They are sturdy and easy to install and replace. The box it came in is beautiful and worth re-using. Worth every penny.

Lighters - IM Corona PipeMaster Black Matte
Fantastic "permanent" lighter at a good price point.
1-year update: We've been running these lighters for a year and they're going strong. Some notes: - I used my tamp heavily and it's slightly bent and doesn't fit inside the lighter anymore. I still use it, but it's about ready for the trash. I won't replace it as the slot the tamp goes into is also gunky, difficult to clean even with the right tools, and is basically useless. - My fiance does not use her tamp. It works like new, and is largely just used to adjust the flame. - The matte black finish scrapes and scratches off, revealing a golden-yellow brass underneath. This can be a good thing, if you want to repaint your lighter. Or a bad thing if it bugs you. Prefer a different finish if it bugs you. - There's a pretty dramatic difference in reliability between my unit and my fiance's unit. The number of activations needed to light the flame can be aggrevating on hers, even freshly filled; while mine lights within one to three activations as long as the flame is adjusted well to the amount of fuel left. Both lighters still work well, though. - I have had some success improving the above problem by adjusting the sparker-unit (I don't know what it's called.) The unit has proven easy to self-service. - Given their performance so far, I expect these to last another five-to-ten years, even with less-than-gentle handling. - I may get another in a different color.

Filters & Adaptors - Savinelli 6mm Charcoal Filters (35 Count)
Good, but the balsa is better
These are pretty good. I prefer the balsa as they cool the smoke more and give a smoother smoking experience. I don't use tobacco; preferring a common herbal blend if ya know what I'm sayin' and these things let the full flavor through. Even the balsa doesn't do that. The ceramic screens on the end are worth reusing in glass pipes as screens, though they are a bit chonky for the job. The Balsa last for two bowls before I need to change it but these only last for one, and can get stuck if you push beyond one.